Dear Boys & Girls Club of the Redwoods Supporter:
Seasons Greetings! We would like to take a moment to thank each you for your support this year. We are incredibly  grateful to all of our donors, whether you made a financial contribution , were a sponsor of an event, gave an in-kind gift, volunteered your time or hosted a fundraising event on our behalf, and we would like you to know how very appreciated you are. The work that we do, is not possible without community members that care and invest time and energy to change the lives of our youth. Thank you so much!

If you would like to become more involved in the Club, please contact our office at (707) 441-1030. 
Sincerely, Monica Rose, Executive Director

Board of Directors

Jason Chand
John Fullerton
Lance Morton
Dylan Sacco 
Dr. Keith Snow-Flamer   
Rod Strom
Ryan Sundberg 
Betsy Totten
Mark Wetzel 
Natasha White

President: Phillip Nicklas

In This Issue

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Vines by the Sea
Saturday May 4th, 2019


Power Hour: Making Every Minute Count!

Our Power Hour program (homework help) is a program we encourage every youth to participate in. Staff and volunteers provide youth with extra support and guidance to ensure that our youth are successful academically. 

Clubhouse members have been crushing Power Hour! With the additional space provided through the Calvary Lutheran Church and funding through Measure Z, we are able to accommodate  more members more often for Power Hour.Almost every single one of our members participates in Power Hour every day, even if it's just reading a good book!  That's more than 60 youth a day! 

SMART Moves makes Smart Choices

Our Klamath SMART Moves members were rewarded with a picnic at the beach. These youth have participated in eight one hour sessions that focus on making healthy  life choices and how to say no to drugs and alcohol . Our members invited our SMART Moves mentor Anthony Ulmer, who is a JOM tutor through the Yurok Education Department, on their adventure to Hidden Beach. 

Healthy Lifestyles

The McKinleyville Teen Center combined their SMART Girls and Passport to Manhood programs for a very special program this month on healthy lifestyle choices. Members shared their opinions on healthy eating habits, and then separated into smaller groups to make smoothies. The ingredients that they could choose from included: strawberry, banana, mango, berries, kale, non-dairy milk, yogurt, peanut butter, and orange juice. At first, most members shared their distaste for the healthy options they were given, but once they tried their smoothies, they all asked for seconds. They even made smoothies for other members, volunteers, and staff, who were not participating in the program.

Eureka Teen Center's Art Club

In Art Club, Eureka Teen Center youth took a moment to appreciate the beautiful sunsets that Humboldt Count provides us. Youth painted the sunset how they saw it in their perspective. Members shared why they like sunsets and how the colors made them feel. Art Club happens every week and we are always looking for volunteers and supplies. 



Know Your Rights Panel Discussion:

On November 8th, our Teen Court Leaders hosted a Know Your Rights Panel discussion. We had 3 professionals speak: an attorney- Christina Allbright; a police officer- Justin Braud from the Sheriff's Department; and a professor- Joice Chang for HSU. Many Teen Center youth joined in the discussion and over 20 youth attended. It was very engaging and informative.





McKinleyville's Cooking Crew

Cooking Crew: With the holidays rolling in, the month of December has allowed us to try new recipes. This month, members have learned to make: apple crisp, pumpkin pie, shepherd's pie, butternut squash soup, lemon bars, rice pudding, a rainbow cake for our Coming Out Day party, spaghetti bolognaise, brownies, macaroni and cheese, and pizza. Along with learning new recipes and techniques, members have gained first-hand experience working in (and cleaning!) an industrial sized commercial kitchen. Member who participate in Cooking Crew also serve plates of the day's specialties to the rest of the Teen Center.


New or gently used wish list items:

Folding tables

Incentives- Toys, game cards (all sorts), gift cards, movie passes, etc. 

Electronics- Headphones,  X-Box 360 controllers/ Wii controllers/ PS3 controllers 
Desk top computers 2015 or newer

Instruments- Guitars, ukuleles, flutes, drums.

Board Games ages 5-18
Kitchenware- Silverware, bowls and plates, mixing bowls and utensils .

Sports Equipment- Footballs, flags, hula hoops, jump ropes,  Dodgeballs (Soft), Whiffle balls, handballs, basketballs. 

Art Supplies- Paint, brushes, pastels, canvas, construction paper, tissue paper, colored pencils and washable markers. 

Books- Comic/Anime, sets for 2-5 graders. 



Eureka Club House
Youth of the Month
Johnny Castro

Johnny is one of our best members of the fourth and fifth grade group. Johnny is a fantastic leader and is always willing to participate in all activities, no matter what they are. Johnny gives 110% every day at Club, doing homework, helping others, playing games, leading activities, or participating in programs. Johnny loves to play with his friends and listen to music, and is perfecting his hula hooping routine. He is a participant in the Joyful Nosie! Music Camp and is currently learning how to play guitar, so he can play like his favorite band: Disturbed.


Che Lolley
Eureka Clubhouse
Program Director

Che considers himself to be a "Universal Brother" to everyone! His aim in life is to be as  kind, compassionate and authentic ly l oving as possible  and to encourage the same behavior in others through his actions. Che has survived many severe hardships and challenges throughout his childhood and adulthood and views every trial to be an opportunity to expand courage, compassion, insight, and wisdom.

Che has extensive experience teaching Martial Arts (was a National Karate Champion), Health & Fitness (former Clinical Exercise Specialist), Yoga (teacher since 2000, including three years at NASA), Meditation (currently writing a book), CPR & First Aid (worked as an instructor and EMT), and Wilderness skills (studied traditional Native American survival). His passions are reading about positive psychology and biological sciences, studying ancient texts from world cultures, and writing on compassion cultivation, altruism and community building. Che joined the Boys & Girls Club staff the month of September of this year. The programs that he run are Power Hour, Triple Play and Passport to Manhood. "I believe working at the Boys & Girls Club is my opportunity to change lives and provide a safe and loving environment for the members". "Working here is the best part of my day".


We envision healthy, empowered and engaged youth who appreciate and respect  themselves, each other, their families, the community and the environment.

We empower youth to reach their full potential as responsible, caring and productive citizens through professionally led programs and activities that are fun, positive, and relevant in a safe, supportive, and healthy environment. 
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