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Gratitude is not just an attitude, it's an action. It can be accomplished in so many ways; engaging in meaningful rituals, reflecting on life's gifts, and reaching out to loved ones are but a few. When we give thanks in these ways our perspective improves and we can connect in a joyful way with ourselves and the world around us. With intention, action, and practice we can pursue this path with gratefulness.
The Cooking Corner
Looking for something fresh and fun to switch up your summer snacking? These tasty little veggie spring rolls are sure to impress as a side or a main and are an easy addition to your summer menu.

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When we shop for locally grown and raised food, we give thanks for the land and the people that brought it into being, supporting a sustainable and eco-friendly way of life. When the chow choices we make are healthy, delicious, and from our own communities, everybody wins! Check out this list of farmer's markets near you and show them (and yourselves) some love and gratitude!