About the Program: 

Ransomware, Phishing, Zero Day, and Cyber Espionage are serious risks that affect businesses regardless of industry or size. Successful cyberattacks result in reputational damage, client attrition, IP/data theft, and lost revenue, with business leaders and their boards now being held accountable and potentially subject to class-action lawsuits. For too many small to medium-sized businesses, cyberthreats are still considered an IT responsibility. However, the business-wide impact of a breach means that managing cyber risks now reside squarely with business leaders.
As organizations are increasingly scrutinized by regulators, legislators, and customers, business leaders are forced to grapple with new and unfamiliar risks. At this upcoming Cyber Risk panel discussion, Ms. Catherine Cloudman, board member and business owner, will lead an in-person discussion with leading cyber experts asking questions including:

  • How do I assess organization-specific cybersecurity risks?
  • How should my business plan for a cyber incident?
  • What are upcoming cyber insurance eligibility requirements?
  • Has cyber insurance not covered an incident/breach, and why?
  • Can we outsource cybersecurity responsibilities?
  • What do I do should a successful attack occur?
  • What happens during a cyber incident investigation?
  • And more

You will walk away with a better understanding of what happens before and during a cyber incident and the increasing responsibility business leaders have in planning for and mitigating cyber risks.
Who should attend?
Small to medium-sized business leaders, board members, and those responsible for managing cyber risks within their organizations.