August 2, 2019
Attorney Spotlight: Chris Christie, Sirote attorney and VLB volunteer
Why do you volunteer with VLB?
"Every lawyer has an ethical duty to help represent people who cannot afford legal services. VLB does a great job of meeting clients' needs, and I’m happy to be able to help.”

What is your favorite pro bono case you've ever worked on?
"In addition to volunteering with VLB for about 20 years, I have been appointed to represent prisoners who had been abused by guards. And I've represented men on death row. Those cases take years. I had one case that actually took 20 years.

"In contrast, when a lawyer volunteers with VLB, you can help someone who really needs legal help and often you can help them immediately. You realize, this person’s legal rights would not have been protected but for the fact that you volunteered.”
Do you have a passion for family law? VLB is the place for you!
Family figure and gavel on table. Family law concept
Volunteer Lawyers Birmingham seeks to hire a  Staff Attorney with proven domestic-relations legal experience coupled with the unique ability to manage programming to help low-income clients with civil legal issues and the capacity to inspire attorney volunteers to fight for our clients' equal justice.

To apply, please submit your cover letter, salary expectations, and resume to with Domestic Relations Staff Attorney in the subject line.
Please, no direct emails or phone calls to Volunteer Lawyers Birmingham staff. Click here for more information.
Calling all law students
Special thanks to Taylor Simmons (Cumberland 2L), Jake Holliday (Cumberland 3L), and Allison Hickman (junior, South Alabama) who interned with VLB this summer.
If you're a student ready to gain experience by honing client-interview skills while connecting with some of the best and brightest in our legal community, VLB invites you to join our student volunteer corps.

"This is a great opportunity to work with clients and meet a lot of great attorney mentors," says Taylor Simmons , a Cumberland student who interned with VLB this summer. "I would definitely encourage other students to get involved with VLB."

To find out about volunteer opportunities VLB offers throughout the year, contact Volunteer Coordinator Liz Quistorff .
Your help is invaluable!
Thanks to these volunteers who shared their time and expertise at recent VLB Help Desks:
De Martenson helps a client at the Civil Help Desk

  • Chris Christie (Sirote)
  • Kathy Collier
  • Samuel K. Ford (Petway French & Ford)
  • Tom Francis (Balch)
  • Daphne Hoyt
  • Loring S. Jones (Jones & Associates)
  • Greg Kennemer (Kennemer)
  • De Martenson (Huie)
  • Honza Prchal (Heninger)
  • Bill Prosch

  • Starnes clerks: Alice Bradford and Mollie Gillis 
Leon Johnson works with a client at the Domestic Relations Help Desk

  • Leigh Byers (Nolan Byers)
  • Bob Dow (Maynard)
  • Melinda Guillaume  
  • Leon Johnson
  • Susan McAlister
  • Cynthianther L. May (May Law Group)
  • John Milledge

  • Starnes clerks: Kara McCord and Matthew Russ
(Left to right:)  John Milledge, Elizabeth Bone, Kintisha Matthews, Hon. Judge Stephens, Adrienne Powell, Bradley Swinney, and Patrick Yeatts

  • Elizabeth Bone
  • Susan McAlister
  • John Milledge
  • Adrienne Powell 
  • Brad Swinney 
  • Patrick Yeatts

Allen King working with a client at Turning Point

  • Wes Bulgarella (Maynard)
  • Kathy Collier (Maynard)
  • Mary Pat Damrich (Starnes)
  • Allen King (Starnes)
Seth Muse assists a client at the Veterans Help Desk

  • Terry Carlisle (Carlisle & Carlisle)
  • Julie Carter (Bradley)
  • Doug Friedman (Friedman Law Firm)
  • Paula Lampkin
  • Seth Muse (Bradley)

BSL volunteer: Maj. Pat Bishop
Can you spare a couple of hours?
Terry Carlisle helps a client at the Veterans Help Desk
Please consider  signing up  for an attorney volunteer slot next week. We have openings at the following Help Desks: 

  • Civil — 8/5 and 8/8
  • Homeless — 8/6
  • Domestic Relations — 8/7
  • Domestic Relations Pro Se Docket — 8/9
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