August 30, 2019
Attorney Spotlight: Veteran and Attorney Volunteer Walter Williams
Walter Williams has volunteered with the Veterans Help Desk from its inception
Since VLB launched the Veterans Help Desk last year, Walter Williams has been among its most dedicated attorney volunteers. For Williams, who has more than three decades of military service under his belt, it's a natural fit.

"Most of what we see at the Help Desk is not necessarily veteran related—it's what you would see anywhere else in the community, like housing issues, debt, divorce, or getting a license back," Williams says. "But one aspect that is so rewarding about the Veterans Desk is that the veterans are a unique group of individuals. No matter what branch of the military they served in or for how long, they are
willing to work for what they get. When I have offered follow-up instructions at the Help Desk, I know they will take what I have given them and follow through with it.”

“As a retired veteran with 31 years of service, I want to do all I can to give back to this community of great Americans,” he adds. “They deserve whatever small amount of help I can give them.”

If you're interested in volunteering at the Veterans Help Desk—or any of the 20 Help Desks VLB holds throughout the city every month—please sign up here!
VLB reaches out to the Birmingham Housing Authority community
VLB Woodlawn Coordinator Jonathan Moore speaks to community coordinators from the Birmingham Housing Authority
Too often, low-income residents of Jefferson County face insurmountable barriers to civil justice. Lack of awareness about the legal services that are available to them shouldn’t be one of them. 

That’s why VLB Woodlawn Coordinator Jonathan Moore volunteered to speak to community coordinators from the Birmingham Housing Authority about how VLB can provide their residents with access to free legal aid through VLB programming.

Thanks to Wendy Brantley , Community Center Coordinator for Morton Simpson Village, and Rachel Leonard for this opportunity to help spread the word!
We lightened the Help Desk schedule for the holiday week—but we still need your help!
Jon Monson helps clients at the Civil Help Desk
VLB has cut back the Help Desk schedule for the Labor Day week, and we will not hold the regularly scheduled Civil or Domestic Relations Help Desks.

However, we are still helping clients at the Homeless and Woodlawn Help Desks on Tuesday, Sept. 3 and the Bankruptcy Help Desk on Friday, Sept. 6. We still have openings for volunteers—so p lease consider  signing up  for one of these. We need your help!

And remember: Starting September 10,
the Civil Help Desk is moving to its new schedule of Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 9 a.m. to noon at the Jefferson County Courthouse. See you at Civil!
Thank you for volunteering!
Thanks to the volunteers who shared their time and expertise at recent VLB Help Desks:
Bill Prosch works with a client at the Civil Help Desk

  • Chris Christie (Sirote)
  • Samuel Ford (Petway French Ford) 
  • Brandy Gentry
  • Jon Monson (BBVA)
  • John Morrison
  • Bill Prosch (Prosch)
  • Ruth Robinson
  • Sarah Yates (Bressler)

  • BSL Volunteer: Marchelle Jefferson

  • Julie Carter (Bradley)
  • Susan McAlister
  • Melinda Guillaume
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