January 25, 2019
Attorney volunteer helps Dad remove kids from meth lab home
John Milledge with his client, Fred
Fred was in a dire situation when he came to VLB's Domestic Relations Help Desk. One day he received a call to come pick up his two children -- even though he didn't have custody. He later learned from a police report that his ex-wife's house had been raided because police had suspected that it was a meth lab. The police report stated that Fred's children sat in their mother's front yard for 8 hours while the home was searched.
Fred spoke with friends and tried to figure out what he should do -- he knew he needed an attorney but he couldn't afford one. After Fred began the daunting legal process on his own and filed a Petition for Modification of Custody, a friend who knew about VLB suggested he come to the Domestic Relations Help Desk. There, he met with frequent VLB volunteer John Milledge , who immediately helped Fred file an Amended Petition for Modification of Custody and an Ex Parte Motion for Emergency Temporary Custody with Affidavit. John ensured that Fred's legal documents were correct, speeding up Fred's proceedings significantly. 
At the Ex Parte hearing, the court awarded Fred temporary custody. Later, Fred was awarded full custody and child support for both of his children. Fred's two children have made dramatic improvements in school now that they are living with their father. John said, "It was a pleasure to work with Fred and it is personally rewarding to know that his children are safe and thriving in his care."
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Please help this client adopt his 15-year-old nephew so he can continue to care for and provide for him. The child's mother, father, and grandmother have recently passed away, and the child is currently living with the client. Client would like to make sure that his nephew finishes school and goes to college. I can help!
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Shannon Dye (Carney Dye) volunteers at the Civil Help Desk

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