April 12, 2019
Attorney volunteers improve lives
Louis Montgomery with his client
For those who cannot otherwise afford legal representation, a VLB volunteer lawyer can make a big difference by helping in challenging circumstances. 

Louis Montgomery (Bhate) helped his client mediate a divorce after her spouse abandoned her and their teenage daughter after 20 years of marriage, leaving the client struggling to raise their daughter by herself. Louis helped his client receive custody, real property/house, and alimony. She is now on more secure footing and able to move forward with her life. 
Can you help these clients?
Please help this couple with an uncontested divorce. Both parties agree that it is in their best interest to separate and start anew. The parties do not share any property or debt and have divided all of their personal property. I can help! 

Case Eligibility
  • There are two minor children involved and both parties would like to calculate child support according to Rule 42 child support guidelines
  • Parties agree on custody and visitation

VLB Added Value
  • Parties agree on all aspects of the divorce
  • All documents can be provided to attorney 
  • Connection to attorney mentor experienced in divorce law
Please help this mother get custody of her children back. Custody was changed on a default when dad improperly served mom, and she did not get notice of a court action pending against her until dad showed up to take the children. I can help! 

Case Eligibility
  • Default was set aside as service was improper; case is now pending

VLB Added Value
  • Connection to attorney mentor experienced in divorce law
  • Motion to set aside the default was granted
We appreciate our Help Desk volunteers!
Elton Darby (left) and Stephen Bulgarella (right) at the Bankruptcy Help Desk

Stephen Bulgarella (Sirote)
Elton Darby (Anderson Weidner)
Monica Hatcher  
Ted Stuckenschneider
Joshua Wrady at the Civil Help Desk

Josh Bell (Balch)
Bob Blackburn (Maynard)
Preston Martin (Bressler)
Louis Mendez (Bressler)
Honza Prchal (Heninger)
Jennifer Stanley (Maynard)
Joshua Wrady (Wrady Michel)
C.H. Brantley with her client at the Domestic Relations Help Desk

C.H. Brantley
Melinda Guillaume 
Priscilla Kelley
Preston Martin (Bressler)
John Milledge
Emily Vande Lune (Bressler)
Madeleine Greskovich (left) and Mary Pat Damrich (right) at the Homeless Help Desk

Mary Pat Damrich (Starnes)
Bob Dow (Maynard)
Madeleine Greskovich (Starnes)
Ken Wyatt (left) and Jay Bender (middle) at the Woodlawn Help Desk

Jay Bender (Bradley) 
Amy Chiou (Encompass Health)
Ken Wyatt (Bradley)
Can you help?
Melinda Guillaume volunteers at the Domestic Relations Help Desk
VLB has a few open spots for volunteers next week. Please click here to volunteer for:
  • Civil (4/15, 4/18)
  • Domestic Relations (4/17)
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