January 12, 2018 eBrief

 ChristmasBalch attorneys deliver early Christmas

On the  Friday  before Christmas, Balch Attorneys Katie Hill and Ryan Hodinka stopped the auction of a low-income client's car, who she said was wrongfully towed from her apartment. They also persuaded the apartment complex to pay the $1,800 towing f ee, making this a happy holiday season for the client and her two children.
PHCCalling Criminal Attorneys and Judges!
Click  here  to join the attorneys and judges listed below who are volunteering at Project Homeless Connect on February 24th. We are seeking 40 more attorneys to help an expected 250 clients.

Judges and City Attorneys
Birmingham Presiding Municipal Judge Andra Sparks
Jefferson County Criminal Judge Stephen Wallace
Jefferson County  Bessemer Criminal Judge David Carpenter
Midfield Municipal Judge Everett Wes
Mountain Brook Municipal Judge K.C. Hairston
Hueytown City Attorney  Teresa Hester
Hoover, Fultondale, Irondale, & Pelham City Attorney  Charlie Waldrep
Monica Agee
Alan Baty, Froshin Barger & Walthall
Joseph Bulgarella, United States Bankruptcy Court
Stephen Bulgarella, Sirote
Wesley Bulgarella, Balch
Robert Dow, Maynard
Alan Garner
George Gaskin, Carney & Dye
Brett Knight, Jaffe, Hanle, Whisonant & Knight
John Milledge
Jefferson County Public Defender's Office
Legal Aid Society of Birmingham
Legal Services Alabama

HeroesWill you do  a will for a hero?

Consider helping a firefighter or police officer with a will by volunteering at one of two Wills for Heroes clinics:
Centerpoint Fire Station
Thursday, February 1
Vestavia Hills City Hall
Friday, February 2

Click here to volunteer!

Domestic Relations Help Desk attorneys do more than talk to clients
John Milledge met a single dad at last week's Domestic Relations Help Desk and is now going to court to get him child support. Attorneys 
Susan McAlister pictured (center),  Melinda Guillaume , and Charline Whyte filed two default judgments for clients and, along with John, helped another 30 people with divorce and child support modification filings. Four clients who were domestic violence victims received safety planning from the YWCA. 

Thank you Civil Help Desk Volunteers

Thanks to all Civil Help Desk volunteers:  Jared Batte (pictured), Bradley, 
Laura Collins, Baker Donelson,  David Morton , Bradley,  Honza Prchal , Heninger Garrison, and  Jade Sipes , Bradley. 

Attorneys Needed for these Clients

Woman whose husband is in jail awaiting trial for murdering their
27-week-old unborn child needs divorce. This is not a difficult legal divorce to file and you would be making a great difference in this woman's life who has suffered so much. Click
here for
al.com story.

Senior citizen seeks guardianship over wife. This client has two doctors' notes that confirm his wife suffers from Alzheimer's.
Volunteer needed for the Veterans Help Desk!
Four attorneys are needed to volunteer from 1:30 to 4 p.m.  Wednesday, January 24 at the Veterans Help Desk at the VA Medical Clinic, 2415 7th Avenue South (free parking in deck). 
Click here   to sign-up or reply to this email indicating that you can help.  
Volunteers will provide legal assistance to veterans who have been vetted by the BBVLP. We will be onsite to assist, answer questions, and provide forms.
Help Desk & Court Volunteers Needed
What to Expect
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