March 30, 2018 eBrief
Attorneys help disabled veteran get a fresh start vet

Attorneys  Matt Swerdlin (top left) and  Bill Dawson (bottom left) helped a disabled veteran with outstanding warrants in Fultondale and Gardendale. Because of these warrants, the client could not get his driver's license reinstated. 

Attorneys Matt and Bill were able to get the warrants resolved and get Fultondale to allow the client to perform community service in lieu of his fines. Thanks to the help of these attorneys, this veteran can now get his license and move forward with his life. If you'd like to volunteer at our Veterans Help Desk or help a veteran with their case, click here.
Thank you Civil Help Desk volunteers
Alan Garner, Patton Hahn,
Baker (right), 
Julian Hendrix , Alison Smith, Bradley (left),  Bill Prosch, David Rich, Lightfoot, and Moses Stone, Stone La w F irm.
Thank you Domestic Relations Help Desk volunteers

April Bauder, Merrell Law Firm,  Melinda Guillaume, Kendra Johnson, Preston Martin, Bressler,  Susan McAlister, John Milledge, Tim Smith (pictured with clients) ,
and Joi Travis, Travis Law.
Attorneys Needed

Please help this mother divorce her husband who has been abusing her and their three children.
This mother, separated for 17 years, needs a divorce from her husband who is charged with raping his girlfriend. 
This mom needs help with a guardianship over her 28-year-old son who was disabled after being shot in a drive-by.
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