The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to set your intentions on attracting abundance into your life. While abundance and prosperity do relate to monetary wealth, these terms also include an abundance of loving relationships, fulfilling work and creative opportunities and robust health. One of the best stones to achieve this is Pyrite. You may have heard of this referred to as Fool's Gold due to it's appearance being similar to gold. This shiny mineral is protective against negative emotional energies, wards off physical harm and attracts prosperity and abundance. This week you will save 20% on all Pyrite! This sale includes specimens and jewelry online and in the store. Sale ends January 12, 2021.
African Gold Pyrite

These tumbled pieces are 1" in length. The perfect size for a pocket or as a large piece in a crystal grid.
Pyrite Pendant

Wearing Pyrite boosts vitality, offers protection against psychic attacks and attracts prosperity.
Pyrite Circle Pendant

This Pyrite Circle Pendant is about 1'2" in size. Wear this when you want extra protection against all negativity.
Pyrite Pieces

Raw Pyrite pieces are great to have nearby to strengthen focus for work or school projects. Helps with clarity.
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