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What Businesses Can Do Now to Build Their Talent Pipeline

Even if you’re not actively hiring right now, build and expand your talent community with great candidates so that you’re not starting from scratch when it’s time to bring back your team. With uncertainty in the job market, both employees and employers can use this time to explore options and see what – or who – is out there.
Staying Opportunistic and Engaged With Candidates
  • Keep Your Foot On the Gas- First – don’t slow down your recruitment efforts. With increased talent on the market, your team should be opportunistic and actively engage with candidates and build talent networks. Second – lean on technology to help you create and maintain a pipeline; for example, utilizing company career sites and employee referral programs to amplify your employer brand. Take it a step further by hosting a virtual open house – or, if you’re hiring, try a virtual hiring fair. 

  • Streamline Your Hiring Process- One of the best ways to reduce time to hire and increase retention is to leverage your current employees during the recruitment process. Candidates who are referred are typically hired 55% quicker and have a 46% higher retention rate. If you want to grow your applicant pool, improve your employer brand or need to hire now, focus on empowering your employees to help you recruit. They can do this through individual connections and referrals as well as through social media "shares".

  • Prioritize Diversity and Experience- What does a candidate see when they come to your website? What is the first touchpoint a potential applicant has with your employer brand? Typically, it’s a career site. Analyze the visuals on that site – do they accurately reflect your company? Make sure your commitments to diversity and inclusion are front and center, and that includes job descriptions. Make sure your career site or page is user-friendly, inviting and inclusive, and you’ll be well on your way to attracting and recruiting high-quality candidates.

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Strong talent might have been laser-focused in their role, until a layoff or furlough came along. Companies should focus on attracting these candidates and nurturing relationships to make hiring more efficient and create productive teams. Now is a perfect time to source talented, diverse candidates who won’t hesitate to take your call when hiring ramps up.

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