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We will talk about some of the things you need to consider as an employer to become more competitive and to attract and keep good people. We will talk about your compensation philosophy, how to find relevant wage information, and how to implement strategies that will help you stay competitive.  

Topics include:

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  • Wage Analysis
  • Compensation Systems
  • Pay Equity Concerns
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5 Ways an Applicant Tracking System Can Help Attract Top Talent
These days, talented employees are getting harder to find. The current economic growth means there are more job openings and more competition for strong applicants.

In fact, 73% of employers are having difficulty finding skilled candidates. And when companies see top talent, they often act fast. The best candidates are usually off the market within 10 days. That means recruiters face more pressure than ever with 67% saying their job is more difficult than it was five years ago.

So what can your company do to attract top talent in this heated labor market?
Many businesses are now taking advantage of applicant tracking systems (ATS) to cut through the pile of resumes, improve their company brand and hire the best candidates before their competitors.

Here are the top six ways that ATS software can help companies attract top talent.
#1 Promote Your Company Culture Using a Company Branded Website

Because top candidates know their worth, they’re often selective about where they work. They aren’t looking for just any company, but one with a culture that’ll help them reach their long-term potential.

One of the first places applicants look when researching a company is its website. With an ATS solution, you can create a branded career portal to showcase why your company is the ideal work environment.
#2 Reach More High Quality Candidates Through Job Boards and Social Media

Online job boards, such as Indeed and Monster, are some of the most popular sources to hire applicants. Especially for small and medium-sized businesses whose names might not be top-of-mind for candidates, posting to multiple job boards is vital.

But the process of posting to each board individually can be time-consuming, leading to costly errors and delays. ATS software to post jobs directly to multiple boards simultaneously, as well as social media websites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.
Engage Current Employees to Find New Ones

Top candidates will often ask to speak with current staff members during the interview process, because they trust fellow employees to be more honest than senior managers. Staff members with the same job function can also give applicants a better idea of day-to-day responsibilities and work culture. That’s why it’s important to involve current employees in sourcing new candidates. Staff members can serve as powerful brand ambassadors during recruitment, speaking to not only what makes your company different, but also attractive to potential candidates.  

As recruitment moves beyond job boards, businesses would be wise to take advantage of both employee referrals and social media recruiting. 
Separate Top Resumes from the Pile

You might assume that getting more resumes is always a good thing. But when employers receive several applications per job opening, identifying the cream of the crop becomes a harder task.  

Many businesses are now using applicant tracking software to automatically collect and analyze resumes, so that companies can identify top talent quickly.
An ATS solution automatically imports resumes from online job boards, emails and social media. It then converts the resumes into a standard format, which can be searched and filtered by specific keywords or skills.

Some applicant tracking systems even suggest the best candidates based on qualifications or how closely their experiences match your job description.
Optimize Recruitment Workflows to Hire Candidates Faster

Although you may think you’re running a smooth hiring process, most applicants would disagree. 69% of candidates want employers to respond faster and 60% have quit an application process because it took too long.

In addition, candidates are now treating the job search like an online shopping experience. They use company review websites like Glassdoor to research not only work culture, but a company’s recruitment process.

ATS software can speed up the hiring cycle by centralizing important candidate information and communication into a single profile. Hiring managers can access this info quickly and even view candidate profiles side by side to compare qualifications, skills and interviewer feedback.
The Bottom Line!
Businesses are in competition for the best candidates, so it’s important to take every measure to stand out from the pack. An ATS can help you do that!

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