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3 Things Your Job Postings Need to Attract Top Talent

Between a looming recession, inflation and labor shortages, it seems like attracting top talent is getting more difficult by the day. 

To make matters worse, employers and employees aren’t on the same page. More job searchers want remote opportunities, while more employers are planning a return to office (RTO). While many employees want better benefits to accommodate for the rising cost of living, employers are pulling the reins back on spending as a recession looms. 

Retaining talent and stopping quiet quitting starts with the job description. Here are three things you can add to your job postings to attract top talent, and keep employers and employees on the same page.

1.Transparent salary ranges

As new legislation across states like California and New York pushes toward more pay transparency, the conversation around fair pay and salary ranges is beginning to heat up. Many companies are beginning to disclose pay ranges in job postings regardless of whether it is required by law or not. 

Pay transparency is also important as more of Gen Z enter the workforce. Eighty-nine percent of Gen Z respondents reported feeling somewhat to very comfortable talking about pay ranges to co-workers, according to an April 2022 report from Visier, which is higher than older generations.

Being upfront about pay in your job postings can also improve trust for applicants which will improve the candidate experience. Plus, pay transparency can reduce the back-and-forth between recruiters and candidates whose salary expectations do not match the range.

2.Top-notch benefits

The recent focus on pay transparency may have put  

benefits talk on the back burner for some HR pros, but make no mistake: benefits and perks are still at the forefront of candidates’ minds.  

A recent study from Robert Half found that employees value benefits like health insurance, PTO, dental insurance and retirement savings plans.

Employees also want their company to go above and beyond with perks. The study found that the most sought-after perks that employees want include:

  • Paid parental leave
  • Company-subsidized snacks, and
  • Flexible work schedules.

3.Values and social causes

Although many people used to see working at a company that openly aligned with their values as an added benefit, more employees are prioritizing finding a company with shared values.

A survey from Qualtrics found that over half (54%) of respondents would take a pay cut to work for a company that has better values. Fifty-six percent of respondents wouldn’t even consider taking a job if the company had values they disagreed with.

Survey respondents wanted to see employers talk about issues such as employee well-being, wages and worker rights. Including causes your company is passionate about in your job postings can help attract candidates whose values align with yours.

Information provided by: HR Morning

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