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This B2B expo will focus exclusively on the future technologies, systems and services needed in the package and parcel journey from the supply chain, order picking and packing all the way through to final delivery and returns.

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Attractively Priced Air Preparation


Basic, powerful, lightweight, inexpensive!

The MS-Basic offers basic components focused on the most important technical functions of compressed air preparation.

The MS-Basic in a polymer housing offers you attractively priced basic components focused on the most important technical functions of compressed air preparation such as pressure regulation, filter regulation and manual or electric switch-on. And it is fully compatible with the MS series. This allows you to create the best possible mix of low-cost basic functions and any high-end functions you need.

Learn about Festo MS-Basic Air Preparation

Low Cost IXP SCARA Robots

Stepper motor-based SCARA robots

The stepper motor-based IXP SCARA robot utilizes technology from the PowerCON controller for high performance at a lower cost. Equipped with pulse motors makes the IXP more affordable while the SCARA robot 3-axis specification enables a reduction in cost of up to 15%.

  • Due to the pulse motor, the IXP costs around 1/2 a conventional model
  • All models come standard with battery-less absolute encoders
  • The robot weights approximately 30% less than conventional models

Learn about IXP SCARA Robots

Dorner Custom Conveyors

Conveyor systems for Medical Devices

From miniature conveyors moving small medical products to large tote systems for prescription fulfillment applications, Dorner has a wide variety of medical solutions.


Dorner’s FlexMove conveyors and 2200 Series Precision Move Pallet conveyors enable custom configurations that allow flexible shaped medical devices that can’t be transported directly on a conveyor to travel on pallets.

Learn more about Medical Device Conveyors

Edge Controller and Computers

Combines IT and OT in one device

WAGO offers solutions in the form of the Edge Controller and Edge Computer. These devices process applications right on the machine, taking the pressure off the controllers so they can focus on their actual control duties with low latency and a high level of determinism.


The WAGO Edge Controller is a PLC and Linux-based PC in one device. This device leverages the real-time control environment of WAGO’s e!COCKPIT engineering software for industrial control, and supports Linux-based tools including applications that run as Docker containers.

Learn more about Edge Controllers and Computers


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