Hope arrives on wings with the sunshine!

Although the extended winter posed huge challenges to those involved with signature gathering for vital ballot initiatives and other community building efforts, our boots are on the ground in full force now and people are answering their doorbells!

Gratitude to the bravery of women who continue to speak up against sexual crimes of violence, abuse, conditioning, and assault. We appreciate you!

Onward towards empowerment and resilience built by the Legacy Museum and Memorial (see more below), the enactment of a federal prison reform bill (thank you #cut50), the Cavs bringing it home (at the begging stage), bailing women out of jail on Mother's Day (and eradicating cash bail every day), and goodness in all its sweet spots.

In this newsletter, we've got goodbyes and hellos for several brilliant women on Team Aubin.

And check out baby girl's cooking show at the very end in our favorite video of the month. Start them early!

While writing this, we enjoyed listening to Janelle Monae's Django Jane.

And when you're through with the newsletter, RE-watch Childish Gambino's masterpiece of a music video: This is America. We can't stop.
We're sad to say goodbye to our amazing colleague, Laura Carolina Pilloni who served as post-production Associate Producer on both Dispatches from Cleveland and Chavela, jumping in mid-stream and steering us through completion. She brought insight, rigor and thoughtfulness to her work and took special care with supervising interns and production assistants. She is honing her talent as an Associate Producer through her new assignment on a documentary called 40 Days and 40 Nights, which goes behind the scenes of the Poor People's Campaign led by Rev. William Barber and Rev. Liz Theoharis. She is also working on the film, The Three Lives of David Wong. We can't wait to see the finished films! Laura is smart, dedicated, and so much fun. And although it looks like she pioneered a dog theme at Aubin, she is actually fully responsible for the Harry Potter obsession that permeates our young team.

Bedatri D. Choudhury has hit the ground running as our new Office and Projects Manager extraordinaire. Bedatri studied Cinema Studies in Tisch School of the Arts, and has always worked with documentary film in various capacities—from commissioning, to programming, to writing critical reviews. She has a keen sense of communications and the power of the written word and easily converts theory into practice. Tanya and Catherine are working closely with her in development of our new film and she has taken on responsibility for all past projects. Welcome Bedatri. It is such a pleasure getting to work with you!
The inimitable Ri Lindegren, Assistant to Cat, is heading to grad school in Arizona State University. She continues to explore her love for dance and technology, and to discover how to merge that with her love for film. Born to Fly was an ideal project for her to work on! Ri organized the bejeezus out of the office, both digitally and materially. And took a special pleasure in creating joy among the Aubin team, planning parties, celebrations, rituals, and caring for our full selves with everything from daily Kombucha to huge salads to coffee when absolutely necessary. We will especially miss her nimble, graceful, all-heart approach to yoga!

The fabulous Maya Lewis has joined us to take on Ri's role. Maya went to journalism school at CUNY and comes with tons of publishing, communications, client, and puppy management experience. She is already our favorite GIF-maker, so the next time you see a meme or a GIF lighting up our social media channels, you know who to thank.

We are so excited for all the creativity and joy Maya will bring into our lives, and the remarkable journey ahead.

P.S: Harley isn't going anywhere.
We are also thrilled to announce our new team member, the brilliant Arielle Knight who joins us as Impact Producer for Dispatches from Cleveland and Associate Producer for our new films going forward. Arielle, a New School alum, has extensive video production experience and has just finished working on several innovative and timely projects that operate from the intersections of gender, race and criminal justice.

Here is a picture of her with Prentiss Haney of Ohio Student Association and Khaled Salehi of America Votes, great representation of the folks doing the groundwork to repair our broken democracy.

As you can see, Arielle is already in the mix.
Here's a photo of the Aubin Squad on Laura's last day. We miss you already!
(L-R): Ri, Laura, Bedatri, Yanett, Maya
 Chavela continues to travel the world and recently screened at the Brooklyn Museum to a packed theater. We won the Prix du Public at the Festival Version Originale, a film festival taking place every year in Gujan-Mestras on the Arcachon Bay near Bordeaux. We also won the Audience Award at the Pink Apple Queer Film Festival in Zürich. The film has screened in 42 countries and has theatrical distribution in Canada, Colombia, Spain, France, Israel, Portugal, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, among others. And finally, we are pleased to announce that Cinecanibal is now distributing Chavela in her home country of Mexico.

The film is touring stateside as a part of the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation's 2018/2019 touring exhibition. Co-director Daresha Kyi will be accompanying the film on the road.
HOT OFF THE PRESS: Discussion Guides for Dispatches from Cleveland !! Arielle is working hard to network these proven tools into Get Out The Vote and other organizing efforts leading up to the midterm elections. Folks are already using the film and the guide to support their impact-driven mobilizations, education and outreach work to bring about criminal justice reforms in Cleveland and beyond. In addition, we still share the film through community-based and festival screenings. Please check our website for schedule and updates on our media impact work. We also just won an International Cinema in Industry (CINDY) Competitions Award :)

We chanced upon this photo on Instagram. Check it out!! We totally dig this tattoo (Spoiler: that is not Cat). Someone in Spain got inked using photographer Maj Lindström's remarkable and enduring portrait of Chavela Vargas.

You can buy limited-edition prints of the original photographs from our shop. You can also buy the film poster in which we featured this same photograph of Chavela.

Love this? Head over to Maj's website and check out her work.
The National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Alabama was opened to the public on April 26, 2018. Everyone should go see, listen, learn, ponder. Everyone should know. A project undertaken by the Equal Justice Initiative, it is the nation’s first memorial dedicated to the legacy of enslaved black people, people terrorized by lynching, African Americans humiliated by racial segregation and Jim Crow, and people of color burdened with contemporary presumptions of guilt and police violence.

With the belief that facing one's history is the first step towards recovery from a traumatic past, the memorial uses sculpture, art, and design to contextualize racial terror. The memorial square with 800 six-foot monuments symbolize over 4,400 racial terror lynching victims in the United States, remembering the counties and states where this violence took place. Those roots of violence have been allowed to grow and thrive for centuries and and no change is possible without a full reckoning.

Go to Montgomery. Take your children and parents. Get involved. Read more about Bryan Stevenson's Equal Justice Initiative, the Museum, and the Memorial.
Did you know that due to the lobbying power of the National Restaurant Association and Fortune 500 restaurant corporations, the restaurant industry is one of the only industries that gets away - in 43 states - with not paying the great majority of their workers — servers, bussers, hosts, bartenders — at least the minimum wage?

The One Fair Wage campaign has been advancing campaigns across the country to pass legislation in cities and states that will require the restaurant industry to pay all its employees at least the regular minimum wage.

Head over to their website, sign their petition, write to the lawmakers and find out if your favorite restaurant is paying its employees fairly.
We'll be celebrating Pride Month through June at Aubin and will be sharing stories of our glorious LGBTQI+ community, including activism, victories, trials, and every day joy on our social media channels. Feel free to send us things you think we should feature. And Happy Pride to everyone!
We can't stop watching this lovely young one taking confident care of herself, her family, and her community.

Aubin Theory of Change: Practice chopping wood with your feet planted steadily apart. Play with fire on purpose so you'll know how to light a campfire. Learn to handle sharp knives so you can cook. All of which implies that we can channel fear into activity and that with the right training, expectation, time, and encouragement, we are all capable of infinite contributions to our near and far world. And they're never too young!

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