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  • Auburn Courts Resident, Tom Bracher, Receives Distinguished Award
  • Waconia Staff Spotlight on Lynn Haering
  • The Satin Dolls Perform at Auburn Manor
  • Halloween Festivities in Chaska and Waconia
  • Chaska Staff Spotlight on New Culinary Chef, Dave Larsen
  • Service Day Brings Students to Chaska Campus
  • Waconia Campus Celebrates Oktoberfest
  • The 11th Annual Festival of Trees, "Starry Night"
  • Auburn Meadows Resident Spotlight on Richard "Dick" Painter
  • Thanksgiving Events 
  • The Pastor's Corner with Cathy Kolwey
  • Activities
  • AHS Family Notifications

Tom Bracher holding his award.

Tom Bracher, Auburn Courts Resident Receives the MSHCA Distinguished Service Award for Officials.

Congratulations to Tom Bracher, resident in Auburn Courts, who was recently awarded the Minnesota State High School Coaches Association (MSHCA) 2022 "Distinguished Service Award for Officials".

The MSHCA started presenting this award in 1992 to recognize and honor officials who have given in an exemplary manner their time and talents in officiating Minnesota State High School sports. Tom received his award for outstanding service in officiating track & field.

A banquet was held on October 8th to honor all of the award recipients and Tom attended along with his brother, Christian and his wife, Tom's niece, Kerri and his sister, Patty.

Chaska Mayor, Mark Windschitl, has known Tom for years and said the following, "It's a heck of an honor and I'm very excited for him". Windschitl, who used to work as a St. Louis Park firefighter, served alongside Lonnie Cooper, who grew up with Tom. Mark met Tom when he was employed at the Chaska Building Center and the two realized they had a mutual acquaintance through Lonnie Cooper; they have been friends ever since. Mark adds that "Tom is one of those guys you meet and will always be a friend...he has a big thunderous laugh and smile." He actually ran into Tom recently and he proudly showed off his new award to Mark; "Tom couldn't show me fast enough the award he received! He's very proud of it as he should be."

Tom has officiated High School track & field for years as well as Big 10 meets. All of us here at Auburn Homes & Services are very proud of Tom and all of his accomplishments!

Waconia Staff Spotlight on Lynn Haering

Name: Lynn Haering

Job Title: Social Services Director

Key Responsibilities: Coordinating admissions and discharges. Helping families and residents navigate their way through the long term care maze.

Family: I am married to my near perfect husband, Peter. We have two fantastic daughters, Maddy and Abbey.

Favorite Past time: camping and enjoying nature, cooking and trying new restaurants

Favorite Travel Destination: Northern Minnesota

When I retire I hope to: Do whatever I want!

"I started working at Nightingale Nursing home in 1986. We were purchased by Moravian Care Ministries and became Auburn West and then finally Auburn Home in Waconia. I have truly enjoyed working with all the residents and their families over the years. And it has also been an honor to have worked with so many wonderful staff!"

The Satin Dolls perform at Auburn Manor

Auburn Manor residents were treated to a performance by "The Satin Dolls", a dance troupe from St. Louis Park with dancers ranging in age from 55-76 years old. They performed five different dance numbers with five costume changes to hits like, "Rock Around the Clock" and "Jail House Rock". They had our residents boogieing in their seats!

The Satin Dolls in Action.

Halloween Activities in Chaska and Waconia

Our residents on both campuses enjoyed many Halloween activities including visits of children in costumes from New Beginnings and Lady Bug daycare centers, pumpkin rolling, a spooky pizza party, "guess who the pumpkin is" contest, our staff dressed up in Halloween costumes and lots of tricks and treats!

Chaska Staff Spotlight on Dave Larsen

Job Title: Campus Culinary Director

Key Responsibilities: Overseeing all Culinary Operations at the Chaska Campus

Work History: I have been in food service since 1979. I have done fine dining 7 Years, corporate dining 16 years, family dining 13 years and Senior Dining 6 years 

Favorite meal to prepare: I make a great meatloaf

Family: I am married to my wife Jane she is the best person I know for the last 25 years. We are a blended family and have 3 boys Chris who is 38, Andrew who is 35 & Terrence who is 32.

Favorite Past-time: Bible Study Fellowship & Golf

Favorite Travel Destination: Going to Hawaii in December but for places I have been we took a Caribbean cruise last march for our 25th wedding anniversary.

When I retire I hope to: Travel, Golf & cook for my church

"I am very blessed to be here at Auburn Homes. I feel food is healing and when I see a group of people coming together over a meal it feeds my soul and is right in step with our mission “Serving Seniors in the Spirit of Christ’s Love.”

Service Day, October 27th 

Students from Southwest Christian High School provided window cleaning to our residents in Chaska as part of their commitment to Service Day on October 27th. Windows were washed with big smiles on the student's faces as well are our appreciative residents.

Waconia Campus Celebrates Oktoberfest

It wouldn't be October without an Oktoberfest celebration with German beer and pretzels. Staff dressed up in their lederhosen and entertained the residents in Waconia while they ate and drank to recognize Oktoberfest and to have a little fun. 

Toasts of “Zigge, zagge, zigge, zagge, hoi, hoi, hoi!”could be heard through out the building; They were even serenaded by an accordion player!

The 11th Annual Festival of Trees, "Starry Night"

November 17, 2022

Bavaria Downs, Chaska, MN

This year's Festival of Trees is going to be another fantastic display of gorgeous trees decorated by local designers, delicious food catered by D'Amico & Sons, awesome live and silent auction items and, most of all, wonderful fellowship in the spirit of giving. We hope you will join is for this festive affair and/or consider donating to the event with the proceeds going to the life enrichment of our residents and staff.

First time attending? That's wonderful! Come dressed to the "nines' or "eights", whatever you like. Plan on arriving around 5:30pm to register and enjoy a social hour with hors d'oeuvres, then view and bid on our silent auction basket online, followed by dinner and our live auction event. It will be a night to remember!

For more information and to register online, please click here.

We look forward to seeing you on the 17th!

A few photos from last year's event at Bavaria Downs

Waconia Resident Spotlight on Auburn Home Resident, Richard Painter

Auburn Home resident Richard “Dick” Painter grew up in South Minneapolis. He played basketball, football and baseball. Dick joined the Army Reserve right out of high school at the age of 18 and drove Military tanks. When the Korean War broke out, Dick decided to join the Navy. He worked with the telephone and intercom systems. “When I joined the Navy, it became part of me.” he said. Dick has seen many things and a good part of the world. He has been to Hawaii three times, Japan, China and the Philippines. While in the Navy, Dick was on one of the three ships involved in testing atomic bombs. In 1958, Dick married his wife Ella Ruth who was known as Dusty. “She straightened me out and made me who I am today,” he said. Dick was also part of the Air Force Reserve for six years and the Minnesota Air National Guard for 19 years. He was part of the Military for 31 years with five and a half years of active service.

Thank you for your service Dick!

Thanksgiving Events

Auburn Meadows: Thanksgiving meal will be served at 12Noon in the Celebration Room on November 22nd.

Auburn Courts: Thanksgiving meal will be served at 12Noon in the Chapel on November 22nd.

Auburn Manor: Resident Thanksgiving meal will be served on Thanksgiving day in dining room.

Auburn Home: Resident Thanksgiving meal will be served on Thanksgiving day in dining room.

The Pastor's Corner

with Reverend  Cathy Kowley

Greetings to the Auburn Community: I want to ask you an important question!

What do you know about GRIEF?

We all grieve. But notoriously, most of us (including me) do not always grieve well.

That is because grief is so complex. We don’t just grieve the loss of a person. We also grieve what we had together and what we shared. We grieve future events that they cannot share with us. We grieve for things we can no longer do together. We grieve future hopes that will not come to be. Grief is very complicated, that’s why we don’t like to talk about it.

Pastoral care models categorize grief into at least 16 types, here are just a few to consider:

Anticipatory grief – we begin to grieve the minute we know a loss might be coming. Anticipatory grief happens when we get a difficult diagnosis and know that there will be loss in our future.

Disenfranchised grief – happens when our loss is not validated by others. If there is cultural stigma surrounding your loss (suicide or divorce) others may not acknowledge your grief in a way that is helpful to you.

Compound grief – happens when we experience consecutive losses in a brief period of time. If you lose a loved one, then lose a beloved pet just a couple months later, you are likely to experience compound grief.

Collective grief – happens when we experience a loss in community together. Like compound grief, collective grief can hit us more intensely when we know others share the feelings we are having. (As an example, we are all grieving from COVD).

And then, there is the holidays. It is November, and that means the holidays will be upon us soon… and with the holidays will come the complicated emotions of being with (or without) family and friends. Grief can hit us all a little more around the holidays, and so I would encourage you to take some time to acknowledge your emotions as they come. You can tend to your grief through prayer, meditation, talking to your faith leader, taking time away, or other self-care practices. If you feel like you need to talk to someone further about grief you might be experiencing, you can always call the chaplain’s office and we can help you tend to your emotions during this time.

In times of grief, it is good to remember that grief is ultimately an expression of love. So when you love deeply, it means you will probably grieve deeply too. That love though, is the greatest gift we have. As we turn toward the holiday season, let us continue to love each other well, and to be gentle with those experiencing grief during this season.

Blessings and peace to you this month,

Rev. Cathy Kolwey

Director of Chaplaincy

The November weather so far has been absolutely beautiful; dare we say we might have a "mild" winter? Well, we just did and hopefully we didn't jinx it! Along with Thanksgiving festivities, our residents can look forward to Vikings football game parties, outings to Tommy's Malt Shop and Unhinged Pizza, Christmas Tree trimming, Matinee Movies with popcorn, "Turkey Tally Competition", "Fall Back" social hours and plenty of entertainment from "Scotty and the Band" to Allen Carlson. 

Check out your resident's November's Activities Calendar to see which ones are available to them by clicking on the appropriate link below:

Auburn Home, Auburn Meadows, 

Auburn Manor, Auburn Courts

AHS Family Notifications

Auburn Manor Families:

If you are a family member of Auburn Manor and interested in forming a family council, please reach out to Peggy Sullivan at (952)361-0312.

Family councils are family led groups that provide peer support with the goal of improving communication, quality of care and supporting one another.

Auburn Meadows Families: 

Auburn Meadows family council meeting will be Wednesday, November 30, 2022 at 3:00 pm in the Celebration Room.

The next Resident Newsletter will be

emailed on December 1,2022.

 If you have a loved one with a unique talent,

history or great story, let us know!


or call Michelle Yelich at (952)361-5076

Have a great Month!

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