"April Showers Bring May Flowers"
April 2022
Resident Newsletter
In this Issue:
  • Staff Spotlight on Caitlyn Gorman, Chaska Culinary Chef
  • Recognize Your Shining Star
  • Spring Plant Sale
  • Twins Opener April 7th
  • Is it real or April Fool's Day?
  • Easter Sunday Services
  • April Activities Calendars
  • Pastor's Corner with Reverend Doctor Jennifer Moran

Staff Spotlight on
Caitlyn Gorman,
Chaska Culinary Chef
April marks the first month of a new feature that we will bring to you monthly, "Staff Spotlight". Our hard working and amazing staff bring so many diverse and unique qualities to our two campuses and we want to share that with you! We are honored to highlight our first staff member this month, Caitlyn Gorman, Culinary Manager for Auburn Manor and Courts in Chaska.

How long have you worked here at AHS?
I have worked for Auburn Homes since November 2021

What is your work history?
I spent most of my working career at the skilled nursing facility in Pine Island, MN (Pine Haven). In 2019 I started working in management. Beginning as an interim director and then hired on as the assistant director. In 2020 I took on my first Director role at an Ebenezer location in Lake City, MN. That is where I met my fiancé, Connor. My Fiancé took a position in Eden Prairie in Oct. so, we moved to Shakopee.

Are you trained in the “culinary arts”?
I learned a lot informally, through training on the job, I worked with a home cook who had been in the business for 50 years. I later trained with Chef Patrick Nickelson

What is your favorite dish/meal to prepare for the residents?
I enjoy making cupcakes for the residents but having the ability to make meals from scratch is especially satisfying.

Do you have a story you can share about an interaction or a relationship you have with one of our residents?
I love working with dementia residents. They tug at my heartstrings. The work we do would mean nothing if we couldn't make lasting relationships in the process. I especially love walking the halls with Geneva, or sitting in the dining room with Audrey.

Are you married, have children?
I will be getting married on May 20th in Searchlight Nevada. I have one child (5 yr. old Esther). 

Where were you born, grow up?
I was born in California and raised in Modesto, later moving with family to Indiana, Ohio, and then Minnesota. 

Favorite thing to do outside of work?
My favorite thing to do outside of work is exploring the area with my daughter. She loves going to the Mall of America. I love hiking with my 2 dogs.

Thank you, Caitlyn, for sharing some things about yourself and "Congratulations" on your upcoming nuptials!
Do you know an Auburn "Shining Star"?
The staff here at Auburn Homes & Services is the best around; we are blessed to have such loyal, compassionate employees who truly care about your loved ones and provide them services with integrity and respect.
Did you know that the AHS Foundation has a way to recognize and thank an employee for their wonderful work?
It's called the "Shining Star" program and you can honor one staff member or several staff members; it's simple to do!
Simply click here and complete the form on our website along with making a donation of your choosing in the employee's name. Your Shining Star will be notified that you have made a gift in their honor and will receive a special star pin that they can proudly wear on their badge. Most important, your Shining Star will take pride in knowing that the service, care, or act of kindness has left a positive impression on you.
Friends of Auburn
Spring Plant Sale!
Friends of Auburn is holding their Spring Plant Sale. Order your Annuals, Vegetables, Herbs, and Hanging Baskets with Friends of Auburn.
Please make sure to return your order forms and payment by Tuesday April 5 by mail or drop off at Auburn with attention to Ellen Cleath. Please make checks out to Moravian Care Foundation, with Spring Flower Sale on the memo line.

Please click here to view what plants are available and click here for the order form.

Please reach out to Ellen at 952.361.0309 or Ecleath@auburnhomes.org with any questions.
Twins Opener, April 7th
It is a tradition at AHS to celebrate the Twins season home game opener with fun activities and prizes. Staff and residents are encouraged to wear Twins apparel on April 7th and participate in a "TC Bear" search, Minnesota sports trivia and enjoy beer cheese and pretzels while watching the game on TV's throughout our buildings.
Go, Twins!

Auburn Homes & Services CEO
to leave position to
pursue his "Dream Job".
For years, the residents and staff at AHS have listened to CEO, Mike Senden, talk about his love for the band, AC/DC. Given the opportunity, Mike will talk endlessly about the guitar playing of guitarist, Angus Young, or how the current lead singer of the band could never live up to the greatness of Bon Scott, original lead singer. Often seen running from him to avoid his AC/DC conversations, staff were shocked, but not surprised to learn that Mike was leaving Auburn Homes to become a 'roadie' (stage hand) for AC/DC on their upcoming summer tour. "It's a dream come true!", Mike said when asked about his new job, "I can't believe I will actually be handing Angus (Young) his guitar on stage before they perform!" Is Mike worried about leaving his lovely wife, Julie, to hit the road with the band? "Leave Julie? What are you talking about, she's coming with me!" was his enthusiastic response.
All of us at AHS wish Mike the best in this next chapter in his life and are grateful to never have to talk about AC/DC again with their boss. Mike's last day will be on April 1st.
The month of April brings about daydreams of warm, spring days, flowers blooming and the smell of freshly cut grass. Reality, however, reminds us that we can get a snowstorm in April ("Hello, April 2019?!?") and it's not quite time yet to put away the winter coats. It's a good thing our residents will have plenty of great activities to participate in in April if it does snow!

Check out your resident's April Activities Calendar to see what activities are in store for the month by clicking on the appropriate link below:

Easter Worship Services
Auburn Homes & Services is pleased to offer the following Easter worship services; please note that we are still not able to have family and other visitors worship with us. Visitor guidelines still indicate that visitors do not mingle with other residents. In addition, we have residents who come to worship and are unable to wear masks which limits our room to maintain six feet separation with those who can wear masks. We appreciate your patience and continuing to follow our COVID-19 visitor guidelines.

Good Friday, April 15th
Waconia: Chaplain Alan; Bridget Christansen, accompanist
Chaska: Reverend Doctor Jennifer Moran; Gay Mattson, piano
  • 10:00 am Meadows
  • 11:00 am Home
  • 10:00 am Courts
  • 11:00 am Manor

Easter Sunday, April 17th
Waconia: Chaplain Alan; Gay Mattson, accompanist
Chaska: Reverend Doctor Jennifer Moran; Kylie Fick, accompanist
  • 10:30 am Meadows
  • 11:15 am Home
  • 10:30 am Courts
  • 11:15 am Manor

The Pastor's Corner with
Reverend Doctor Jennifer Moran
Dear Auburn Friends,

Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! It is April, that wonderful month where even in Minnesota we begin to see signs of new life, of trees budding and flowers blooming. This year, Easter also falls in April, so we have the change of beautiful weather for our celebrations.

When my sister and I were growing up, we loved Easter. We still do! We loved going to worship and celebrating Jesus Christ’s victory over death. We also loved the secular parts of the holiday: coloring eggs, getting Easter baskets, and decorating for spring. What we really wanted more than anything was to wake up at 4:00 one Easter morning and find live Easter bunnies in our Easter baskets. We really, really lobbied for this. We even turned to our grandparents, recognizing them as a softer touch than our parents. We named our hoped-for bunnies and had picked out the color bunnies we wanted (I was very taken with the blue gray bunnies).

Mom and Dad were curiously resistant to our idea, which we just didn’t understand. Who wouldn’t want a beautiful bunny! Mom mentioned having one when she was a child and how bad they smell and how much work they are. I thought that Mom having one as a child was actually evidence for why I should have one myself! But, alas. Every Easter went by with no bunny peeking its wiggly, cheerful nose over the edge of our Easter baskets.

The year we really thought our dreams were going to come true was the year that my grandfather was the interim pastor at Lake Auburn Moravian Church. I was 10 years old and I was sure Grandma and Grandpa wouldn’t pass up the chance to give us a bunny when they were actually with us on Easter. When we walked into the living room, there were our baskets, complete with adorable bunnies! Only...they were stuffed bunnies. Life sized, to be sure, but they were not real.

This was a moment in which I grew up a little. I realized I was never going to get a real bunny, and that was okay. I realized that bunnies really do smell terrible. They do require a lot of work. They sometimes bite. They are cute, but they aren’t really something we needed. We may have wanted them, but my parents knew what we actually needed. To this day, my sister and I still have our stuffed bunnies, Chocolate and Butterscotch. They weren’t what we wanted but they were what we needed.

That lesson is such a hard one to learn: needs and wants are often very different. Scripture implies that Jesus didn’t want to go through what he knew he was facing in the final week of his life. His death was not something he would choose. He prayed desperately in the Garden of Gethsemane, “Father, take this cup from me, if it is your will.”

I am always struck by this moment. Jesus didn’t want to go through what he endured for us, but he knew we needed him to do it, and so he willingly was crucified, died, was buried, and rose again so we could have new life eternally. Jesus Christ knew we needed his gift of salvation and sacrificed himself to meet that need, even when he wanted to be spared. What an indescribable gift!

God knows what we need and don’t need, much like my parents knew we didn’t need a pair of bunnies. As we walk through these last weeks of Lent and celebrate Easter, may we, like Jesus, conform our will to God’s will. May we see that what we want may not be what God knows we need, and may we accept his guidance in our lives. Happy Easter!

In Christ’s Resurrection Hope, Pastor Jenny
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