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  • Chaska Courts Resident Offering Free Sewing & Alterations
  • Summer Patio Activities
  • Spotlight on Waconia Staff, Krista Buesgens
  • Auburn Manor receives new Nurse's Station
  • Auburn Meadows Resident Shares her Artwork
  • #AuburnStrong 2022 Tree Honorees
  • Spotlight on Chaska Staff. Jenny Lenzen
  • The 2022 Call to Care Classic Tournament Highlights
  • AHS Town Hall Meetings
  • August Activities
  • Pastor's Corner With Reverend Doctor Jennifer Moran
Chaska Courts Resident, Donna,
Gives Back to Auburn Homes Residents

Donna loves to sew and is known for the many blankets she has sewn and donated to the local Animal Humane Society in Chaska. She continues to donate her time by offering free, simple alterations to her fellow residents on the Chaska campus.
Donna has been sewing almost her entire life and got her first Singer sewing machine when she was 18 years old. "I've worn out two Singer sewing machines and now I'm on my 3rd one; Singer is the best!" From cat blankets to hemming pants, Donna enjoys helping others with her passion for sewing. If you or a loved one live at Auburn Courts and would like to have Donna sew something for you, she says, "Please call me!"
Summer Patio Activities
The sunny patios located on our two campuses were the place to be in July. Residents and staff alike found the warm sun and cool breezes on the patio a great place to relax or enjoy an activity. From BBQ's, S'mores over the fire pit, 4th of July celebrations or just sitting outside to soak in the Vitamin D from the sun, the Auburn patios provided the perfect spot to relax and enjoy summer.
Spotlight on Waconia Staff Member:
Krista Buesgens
Krista Buesgens
Job Title: Marketing Associate
Key Responsibilities: Creating marketing materials, advertising, social media and marketing Auburn Homes & Services to the community
Family: Married with 2 sweet little boys
Favorite Past-time: Outdoor adventures and spending time with family and friends
Favorite Travel Destination: Anywhere with a Beach
When I retire I hope to: Relax!

I started working for Auburn Homes & Services in 2012 when Auburn Meadows in Waconia was being built. This fall will be my 10th year in the Auburn Homes & Services marketing department...time sure flies when you are having fun! When my grandparents needed senior care services, they moved into Auburn in Waconia which was a blessing. I was able to see them almost every day while they were here. The things I enjoy about working at Auburn are visiting with the residents, the atmosphere, my coworkers and making Auburn a fun place to live and work. I love that my job allows me to be creative, use my marketing skills and do something I truly enjoy. 
Auburn Manor Receives new Nurse's Station

Auburn Manor's nurse's station received a much needed make over thanks to money raised from our annual fundraisers in recent years, The Call to Care Classic Tournament and The Festival of Trees. New granite work spaces, updated communication wiring, kitchen nook, cabinetry and storage space are now being utilized by our staff to enhance their work environment and to serve our resident's more efficiently.
Jenny Lenzen, Health Unit Coordinator, and Krissy Ohnsorg, Staffing Coordinator, show off their new Nurse's station
New Kitchen Nook
Auburn Meadows Resident Shares her Artwork

Ione, a resident at Auburn Meadows, has always enjoyed painting, drawing and creating things. She feels blessed to share her God given talent with others. She has traveled to teach different art classes and also taught ceramics at her artist shop. Teaching and showing others her art gives her joy and is very rewarding.
Ione talks about her displayed artwork.
Residents get an up close look at Ione's artwork.
#AUBURNSTRONG 2022 Tree Honorees

#AUBURNSTRONG is a yearly staff appreciation event that encourages the AHS staff to recognize and lift their co-workers up with words of praise for each other. Each year has a different theme and the 2022 theme was "Caring Together, Touching Lives Forever".
Staff was asked to nominate a fellow staff member to have one of three trees that would be planted on each campus in honor of their incredible and loyal service to our residents. The six winners received an honorary plaque and the rewarding knowledge of knowing their tree would provide shade and beauty for many, many generations to come.
Amy Myers, Therapeutic Recreational Activities Director, Auburn Manor
Rebecka Marohl, LPN, Auburn Courts
Nikki Becker, TMA, Auburn Manor

Doug Schmieg, who passed away in March of 2022, was honored posthumously with a tree for his loyal and dedicated service to the residents of Auburn Home. His family graciously accepted the award and are thankful to be part of the Auburn family for so many years to come.

Dana Dircks, CNA, Auburn Meadows
Jenny McCabe, LPN, Auburn Meadows
Spotlight on Chaska Staff Member: Jenny Lenzen

I have been with Auburn Homes and services for a little over 14 years. I stared as a nursing assistant, then a neighborhood coordinator and now a Health unit coordinator.  My favorite part about working here is the people. I love visiting with the residents, hearing their stories, making them laugh and doing what I can to make their day. The staff is amazing here too, we are like one big family.

Job Title: Health Unit Coordinator
Key Responsibilities: Scheduling medical appointments for the residents, coordinating them with families, keeping track of when residents are due to be seen, if they need to go back, when they are seen and setting up transportation to and from appointments, Assembling charts and paperwork for new admissions, organizing medical charts and thinning when need be, scanning in medical records, labs, etc. into residents electronic charts, requesting necessary medical records, and sending medical records that are requested from insurance companies, printing out monthly flow sheets, filing, answering and directing calls, sending out physician orders to be signed and making sure they are kept in compliance, many other misc. duties as well. 
Family: I am married and we have 3 children- Trevor (23), Connor (17), and McKenna (12)
Favorite pass time: Riding our horses with my daughter and watching her show and Barrel race. She is a very competitive rider on her two horses Twister and Arrow. I grew up showing and barrel racing as well and now enjoy cheering on my daughter. I do trail ride with my horse cupid, someday I hope to get back into showing. We also have a farm and raise Katahdin hair sheep, we have just under 100 ewes and 3 rams. The other animals on our farm are 3 horses ,chickens, guinea hens, pigs, 3 dogs, a few barn cats and 1 rabbit.
Favorite Travel Destination: With the farm we are unable to travel, it’s just too hard to find someone to watch, feed and care for all our animal for more than a couple days. We do camp with the horses here and there.
When I retire I hope to: Have more time to relax. I work full time here and then have several hours of farm work when I get home. Having more time would be so nice. 
The 26th Annual 2022
Call to Care Classic Tournament Recap

On July 11th last month at Stonebrooke Golf Club, 28 sponsors, 94 players and 22 volunteers helped us raise almost $20,000 net for the "greatest need, greatest impact" for Auburn Homes & Services. Bob Kuhlman, Foundation Director, said that this is a "tournament record of net income" and he "would like to thank everyone for making this happen".
The day itself was beautiful and sunny, but with a strong wind, which many players might have used a bit too generously to explain why they were not achieving their usual handicaps (but who are we to judge?!?).
The tournament ended with a delicious banquet and award ceremony. A great time was had by all and we look forward to next year's 27th annual tournament!
AHS Town Hall Meetings

Recently, Mike Senden, CEO of Auburn Homes & Services, held six "Town Hall" style meetings for staff to attend. This was an opportunity for Mike to speak directly to the employees of AHS and provide them with a detailed update of the current staffing issues, recruitment endeavors and state of Auburn Homes. Staff learned of the efforts being made to recruit new employees, as well as the ongoing efforts to retain them, during the staffing crisis that our industry and the healthcare field is currently experiencing.
The meeting ended with employees writing down questions, suggestions and feedback for Mike to answer; the feedback was enlightening and beneficial with creative ideas to support our hardworking and dedicated staff.
Mike Senden addressing
the Auburn staff

Pastor's Corner with Reverend Doctor Jennifer Moran

August 2022

Dear Auburn Family and Friends,

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! I pray you are experiencing the peace that comes with time spent in God’s creation on these lovely Minnesota summer days. We wait for them all winter, it seems, and are rarely disappointed.
This past month, my family and I were able to get away for a two-week road trip to visit my husband’s parents in Erie, PA. We took the long route there, stopping at Mackinac Island and visiting multiple Great Lakes. We also spent some time at Niagara Falls, where I last visited as a child somewhere around 1990.

While we were at Niagara State Park, we learned that due to the power of the water that constantly flows over the falls, the edges of the falls are receding at a rate of three feet per year. Given that I first saw the falls 32 years ago, that means that they must be a good 96 feet farther back than when I saw them. That is a significant amount of change!
Yet as we gazed at the awe-inspiring sight of the falls, I had to admit they did not look different than I remembered them. Their beauty and majesty as powerful examples of God’s creation had not changed at all, despite the erosion of the edges.

I am struck by how much we humans are like Niagara Falls. We change over the years, sometimes incrementally and other times dramatically. We are worn away by time and external forces. Standing by Horseshoe Falls this month, I thought about how I bear only a passing resemblance to the little girl in glasses and a puff-paint t-shirt (I remember I wore it because it was my favorite!), who first stood there many years ago with her parents and sister, a child who had barely traveled outside of the mid-west or even gone to high school. This time I was with my husband and three children, as well as my in-laws, and stood there as an ordained pastor who has traveled three continents and completed a doctorate. Not one of us looks or acts the same as we did 32 years ago. None of us will look or act the way we do now in another decade.

Despite this kind of natural, constant change, the one thing that never changes is that we are God’s beloved children. God loved me as a 12 year old child and God loves me now as a 44 year old mom. God will love me as a 95 year old great-grandma. God loves you the same way: yesterday, today, and forever. No matter how you change, your identity as a beloved child of God does not change. When I look at the majesty, the changeability, the beauty, and the constancy of Niagara Falls, I see each of you. You are beloved, beautiful, ever-changing, and always God’s child. Life wears away at us, but God’s love never wears away.

May you experience and know the depth and breadth of the love God has for you, today and always.
In the Spirit of Christ’s Love,
Pastor Jenny

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