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July 2021

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In this Newsletter:

  • Meet Richard F., an Auburn Courts resident that creates 3D figurines.
  • Auburn Meadows wire artist and gardening residents, Dick, Beth and Rita.
  • The Call to Care Classic Tournament celebrates its 25th Anniversary.
  • Activity calendars for July 2021.
  • The Pastor's Corner with Reverend Doctor Jennifer Moran.

Auburn Courts Resident, Richard, Creates

Whimsical Figurines with 3D Printer.

Richard 3.jpeg
Richard 2.jpeg
Richard 1.jpeg
Richard 2.jpeg

Richard, an Auburn Courts resident for over 3 years, said he needed something to do to "keep him out of trouble" and a 3D printer was the answer.

Inspired by his son who already had a 3D printer, Richard was intrigued by the figures his son was creating and bought a 3D printer for himself to give it a try. He quickly found a new hobby that not only kept him out of trouble, but also delighted other residents and staff with his creations.

The understanding of the mechanics of the printer came easy to Richard as he had a long career in the industry as an owner of a mechanics shop and taught himself how to use the 3D printer.

The process of making a 3D figurine includes going online and choosing a model from the thousands available on a downloadable app; the printer gets direction from the app and takes care of the rest. It heats a plastic filament to 200 degrees and then distributes the filament via a computerized 'arm' onto the printer's surface. It can take anywhere from 2-5 hours for smaller figures and up to 12 hours for large mass figures.

Auburn Courts employees and residents have been the recipients of many of his fun creations and we look forward to what he creates next!

Auburn Meadows Residents, Beth and Rita, Love to Garden!

Beth and Rita Gardening 3.jpg

Beth and Rita have worked together watering the garden and flower beds at Meadows. As you can see, the flower pots look great and if you look closely you can see the “fruits of their labor”! 

Tomatoes, Cucumbers, and Green Peppers!

In June the Life Enhancement staff served a much enjoyed “garden fresh” lettuce salad at an afternoon social. 

Thanks ladies for helping with the gardening!!

Beth and Rita Gardening 4.jpg

Beth and Rita Gardening 2.jpg

Beth and Rita Gardening 8.jpg

Waconia Meadows Resident, Dick, has a Knack for Wire Art

Dick meadows 1.jpeg

Dick, a resident at Auburn Meadows, has a unique way of welcoming new residents, staff members and even visitors.

He creates names out of wire and almost every staff member has one of his creations. Dick keeps his wire and tools handy and cuts the wire according to each individual name. He carefully crafts each name with pride and precision. You can see his handiwork displayed in resident apartments, staff offices and occasionally hanging from a team member’s name badge.

Dick meadows 2.jpeg
Dick meadows 3.jpeg
Dick meadows 4.jpeg
Dick meadows 5.jpeg

Our 25th Annual Call to Care Classic was a huge success!

With over 95 golfers participating, AHS held its 25th Call to Care Classic Tournament on July 12th, at

the beautiful Stonebrooke Golf Club in Shakopee.

The annual tournament raises money for our resident's life enhancement activities and renovations

to our residential accommodations.

2021-07-12 11.02.33.jpg

Stonebrooke Golf Club

2021-07-12 17.00.15.jpg

Bob Kuhlman, Foundation Director for Auburn Homes & Services and Bruce Shoger, Chairman, Auburn Homes & Services Board of Directors

2021-07-12 14.41.15.jpg

The Pro Rehab golf team; Pro Rehab is a longtime supporter of AHS and was one of this year's Tournament sponsors.

2021-07-12 17.05.26.jpg

The tournament was followed by a buffet dinner and awards ceremony in the club house.

2021-07-12 12.19.54.jpg

It was a perfect day for golf with crystal clear, blue skies and temps in the low 80's.

2021-07-12 14.43.50.jpg

Longest drive, closest to the pin, putting and a 'hole in one' contest were just a few of the competitions taking place for golfers to win prizes.

2021-07-12 16.55.27.jpg

Thank you to our staff volunteers who helped make the tournament great fun for all who attended!

July Activities!

July is full of fun activities and outings for our residents. Both Waconia and Chaska have already celebrated the 4th of July with BBQ's, parades and luncheons, but there are many more happenings yet to come! Check out your resident's July Activities Calendar by

clicking on the appropriate link below:

Auburn Home, Auburn Meadows, Auburn Manor, Auburn Courts

4th of July 1.jpg

4th of July 3.jpg

Our residents were in the 4th of July Spirit attending BBQ's and being part of a parade!

4th of July 2.jpg

4th of July 4.jpg

4th of July 5.jpg

4th of July 6.jpg

The Pastor's Corner with Reverend Doctor Jennifer Moran

Dear Auburn Family and Friends,

When I was a teenager I had a poster in my room that I loved, and it was the tried and true platitude, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” The optimist in me really connected with that saying! It seemed reasonable that as long as you are courageous enough, energetic enough, and willing to work hard enough, things will work out. You can make those lemons into lemonade!

I hadn’t taken into account what happens when you go to make lemonade and discover that your blender is broken, or you have carpel tunnel and can’t squeeze the lemons on your own, or you don’t have enough money to buy sugar to sweeten the deal. Sometimes, no matter how much energy, optimism, or good, old-fashioned values we have, we’re stuck with some lemons.

This dilemma points to a universal human question: what do I do when life keeps giving me lemons, especially when every lemon makes God seem farther and farther away. Where is God when we face challenge after challenge and loss after loss? What is the purpose of suffering and pain? These are questions many of us have asked in the past year and a half, and are questions we wrestle with all our lives.

The scriptures in Mark’s Gospel, chapter 6, verses 1-29, give us a glimpse into how Jesus himself handled life when he was faced with lemons. There are three parts to these scriptures, the first being Jesus’ experience in his own hometown. Jesus had been traveling, teaching, and preaching. He healed countless people and even raised a little girl from the dead. Jesus was clearly not the usual teacher and prophet. Jesus came to his hometown, where he hoped to continue teaching and healing the people who nurtured him through his youth. However, Jesus finds that the people are offended by his teaching and healing and do not welcome him.

I wonder if Jesus felt the sting of that rejection in an “I’ve just been handed lemons” kind of way. After all, he was rejected by the people he grew up among, the people he learned from and was nurtured by, rejected to the point that he could only heal a few of them, knowing that he has the key to eternal life but can’t save those he knows best. What lemonade can even Jesus make from that?

The third story in this chapter in Mark tells of the death of John the Baptist, an even worse blow for Jesus. John was Jesus’ cousin and friend who was killed in a horrible, public, capricious way by Herod. In just a few verses, Jesus lost a loved one and was rejected by his hometown. This is more than just being handed lemons. So how did Jesus handle this very human experience of heartache, loss, and God’s role in it all?

We see Jesus’ response in the second story sandwiched between these two losses. This middle story is brief and to the point: Jesus gathered his twelve disciples and sent them out, commissioning them to participate in his mission to heal a broken world. Jesus’ response to loss and sorrow was to focus even more deeply on his mission and purpose. He tells the disciples that if they are rejected as they travel and teach and heal, when they are dealt a hand of lemons, to “shake the dust of that place off their feet” and continue on, focused on their mission. Jesus responds to the challenges of life by focusing on God’s mission, sharing it with others, and staying firm in his faith. In this, too, we can imitate Jesus, remaining focused on our call to serve Christ even if circumstances make it difficult.

A few years ago, I found an even better poster than the one from my youth: “When people give you lemons, give them Jesus.” I love that. Jesus is our answer to those tough questions of what to do with lemons, with feeling distant from God, with challenge and heartache and struggle. Jesus teaches us to stay focused on his mission for us, to share it with others and to stand firm in our faith, trusting that Jesus will stand in the gap for us when we feel far from God.

I pray we remember and are encouraged by the truth that even if we cannot make lemonade, we CAN turn to Jesus. May we share Jesus with others, so that when people give us lemons, we give them Jesus.

In the Spirit of Christ’s Love,

Pastor Jenny

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