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  • St. Patrick's Day Festivities
  • Family Council Meetings Return to AHS
  • Manor Staff Member Retires
  • Courts Resident Loves to Work Puzzles
  • Auburn Home Resident Offers a Helping Hand
  • Laverna R. Turns 105!
  • Manor Opens New TCU Wing
  • Chaska Staff take the Polar Plunge!
  • "Kerber Coffee Korner" Dedication in Manor
  • March Activities Calendars
  • Diversity at Auburn Homes & Services
  • Pastor's Corner with Chaplain Alan Hairsine
St. Patrick's Day Festivities
Auburn Homes celebrated St. Patrick's Day today on both campuses in Waconia and Chaska; it didn't matter if our residents were Irish or not because on St. Patrick's Day, we're all Irish!
Festivities included "Lucky Charm Dominos", an "Irish Auction", St. Patty's Day social hours, St. Patrick's Day themed luncheons, Irish music and costumes, and a whole lot of blarney! We hope you enjoy the gallery of pictures below of our staff and residents from Waconia and Chaska taking part in all of the day's shenanigan's!
Family Council Meetings to Return to
Auburn Homes & Services
Due to the pandemic, we had to put assisted living Family Council meetings on hold, but we are happy to announce that these meetings are returning this Spring with Auburn Courts holding their first one on March 24th at 4:00PM in the Chapel. All family members of residents are invited to attend.
What is a family council meeting? It is a way for families of our assisted living residents to meet and voice concerns and recommendations for Auburn. The first meeting is attended by staff members who will open the floor to questions, comments and concerns and then help organize a resident council of family members that will on a go forward plan and conduct the meetings without staff members being present.
Minutes, concerns, and recommendations of resident and family councils will be maintained and shared with facility administration as determined by the respective councils.
Auburn Meadows family council meeting date has yet to be determined, but we will notify you once there is a set date.

If you have questions, interested inbeing on the resident family council or want to know more information, please contact Scott Moe, Housing Director for Auburn Courts, (952)361-0324 or Mary Krant, Housing Director for Auburn Meadows, (952) 442-6629.

Please click here if you would like to review the Auburn Homes & Services Assisted Living Family Council meeting Policy.
Manor Staff Member Retires
Barb Anderson worked her last overnight shift last night at Auburn Manor; after 15 years of serving our residents with integrity and compassion, she is retiring. A beloved Registered Nursing assistant, Barb enjoyed her overnight shifts and loved the staff she worked with and, of course, the residents. What is Barb going to do now since she is retired? Travel? Relax? Nope! She wants to start weight lifting and join her sister in the gym who shares her passion of working out. Congratulations, Barb, and happy retirement from all of us here at Auburn Homes & Services!
Chaska Courts Resident, Tom, Loves to Work Puzzles
When not spending time at The Lodge, located in the Chaska Recreation Center, or participating in the many activities taking place at Chaska Courts, Tom loves to spend time working puzzles. In fact, he has enjoyed puzzles since he was a youngster. Now, he finds them "addicting", but in a good way; he explains the sense of "accomplishment" he feels when he's completed a 1,000+ piece puzzle. He especially likes puzzles with "beautiful, wilderness settings" that have many different colored pieces which he says is a "fun challenge". Other residents and staff will stop by at the puzzle table and help out by placing a piece or two which Tom welcomes and encourages. "Not a bad way to spend a cold, weather day", explains Tom about this activity.
Auburn Home Resident Offers a Helping Hand
David, an Auburn Home resident, was looking for additional ways to keep his active day busy, so he offered to help Mike, Auburn Home's Maintenance Director, with his daily responsibilities. Stocking supplies and offering a helping hand with other tasks are a few of the things David likes to do to help out Mike on Tuesday or Wednesday afternoons; he even has his own Auburn Homes & Services badge and was made an official volunteer!
David also enjoys country music, Diet Pepsi and sports, especially the Minnesota Twins and Vikings. Thank you, David, for being a volunteer!
Resident at Auburn Home Turns 105
Laverna Rohwer celebrated her 105th birthday on Saturday, February 26. She celebrated this milestone with a special visit from family as well as her extended family at Auburn Home in Waconia.
Laverna was born in Appleton, Wisconsin and moved to Minnesota when her mother remarried.
Laverna went to school in a one-room schoolhouse in Bertha, Minnesota. She stayed in town with a friend during the week to attend school and would go home on the weekends. She would play on the swings and a few boys may have chased her during recess. She said, “those were the good ole days.” Laverna continued her education attending business college in St. Cloud.
She married her husband in 1942 and had two boys. Laverna worked for Tonka Toys putting trucks together and resided in Mound, Minnesota. Throughout her life, Laverna has enjoyed reading, embroidering and gardening. She likes a good game of Bingo and watching game shows. She has a sweet tooth and Werthers caramel candies are her favorite. “Sometimes I would rather just sit and eat a caramel” she said.
She attributes “laying low” to her longevity and says she has lived a good life.
Her advice, “The less you know the better off you are; then you don’t get in trouble.”
Fun Fact: Laverna was born the same year as John F. Kennedy.
Auburn Manor Opens New TCU Wing
Auburn Manor is pleased to announce the re-opening of it's "Eagle Wing" as a Traditional Care Unit (TCU) for short term rehab patients. A fresh coat of paint, decor and furniture welcomed it's first admission, Norma, who resides full-time in our Talheim apartment building. Norma says she is "very comfortable" in the new wing and "loves the fact it is close to her home". Norma and her husband, Doug, have been residents at Talheim for over 22 years and both worked in the building in maintenance and housekeeping before retiring. If you'd like more information regarding Eagle Wing in Manor and it's TCU services, please contact Peggy Sullivan, Social Services Director, at (952)361-0312.
Chaska Staff take the Polar Plunge!
Auburn Manor staff took part in the Polar Plunge last weekend at Lake Riley in Eden Prairie. The Polar Plunge raises money for Minnesota Special Olympics and our team from Manor, the "Call Light Crusaders", raised $1,878 for this worthy cause! Staff participating were Alicia G., Sunny G., Stacia B., Stephanie M., Lisa S., Nikki B., Misty M., Kaitlin M., Jim S. and his wife, Judy. Special shout out to all of them for braving the icy cold water and taking the plunge!
The Call Light Crusaders pose for a picture before taking the plunge into the icy, cold waters of Lake Riley.
"Kerber Coffee Korner" Family Dedication
Pat Kerber was a resident in Manor for 6 years before he passed away in February of 2021. As a "thank you" to the Manor staff for the incredible care they gave her husband, Mona Kerber donated an espresso coffee machine along with a beautifully renovated counter top area for the residents and staff to enjoy. Why a coffee station? Mona jokingly tells of how "awful" the coffee was in Manor and that "the staff deserved better!"
A dedication and grand opening of the coffee station was held today in memory of Pat and to honor what would have been his 92nd birthday, which just happens to fall on St. Patrick's Day. Family from all over the country flew in for the dedication and Mona presented the station appropriately titled, "Kerber Coffee Korner". Manor staff member, Andrew Hinton, surprised Mona and her family with a custom made wood sign that reads, "Kerber Coffee Korner", that his brother-in-law made and donated to the family. Mona presented the staff with a plaque that expresses how thankful she is to them for the outstanding care they gave her husband.
Next time you're in Manor, stop by the Kerber Coffee Korner and enjoy an espresso drink, while raising your cup to the Kerber family.
Presenting the custom made sign
The Kerber Family
Mona Kerber
Mona presenting gratitude plaque
Rick Krant, Manor Admin.
Hugs from staff
Hugs from staff
Kerber Coffee Korner
Kerber Coffee Korner
March means many opportunities to celebrate and enjoy fun activities! March Madness brackets are in full swing, going on outings to restaurants and to shop are occurring and, of course, St. Patrick's Day festivities.

Check out your resident's March Activities Calendar to see what activities are in store for the rest of the month by clicking on the appropriate link below:

Want to know what activities are available by location at the beginning of the month? Go to our website and click on your location
Diversity at Auburn Homes & Services
Auburn Homes & Services takes great pride in it's staff and the fact they come from many different cultures, communities and lifestyles. We are truly blessed to have such amazing employees that develops strong relationships with the residents and empower your loved ones to live life with a purpose We may not all look alike, but we are all here for one reason: to serve our residents with integrity and compassion. Please take a moment to reflect upon how you, your family and your loved one(s) here at AHS can make all of our loyal, hardworking staff feel inclusive and valuable.

Pastor's Corner with
Chaplain Alan Hairsine
Dear Auburn Family and Friends,

Greetings to you in these last few days of winter! 
The anticipation of spring, warmer temperatures and longer days can lift our spirits and give us hope as our thoughts turn from snow and ice to gardens and spending more time outdoors. This time of year also signals the season of Lent, which comes from the Old Dutch word lentin meaning springtime. It is a time of somber reflection, humble repentance and sacrifice, and it is also a season of great hope as we journey toward the cross on Easter. The hope of Lent lies in what God has done for us even in the face of challenges. Still, there are times when our trials can tempt us to lose hope.

Walt Disney was no stranger to hardship. He had a troubled childhood and as a means of escape found comfort in drawing. Later, he was fired from a Missouri newspaper for “not being creative enough.” His first animation venture failed. He moved to LA to try acting but failed at that, too. He then teamed up with his brother to form an animation studio and found success creating a one-reel animation, but when he went to New York to renegotiate his contract, he discovered his producer had taken his team of animators from him and he no longer had any legal rights to his work. Things appeared completely hopeless. It was on the long train ride back to California that he came up with the idea of Mickey Mouse.

We, too, can experience one setback after another. There are times when things look bleak and the wintry clouds of hopelessness seem to follow us wherever we go. But there is always hope no matter the season. The author of Hebrews writes, “Let us hold fast to the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who has promised is faithful” (Hebrews 10:23). God’s promises do not depend on our circumstances. No matter what we may be going through, He will never leave us nor forsake us.

The Bible tells us that hope does not disappoint. Even if we feel like our world is coming unglued, we can cling to the one who has overcome the world, and hold fast to His faithful promises.

May God bless you and your families during this hope-filled season.

In the Spirit of Christ’s Love,
Chaplain Alan
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