In This Issue:

  • Waconia Auburn Resident, Leo, Shares his Memories About Being a School Maintenance Worker
  • Shining Star Recipients
  • Flower Arranging Comes to Auburn Courts
  • Auburn Home Senior Day at Carver County Fair
  • Auburn Manor Residents Take Part in Art Contest at Carver County Fair
  • Advice Our Residents Have for Today's Younger Generation
  • Auburn Manor Resident, Diane, and her Goal to complete 300 Puzzles
  • Chaska Staff Highlight, Courtney Cuhel 
  • Twins Day
  • Waconia Staff Highlight, Lisa Panning 
  • September Activities
  • The Pastor's Corner with Reverend Doctor Jennifer Moran

Leo, Waconia Auburn Resident, Shares Memories 

About His Time as a Maintenance Worker

Leo Theis lived in Plymouth his whole life until he moved to Auburn Meadows. He grew up on a farm in Plymouth with 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Leo was the head custodian at Oakwood Elementary in Plymouth for 16 (almost 17) years. He had his Chief Boilers License – low pressure and was in charge of all the maintenance and cleaning at the school. Everyone knew Leo. He had a 2-3 person crew that made sure the school was well maintained. Over the summer they would clean all the classrooms, shampoo the carpets and wash windows to prepare for the upcoming school year. Leo enjoyed the kids and working at the school. 

Shining Star Recipients

The Shining Star award is given to Auburn staff members, by families of our residents, that are recognized for the great care they provided a resident and/or they demonstrated an act of kindness towards a resident that made their day extra special.

We recently had five staff members from Auburn Manor receive this honor from the family of Viola Scharrer. Click here to read what Viola's daughter, Ranee Strawn, had to say about the superior care her mother was given at Manor.

Bob Kuhlman, Auburn Homes & Services Foundation Director, speaks to staff about the honor of receiving Shining Star recognition.

Auburn Homes & Services CEO, Mike Senden, presents the Shining Star award to staff

Shining Star Recipient, Evita Melluma, RN and Manor Clinical Coordinator

Jim Stai, Maintenance, receives his Shining Star award from Mike Senden.

Peggy Sullivan, Auburn Manor Social Services Director, as all smiles receiving her Shining Star.

*Amy Myers, Auburn Manor Therapeutic Recreational Director, and Kaitlin McGee, Therapeutic Activities Assistant, also both received the Shining Star award, but were not present due to being busy entertaining our residents with activities.

Flower Arranging Comes to Auburn Courts

Auburn Courts resident, Marie, welcomed her daughter, Patty and nephew, Rick, to come to Auburn Courts and make flower displays from Rick's beautiful flower farm. Rick has over 4,000 gladiola's and sells them every weekend at the farmer's market; he was kind enough to bring flowers in to create flower arrangements for our residents. Thank you, Rick and Patty!

Senior Day at Carver County Fair

Residents from Auburn in Waconia enjoyed one of  their yearly favorite attractions located right in their backyard, the Carver County Fair! It is FAIR to say they  had a great time at the Carver County Fair this year seeing all there is to see and sampling some of the delicious food.

Auburn Manor Residents compete in

The Carver County Fair Art Contest

Congratulations to all of Auburn Manor residents that submitted artwork in The Carver County Fair art contest. Special shout outs to Al for placing 3rd, and Ethel and Pat who both received 2nd place ribbons!

All of our Manor resident's entries are displayed by the Manor dining room.

Al won 3rd place for his entry.

Ethel and Pat both received 2nd place ribbons for their

creative works of art.

Advice our Residents Have for the Younger Generation

September marks the beginning of a new school year for so many of our youth; we thought it would be fun to ask our residents what advice they would give to the younger generation for a happy life. Their answers were wise, practical and even funny! Enjoy!

Courts Resident, Tom, wrote a special message for the younger generation that he wanted us to share:

"It' important to be goal oriented! You must have an objective in an area that you are interested in order to appreciate accomplishments towards that end. Financial success will follow!"

Auburn Manor Resident, Diane, and her Goal

to complete 300 Puzzles

Diane, a new resident at Auburn Manor, has loved working on puzzles ever since she was a child in the 5th grade. She says that she "would spend her free time doing puzzles until she got married"; her sister loved her puzzles so much that she would "decoupage" them once she completed them. She continued her love for puzzles once her children had grown and now shares the passion with her three granddaughters.

When she became a resident at Auburn Manor, Amy Myers, Therapeutic Recreation Director, challenged her to complete all 300 (!) of Manor's puzzles and throw out the ones that were missing pieces. To date, Diane has completed 50 puzzles and only has thrown out 4 of them due to missing pieces. She hopes to complete all 300 by the end of October. Good luck, Diane!

Staff Spotlight on Courtney Cuhel, Chaska's

Housekeeping Manager

I starting working at Auburn Homes and Services in Chaska in 2018. Last month I celebrated my 4 year anniversary. When I first started working at Auburn I enjoyed how friendly residents and staff are to new employees, I call it " my Auburn Family" now. At Auburn they're is many opportunities for staff to grow within the company.

I was first hired as a Care attendant to provide customize services to each induvial resident. After two years of being at Auburn I had the opportunity to be the Health Care Coordinator in the Homecare office in Courts/Courtyard. Transitioning into the HUC came naturel to me because I already had such a strong relationship with the residents. After being the HUC for over a year I still wanted to keep growing and gain experience through the company. I became the Housekeeping Manager last year in September.

I truly enjoy making the residents happy by giving them a clean home. I want to thank the residents of Auburn Homes for trusting and allowing me to work in their home as long as I have and for many more years ahead.

Job Title: Housekeeping Manager 

Key Responsibilities: Insuring residents and staff at Auburn in Chaska have a clean and safe environment, Providing cleaning and laundry services to all residents. 

Family: Married to my wonderful husband Dustin and have two incredible boys.

Favorite Past-time: Painting, taking my boys fishing, and enjoying outdoor activities. 

Favorite Travel Destination: The north shore by Duluth and Two Harbors.

When I retire I hope to: Be on the lake enjoying the water with my family.

"Take me out to the Ballpark"

Waconia residents enjoyed a great day at Target Field cheering on the Minnesota Twins as they beat the Detroit Tigers 4-1. 

Waconia Staff Spotlight on Lisa Panning,

Care Attendant

I started working at Auburn Meadows as a care attendant in December 2014. It has been a real blessing getting to know the residents and their families. I enjoy working with the elderly population, visiting with the residents, hearing their stories and lending a caring ear when needed. 

Job Title: Care Attendant

Key Responsibilities: Taking care of residents and assisting them with the services they require.

Family: Married to Darrek for 15 years, 2 daughters, oldest is graduating this year as an RN and youngest is in junior high

Favorite Past-time: Spending time at our cabin on the lake and ice fishing

Favorite Travel Destination: The North Shore

When I retire I hope to: Own a lake home


Awww, September! It's the start of football season where games are enjoyed during the hot days and cool nights. Crisp leaves falling off the trees along with the bees and Box Elder bugs marking their annual return to our windows and yards. Lots of outdoor activities for our residents to enjoy as well as indoors.

September activities include outings to view the beautiful Fall colors and shopping at Target, painting groups, bingo, trivia games, miniature golf, chapel chats and noodle ball.

Check out your resident's September's Activities Calendar to see which ones are available to them by clicking on the appropriate link below:

Auburn Home, Auburn Meadows, 

Auburn Manor, Auburn Courts

The Pastor's Corner with

Reverend Doctor Jennifer Moran

September 2022

“May the God of steadfastness and encouragement grant you to live in harmony with one another….” Romans 15:5

Dear Auburn Friends,

Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! These late summer days are beginning to shift from the “dog days of summer” to providing us with glimpses of autumn. Residents and staff alike have been enjoying the beautiful blooming gardens on our campuses. The beauty of God’s creation is breathtaking!

In Minnesota, we especially work hard to enjoy these days while we can, because late summer brings with it many transitions. We can sit out in the sun now and soak up the rays, but soon will be adding layers for warmth on our outdoor excursions. We’re eating lots of fresh garden produce, trying to keep up with the zucchini and tomatoes, but warm soups are starting to sound pretty appealing. The Little League World Series is happening, but football teams are starting pre-season play. Transitions keep us on our toes!

School is another big autumn transition. Whether you have kids or grandkids in school, are in school yourself, or back-to-school in the fall is a happy memory, our world does take note of school starting in September. It is different for my family this year, because our oldest child is heading off to college. Our youngest is just starting middle school, so we have a range of new experiences. Our middle child is just trying to avoid all the drama. J

In the midst of all this change, a sweet set of circumstances unfolded between our oldest and our youngest children. Our youngest is excited for middle school, but when all the sports tryouts began to happen this month, she started to get pretty nervous. This isn’t like her, and I can’t say my husband and I were much help. We reached the point where she declared she just wasn’t going to play basketball ever again, rather than work through the stress of trying out.

Our oldest noticed his sister struggling, even preoccupied as he has been with his own transition to college. So the night before tryouts, he invited her to play basketball in the driveway with him, and they spent three hours laughing and learning together. It ended with our youngest agreeing to go to tryouts the next day, and feeling confident. She earned a spot on the team, and the two of them celebrated with a trip to Target. J

This doesn’t seem like all that profound a story, except that it beautifully highlights the importance of encouraging one another and how simple it can be. Scripture has many reminders of how important encouragement is. As the text above tells us, God himself encourages his people. In Acts 4:36, there is even a man the apostles name “Barnabas” because it means “son of encouragement.” Barnabas’ support and encouragement of the disciples was so important to them that they actually gave him that name!

As we live, work, serve, and care for others in this Auburn community, we can also be encouragers. It doesn’t always take much. We simply need to be aware of others’ needs, like our son was aware of our daughter’s discouragement. Then we need to take even a few minutes to offer some encouragement. A kind word, offering to assist with tasks, sending notes, or maybe even a pick-up basketball game are all ways we can encourage one another. Praying for each other, pausing for a few minutes to enjoy creation together, and highlighting the gifts of others are more ways we can encourage people. Encouragement possibilities are truly endless!

Each one of us has a role and a purpose in life. You make a difference and I am grateful for you. Be encouraged!

In the Spirit of Christ’s Love,

Pastor Jenny

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emailed on October 1,2022.

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