September 2021

Online Auction Begins this Saturday, October 2!
We are busy entering items into our online auction website! For a sneak preview, go to  The auction will be live beginning 8:00 a.m. Saturday, October 2 through 9:00 p.m. Saturday, October 9. We have over 250 unique, useful, and affordable items available for you to browse through. They include gift cards from restaurants and retailers, Amazon Daily Deals, baked goods and cakes, books/CDs/DVDs, quilts, handcrafted items, and thanks to a generous donation from MyPillow, twelve 2-packs of standard/queen size pillows. We kept the listings simple - many are single items so you can get just the thing you wanted rather than a basketful of items. The cost of goods has gone up and inventory in stores is low, so hopefully this will help you out with your Christmas shopping for gifts and stocking stuffers. We will send out an email on Saturday morning with detailed instructions on how to bid. No payment information is taken until you win something. If you registered on last year, you’re already set to go. New bidders can follow the simple instructions for how to register. 
Clothing Drive Continues Through October 31, 2021
Ravenna and Silas Vaden (grandchildren of John and Lorna Packard) jumped in (literally) to help out with loading 7,000 pounds of clothes into the truck for our second drop at Savers. So far we have collected 17,011 pounds, and we are continuing the clothing drive through October 31. Thank you for your steady contributions! Please keep cleaning out your closets, and tell your family and friends! We can take gently used clothes, shoes, purses, belts, linens, towels, bedding (no pillows), backpacks, and anything fabric-y. Drop bags at 30020 2nd Ct. S., Federal Way, in front of the garage if the weather is good, or on the porch if it's raining. Donation receipts can be taken from the bag on the porch. Thanks for your help!
September Report from the Field

Thandy reports, "September has been a good month for our field work. We bless the Lord for 23 new schools, 3 new prisons and 4 new drug rehabs!! (They have started in a total of 114 new schools since June.) Lockdown regulations have been eased and more schools have welcomed us back to classes. We praise the Lord for the participation of new schools, churches and prisons. Our focus for September was on training Peer Educators, roll outs, and teaching of the Reach4Life (R4L) lessons.  We also received and began distributing the 50,000 Bibles we received this month. (See more below). We cannot stop celebrating our Johannesburg R4L Training Centre - we are accomplishing so much in it! Having a place of our own to host trainings has made things so much easier for our facilitators and the communities that need training. Pictured above is a Peer Educator training on September 18. Young people from six townships were trained as well as a group from an organization that uses sports to minister to young people, who plan to use R4L as their teaching program. (See article below.)
Sports Organization to Use Reach4Life
Franciose Slater (left), Director of Youth Sports Orange Farm Ministry, and her staff attended the R4L training on September 18 (see article above). She says, “My team and I have been praying to find a program we could use to reach the youth with the gospel in our sport ministry. Reach4Life is an answer to prayer. What a powerful program! We learned so much from the facilitators, from lesson planning, reporting and fun activities. Phakama has years of experience doing R4L. Their love and passion for this program surely does rub off to anyone who comes to their training. My team and I are equipped and ready to serve the communities we minister to using the R4L Program.”
50,000 Bibles Have Arrived!
The new stock of 50,000 English and 2,000 Portuguese R4L Bibles have arrived! This is in addition to the 30,000 Bibles that were distributed in the spring. We appreciate all of you who through faithful giving, allow us to buy more Bibles. (We always have people waiting for Bibles!) They are received with great joy when a new shipment is received. On the left is Pastor Mabaso, Danhouser Coordinator (also see in group picture at bottom) preparing to make nine drops at various locations. Pastor Shozi (Nkandla Coordinator, above right) says, “When books arrive, we coordinators are given a book delivery budget, we then hire trucks or buckies to pick up our local area stock from the big pile. Each one receives books according to the number of schools, prisons or any work they do. We keep a record of all the books that go out and we follow up on each and every child that has received the book. It’s a huge task to do admin but we have learned it and we are starting to be good at doing the logistics part of the R4L Ministry.” Pastor Shozi stores books at his church for other locations to pick up from. He also recently was able to get a slot for R4L on a radio station (KWEZI).
2022 Planning Includes Digital Effectiveness
Pictured here are some of the key team members who assist with admin, accounting, facilitating, planning, and carrying out the needs of the ministry. (From left is Thandy, Monica, Happy, Jacky, Lerato, and Thabiso.) Thandy says, “We are already planning for 2022 - new areas to be trained, better ways to get feedback from teams, caring for all our ministry workers, book distribution plans and how to be effective using digital space doing R4L. We got inspired after Thabiso, our Multimedia coordinator (far right) represented our team at a Global Biblica Digital Seminar. With all the changes Covid brought to the world, we tried different ways to continue reaching the youth with the gospel - Facebook, WhatsApp etc. But we are learning from others how they have used social media and we believe we can improve and be even more effective. Thabiso came back empowered and full of ideas that we plan to use.”  
Some Upcoming R4L Events!
1.    Yesterday, Fikile Poka (left), a Coordinator in Johannesburg, launched R4L at an event at Igagasi Primary school to students in grades 6 and 7.
2.     R4L will be presented to 52 pastors in Kagiso, Johannesburg.
3.     Jacky Nhlapo (Durban Coordinator) will be presenting the R4L Program to 41 pastors at the Durban Ministers Fraternal who would like to participate in R4L.
4.   R4L will be launched in October to three Drug Rehabs in Durban who requested the program.
5.    A Peer Educator training will be done in Maputo, Mozambique. 
6.     A Peer Educator Training will be done in a new area in Manzini Town, Swaziland.  
Contributing Positively in Lesotho!
Jacky Ngoy, from Sea Point Maseru, Lesotho says, “This is my third year as a Peer Educator here in Lesotho. Reach4Life has taught me so many things. To love God’s people enough to not want them to go to hell because no one told them about Jesus. I have learned that God’s word is the only answer to all the problems of this world. I have learned about being a good steward to God’s resources and accountability. Each week I send my report to our Coordinator and that has gotten me very organized, even in my personal life I see a change. Reach4Life is blessing to us young people who were just sitting at home doing nothing, now we contribute positively in our communities and in the Body of Christ.”
Portuguese Bible Receives Joyful Welcome
The Mozambique team (right) is overjoyed to have received 2,000 Reach4Life Bibles in the Portuguese language! Doors are opening there as more churches are requesting training to participate in the program. There has been word of the Portuguese Bibles coming for several years so it is a blessing to to see the finished product.
Pastors Report Church Growth from R4L Program
Pastor John Linqele (left) says, “Today we met up with Monica from Phakama to personally thank them for the great job they are doing. My church is one of the churches that have seen growth in numbers since we started participating in the R4L program. There’s something about R4L that fascinate the youth. Our Friday meetings are packed each week because of the program. We appreciate the mentorship we are getting as well.” 

Pastor Oscar Fakazi (middle) adds, “My church just started with the program 3 months ago. Our teens have grown from 17 to 45 each week. It’s the material, the book is written to answer young people and their challenges. This book says things most us parents wouldn’t say, and the gospel is simplified with great stories within the book. This tool is helping us churches more than you would know, we appreciate the Bibles and the peer educators who come and teach each week.”  
We want to thank everyone again for contributing toward the Harrismith church building project. There were some delays due to Covid issues, the arrival of the new baby, and Emmanuel being very sick from Covid. However, the last bits are being finished up - the flooring, burglar doors, alarm system, and gutters. There will be an official opening of the building to the public on the first Sunday in November. At that time, outreach community activities will begin, in addition to regular church services. Currently planned for November and December are:
  • Kids Club conference, conducted by Mercy (Pretoria Coordinator) and Nhlanhla (Zandspruit Coordinator). Mercy is a public school teacher in Pretoria. Nhlanhla is experienced in children's clubs/activities.
  • After-school homework center launch
  • Drug Awareness program launch
  • Local R4L clubs will begin meeting in the building
  • Gender Based Violence Awareness weekend
  • Christmas party for elderly and orphans
  • Exercise activities and health awareness for the elderly (in partnership with a local clinic)
Swaziland Youth Club
Londiwe Dlamini (pink and white top) says, “Our Swaziland Mankayane village R4L club meets 3 times a week. Our peer educator takes us through the four journeys which are the lessons in the book. We sit and discuss topics and we pray together. My life has changed since the program came to my village; we are one out of many other clubs in Mankayane. I thank the team of R4L for teaching me about God and how to behave as a young girl in order to have a bright future.”  
Teen Mom is Example of Second Chances
Peer Educator Nosipho Maphisa (right), shares, “I have been a Peer Educator for 3 years. The Program has changed my life. As a teen mom myself I now have the opportunity to share with other girls not to take my route but to make better choices. I have seen many girls after talking to them changing their lives. The three schools I teach the program to, the Headmasters have thanked our team for our positive contribution in the school. From a stigma of being a teen mom now I am a good example of Gods love and second chance in my community.”  
Rollouts Continue
As usual, we received many pictures of rollouts in schools and various groups. We chose these sharp-looking students in Swaziland to represent those receiving new Bibles! The photo below of the Danhouser, KwaZulu Natal, R4L Phayikeni community group is representative of the community group photos we received.
Baby Musa is Growing
Musa was born into a bit of a chaotic situation, in the midst of a pandemic, having jaundice shortly after birth with another night in a hospital, and both parents having Covid! Yes, Thandy did an antibody test and had Covid too; her symptoms were mostly just a bad headache. Emmanuel is feeling much better and things are settling into a routine for the family. As you can see, Musa seems to be thriving!
The current Rand exchange rate is now at 15.0 Rand per dollar.
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