September 2020

We are busy entering items into our online auction website (! The site will be open to bids from 8:00 a.m. Saturday, October 3 through 9:00 p.m. Saturday, October 10. You can place a bid anytime during that time. You also have the option of being notified if someone places a higher bid, so you can go in and bid again, if you want to. We have around 160 unique, useful, and affordable items available for you to browse through. With Christmas coming soon, you can get great gifts and stocking stuffers here, and support work in Africa instead of paying a retailer! This is a new experience for us, and we appreciate that our supporters are always willing to jump in and "row along" with us when the waters are choppy!  So far the auction site has been very easy to use, and we expect the checkout will be just as easy.  We will send out an email on Saturday morning with detailed instructions on how to bid. No payment information is taken until you win something.  (For a sneak preview, go to, click on "featured auctions," type "Prevention Time" in the search bar and hit enter, and then scroll through the items.  We still have a few more to enter.)

Meanwhile, our clothing drive is continuing through December 31. We have collected over 11,500 pounds so far, and appreciate your steady contributions. Please keep cleaning out your closets, and tell your family and friends!  We can take clothes, shoes, purses, belts, linens, towels, bedding (no pillows), backpacks, and anything fabric-y. Drop bags at 30020 2nd Ct. S., Federal Way, in front of the garage if the weather is good, or on the porch if it's raining. Donation receipts can be taken from the bag on the porch. Thanks for your help!


Emmanuel (Thandy's husband)  is progressing well after his surgery. He had been suffering pain for many years from a trabeculated bladder, and it was beginning to cause damage to his kidneys. Thandy writes, "Words cannot express how grateful we are for all the prayers and financial assistance with Emmanuel's surgery. This was not just surgery but a life changing experience for us. We would have not been able to afford all this. Please thank everyone for caring so much and for financially contributing to the surgery. Now he will be better able to do what he loves doing the most - preaching the Gospel, planting churches and training church leaders."

Here you can see Emmanuel easing back into work by helping to organize stacks of the latest delivery of 40,000 Reach4Life (R4L) Bibles from Biblica. As usual, they dropped Bibles in three locations - Johannesburg, Harrismith, and Ladysmith.  (Other locations collect from these points.) It was all hands on deck as the Peer Educators unloaded the Bibles. In Johannes-burg, the office is on the third floor - with no elevators - so they always make a human chain of Peer Educators to get the job done! We appreciate our partnership with Biblica, who produces the Reach4Life Bibles. The Bibles are printed overseas and brought in by ship, and Biblica helps arrange delivery by truck to the various points.

The team received an invitation from the Randfontein Drug Rehab Center to relaunch Reach4Life to 410 young people who will be staying there for 6 months. Peer Educators will be teaching R4L lessons three times a week in small groups at the facility. 
The team is grateful for the many thermometers that were funded by Highlands Community Church in Renton. Pictured on the left above is Bishop Munase, the CEO of Vuwa Holdings (who supplied the items); Phakama and Reach4Life director Thandeka (Thandy) KaMavundla-Nzama; and Nhlahla Mbuyisa (Zandspruit R4L Coordinator). Sixty-eight teams in South Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland and Lesotho have received thermometers, along with extra batteries, sanitizers, and gloves. These supplies not only keep program workers and participants safe, but are also opening doors to even more schools, as the schools see that the teams are bringing their own safety equipment. In some cases, the team have helped the schools with screening students and then stay to teach R4L lessons. 


Pastor Mabaso is pictured here loading R4L Bibles into a bus. These Bibles are headed to over 800 youth in the rural area of Dannhouser, whose parents are farm workers in an area that is quite a distance from any villages or townships. The R4L program has been welcomed by the traditional leaders and the farmers, and some young people have been trained to lead the small groups. Only one bus goes in and out of these farmlands so we are thankful that this bus driver allowed the Bibles to be loaded onto the bus. 


Zikhona Kubheka, age 17, Dundee High, Grade 12, says, "It's been so scary to go back to school with exams coming up soon, a lot of us don't feel prepared as 2020 was such a hard year. But on Tuesdays I come to God Alive Ministries, a church in my village that runs R4L groups during the week. My courage has returned, my hope is restored. Christ is my Lord and will not leave me to face exams alone. I want to live for the Lord and touch other lives with gospel one day. I say Yes to Christ and No to HIV!"


Happy Kekana (right), R4L main office administrator, is shown here delivering a thermometer to a Peer Educator on his way to a R4L small group, and explaining how it works. She says, "I came on board as an office admin helper in February 2020 after serving as a Meadowlands Peer Educator for 2 years. Everyone was excited about the year's plans and I was looking forward to learning more about the behind-the-scenes part of the ministry. We were disrupted by the Pandemic and everything stood still. But I have never seen a group of determined kingdom workers like this family of Reach4Life - they soon found ways to continue reaching the youth using different platforms. Mama Thandy drives a war ship! Waves or not, reaching souls for Christ is the mandate of this office. I have learned so much in a short space of time, from administrating food parcels to all teams across borders, to gathering testimonies, collecting reports and supervising hundreds of home R4L book deliveries during the lockdown. The word stewardship has a whole new meaning to me now, I am grateful for the opportunity to serve at the R4L office." (The 2018 mission team will remember Happy from our visit to the Meadowlands High School.)


It is always nice to hear from some of the many hard-working, dedicated Peer Educators.  Nathi Khumalo, Peer Educator in one of the villages in KwaZulu-Natal, says, "I used to be a very troubled young man, raised by my great grandmother who is now 97. Life was always tough at home. Four years ago I joined the R4L team and started doing small groups in the community and schools. My life has changed, I was saved before but I did not know how to live right. I just lived as if I was not saved. But now through the R4L program I am a new person. Leading other youth to Christ has challenged me to live as an example in my village and to abstain from lifestyles that contradict the word of God that I am teaching in schools."

The current Rand exchange rate is very good at 16.73 Rand per dollar.
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