What's On at the Scottish Storytelling Centre
We've got a week of celebrating women and strong female performances ahead of us, starting with the opening of our new Exhibition: A Child of the 60’s, displaying memories of childhood and stories, curated by Lea Taylor .

Fool for Love: The Not So Subtle Art of Medieval French Seduction, takes us on a journey to medieval France, revealing a rare French treasure of gutsy and fun stories about love and lust not heard in 600 years. Based on a medieval manuscript, home to Glasgow University's Hunterian Collection , these tales will have you blushing, gobsmacked and entertained at once.

We're delighted to be one of the partner venues, hosting some fantastic events for this week's Audacious Women Festival, celebrating past and present female audacity, encouraging you to push the boundaries and explore things you didn't dare before.

Our wonderful storytelling and spoken word artists are kicking off the festival with Audacious Women Live!, featuring   Jan Bee Brown  Maria MacDonell Lily Asch Erin May Kelly  and  Imogen Stirling, followed by Six Gals Named Smith – The Uncrowned Queens of Blues & Jazz, an all-female Jazz band highlighting female musicians and roots.

We'd like to mention that Morna Burdon 's After Judy Chicago dinner event has been extremely popular and tickets have now sold out .

Musician and storyteller Heather Yule will be hosting this week's Guid Crack at the Waverley Bar , before Saturday's full-day workshop invites you to engage with the earth, feelings, creativity and the environment we live in through old and new tales, at Reconnecting with the Whole Story.

Come and join the fun!

Annemarie & Lindsay
(and all the Storytelling Centre Team)

Wed 20 Feb - Sat 16 Mar | 10am - 6pm
Free (non-ticketed)

A collaborative piece of work by storyteller/author  Lea Taylor  and a collection of artists using memories of childhood and the stories they evoke.

Memories are powerful and subjective, as each of us possess a different and unique experience. Add to this a child’s eye view and a kaleidoscope of pictures will transport us back to a time long past but not forgotten.

The artists hope that the work triggers something of your own reminiscences.
Wed 20 Feb | 7.30pm (1hr)
£8 (£6) (£5.50 SCS) | 16+

Love makes fools of us all and there are stories to prove it. 

Kleio Pethainou  brings to life Medieval French characters and love songs in this special storytelling and music performance.

The stories come from a precious manuscript which is part of the Hunterian Collection of Glasgow University . Their last known audience was the Duke of Burgundy and his court, so you will be their first audience in six centuries.

Come and hear of noblemen, millers, knights and clerks and the things they did for love!

For more information on the event, read this article in the Scotsman .

Join us for this year's Audacious Women Festival , celebrating gutsy women that have crossed personal, political & institutional barriers, daring to live their dreams.

Join us and take your first steps on a journey to audacity and try something you've never done before.

Whether it's music, dance, art or books, we've got something for all interests and we challenge you to step into unknown territory and join the many women that have embarked on new journeys and pushed the boundaries.
Thu 21 Feb | 7.30pm (2hrs 30)
£10 (£8) (£7.50 SCS)

The Audacious Women Festival   kicks off in style with a showcase of some incredible female storytelling and spoken word artists.

Featuring  Jan Bee Brown  Maria MacDonell Lily Asch Erin May Kelly  and  Imogen Stirling  all bringing their own spirit, energy and passion to the stage.

Daring Dames Do
Roll up! Roll up! Be entertained, amused and amazed. Fly high and dive deep as  Jan Bee Brown and  Maria MacDonell  cast the limelight on some ground-breaking, daring darlings of the stage. There’s audacity and adventure for all in this marvellous medley of thrilling herstoric stories.

Lily Asch , founder of the storytelling organisation Real Talk, shares the classical Greek myth of Medusa. Many of us know the image of a woman with snakes for hair and a stare that turns people to stone, but how did Medusa come to be? What parallels can we draw between her experience and our modern age?

The Smallest Acts of Bravery
Spoken word artist  Erin May Kelly  honours the women who perform everyday acts of bravery and resilience. Exploring subjects such as leaving toxic relationships, helping survivors of abuse and the ways we can change the world bit by bit, this is a celebration of women, and acts of courage.

Fired-Up Words for Furious Women 
Imogen Stirling  is a poet and theatre-maker, recently listed for the Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award. Fluctuating between humour, celebration and despair, Imogen’s writing will leave you inspired and outraged. Join her for a sharing of poetry centred around what it means to be an audacious woman today.
Fri 22 Feb | 7.30pm (2hrs 30)
£12 (£10) (£9.50)

The Red Hot Rhythm Makers , Scotland’s first and only all-female Jazz band formed as a response to vocalist Ali Affleck’s critically acclaimed Preaching Divas show in 2018.

The band are delighted to launch the first of a series of projects which seek to raise the profile of the queens of early roots, blues and jazz and also female musicians in general. The music is extraordinary and the women who performed it were even more so!
Fri 22 Feb | 7.30pm (2hrs 30)
Free (by donation)

At this time of year, the auld hag Beira is still battling to keep Scotland in her wintry grasp and stop the young and beautiful Bride bringing spring to the land.

It is therefore a good time to celebrate stories of woman folk. Bring along your tales of women in all their guises from heroines, spey wives, witches and temptresses and join guest storyteller  Heather Yule  at Edinburgh’s monthly storytelling night.

Note: This session will be held in the Centre’s Storytelling Court, not The Waverley Bar.
Sat 23 Feb | 10.30am (6hrs)
£24 (£18 FM)

In the face of climate change, eco-feminism is emerging around the world, bringing another narrative to grow and share.

This workshop focusses on reconnecting to our body, feelings, creativity and the earth to awaken old stories and develop new ones.

Led by climate activist and emergent storyteller  Virginia Bjertnes  and storyteller-singer  Susanna Orr Holland .