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Hands-on Video Workshops in Los Angeles

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Audio is the key to good Video

Below are suggested microphones with links and a link to my Audio for Video Course at free for the next 30 days.

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Audio for Video course with Instructor Aron Ranen
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  • Understanding Line vs. Mic Level  settings
  • Trouble shooting Audio buzz 
  • Audio XLR Connectors and how they  work
  • How to hide microphones inside  clothing
  • Using a Lavalier mic 
  • Plugging into a Public Address (PA)  system
  • Wireless microphones
  • How to convert a Line Level signal to  a Mic Level   using a "Step-Down"
  • Setting levels and using multiple audio channels + more.

This will be taken off-line as a free preview on February 15, 2015

And of course..hope to see you at one of our winter courses here in warm LA...our classroom is 4 blocks from the beach.

Aron Ranen   lead instructor
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Great Interview Microphones
It's your storytelling microphone

NEVER use your camera's built-in microphone for screen with reports...customer testimonials...Web Blogs...Corporate Communications

Even iPhone users can do better then the default recording mic.

For Run and Gun Interview material...get this Sennheiser ME66 Shotgun Microphone, and a good wind screen.

Click image to find price and details of product 

Hard Wired Lavalier                            Wireless Lavalier System

Lavalier Microphones are best for recording important audio.

Two Basic types of lavalier microphones

  1. Hard wired
  2. Wireless. 
Hard wired.. is fine for those on a budget.. there is a wire attaching the mic to the camera..limiting movement.

There are two types of connectors at the end of these mics.  
  • XLR 
  • Male Mini Plug
Check your camera or audio adapter to see what type of input it accepts.   

Male Mini                                                         XLR Audio connector

Please click here to learn more about using Lavaliers at our Audio Course.  
Free until February 15, 2015.

Suggested hard wired Lavalier Microphones
Click images for price and details

Sony ECM44B
Sony ECM 77B
Tram Lavalier
ElectroVoice lavalier

iRig for Audio

This $39 Audio Adapter is used to plug professional microphones directly into the iPhone. Record great audio along with your FilmicPro Video.  

iPhone Tripod Adapter

Great Wireless Systems
more flexiblilty..easy set up

The best affordable wireless system is the Sennheiser g3 around $650 with a decent quality microphone included.  
Sennheiser G3 Wireless System

Spend a little more for a better mic..get a
Tram or Countryman lavalier which can plug into this Sennheiser system.

The next step up is this great Lectrosonics package starting at $2,600.

Lectrosonics 400 Series

"After a successful trial period BBC news cameramen/editors will be upgrading to Final Cut Pro X from FCP 7 for their news gathering field operations. A full roll-out throughout all the English regions is expected next year"  

  1. February 2-3
  2.  March 23-24     

(we took most of the notes so you don't have to take as many

on-line video training  

How to Condense Interview Soundbites...Two B-Roll Shots Rule...Split Edits..J-Cuts and L-Cuts + more  

Free Final Cut Pro X


Can't attend our workshops in Person? 
Our Camera and Storytelling elements are now on-line at UDEMY 

Educational website features 
Aron Ranen's  "6 months of film school in 101 minutes"

Watch Audio section for free until 2/15/15

Cost: $67 for lifetime access
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DVworkshops is located in Los Angeles and NYC
California Class Location:
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Santa Monica , CA 90405
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