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Today is the last day of April, and thus, sadly, the last day of NATIONAL POETRY MONTH. But we want to go out with a bang. All poetry, for both adults and children, is 25% off! And don't forget, our purse sale is still going on until Mother's Day! 

Fresh Ink
We've got sequels, how-to's, debut novels and a golf-loving President. 

The staff met Adam Gidwitz at a conference last year and we fell in love with his incredible series, The Unicorn Rescue Society. Each book features a story of a mythological creature and the cultural importance of the stories around it. We also love that Adam collaborates with an #ownvoices partner for each volume.
She's the breakout graphic novel star who is constantly on The Bookies' bestsellers. GHOSTS, DRAMA, SISTERS, SMILE, all have been consistently applauded. Now she wants to share with her readers how to create their own stories. A perfect book for those wanting to create or for Telgemeier fans who can't wait until GUTS comes out later this year. 
Another wonderful creator our staff had the pleasure to meet last year is Andrea Beaty. The star of her series, Ada Twist, has now been in space, featured on BBC, and continues to thrill those who thrive on learning from mistakes. Now the second book in her chapter book series is here and flying off the shelves.  
Jojo Moyes    
Moyes may be a bestselling, household name now, but she wasn't always. This novel is actually one of Moyes' earlier works, brought back with new formatting to give life to the story of the 60's and Athena Forster.   
This is an amazing debut novel. Set in Louisiana, but with a focus on Russia, the story revolves around a young exchange student trying to solve, with the help of his host family's daughter, a series of murders back home in which his brother has been implicated.   
Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump
The sports-meets-politics book that has everyone talking. Already burning up nightly shows and bestseller lists, acclaimed sports writer Rick Reilly takes a look at the President's love affair with the sport, and what it means beyond the game of golf.  

The Game Board
Our game expert has the new hit!  

Rat-A-Tat-Roll. Ages 6 & up, 2-5 players.

After more than 20 years, the original RAT-A-TAT-CAT game by Gamewright has a companion game. With a game board featuring iconic buildings from around the world, players collect 5 numbered cards hoping they will have the lowest score when the cards are added together. The game draws on chance, luck, and in the end, addition skills to the add the values of all 5 cards.