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Saturday, November 3rd at NPAC
Few things can be as nerve racking as auditioning for a theatre production. Join Broadway’s Janet Dacal ( In The Heights, Wonderland) as she offers specific insight and advice into creating the best auditions. Focusing on acting elements such as “Acting Through Song” and “Digging Deeper” into character development. In this workshop, actors are encouraged to develop confidence in their ability to perform in the audition room. By further understanding their voice and it’s connection to the songs they’re performing, actors will discover that bringing a little bit of “themselves” can unlock a whole world of possibilities. Other courses: Cold Reading, Pop Music Workshop, Musical Audition Cuts, Respecting Rehearsal. (Students must bring a musical theater song to work on)

  • Date: Saturday, November 3
  • Time: 10am-2pm
  • Ages: 10-18
  • Price: $125

Book a Private Coaching Session with Janet
Janet will offer private 45 minute coaching sessions to local students in their choice of vocal or acting technique.
Lessons will be taught at NPAC on Sunday, November 4th. Limited coaching slots available so call or email to book your private session.