Auditions are Wednesday, May 24th & Thursday, May 25th.

Grades K-12th (entering into, Fall of 2023)

Once you arrive to tryouts, dancers will sign up for whichever style they wish to participate in and then attend the class/tryout. Any dancers interested in a solo, duo or trio, we will have a sign-up sheet available. We will choose solos, duos, and trios based on your audition, there is no separate audition for this.

Each age group is REQUIRED to attend the ballet technique portion of the audition, regardless of which style you are auditioning for. A leotard, tights, ballet shoes, and hair slicked back in a bun is REQUIRED for the ballet technique portion.

There is a separate Tap Audition for grades 4th-12th.

NEW THIS YEAR! We are holding auditions for an Elite, Competitive Group, grades 4th-12th. Dancers will be expected to first participate in the groups they audition and are selected for. This Elite Group provides additional opportunity for the dancers to perform, and is an add-on on top of what you are already partaking in. We will be very selective on who gets placed in these groups. We would highly suggest you be confident in your flexibility, turns and jumps, and be working on these between now and then.

Fusion Dance Competition Team Audition Schedule:
Wednesday, May 24th:
K-3rd Grade:
  • 4:30-5pm: Ballet Technique (all K-3rd Grade is REQUIRED to attend this portion)
  • 5-5:30pm: Jazz
  • 5:30-6pm: Hip Hop
  • 6-6:30pm: Lyrical
7th-12th Grade:
  • 6:30-7pm: Ballet Technique (all 7th-12th Grade is REQUIRED to attend this portion)
  • 7-7:30pm: Jazz
  • 7:30-8pm: Hip Hop
  • 8-8:30pm: Lyrical
  • 8:30-9pm: Elite

Thursday, May 25th:
4th-6th Grade:
  • 4:30-5pm: Ballet Technique (all 4th-6th Grade is REQUIRED to attend this portion)
  • 5-5:30pm: Jazz
  • 5:30-6pm: Hip Hop
  • 6-6:30pm: Lyrical
  • 6:30-7pm: Elite
4th-12th Grade:
7-7:30pm: Tap

The cost to participate in competition is $500/routine.
That includes choreography, weekly practices, costume, and 3 regional competitions.

Additional costs include...
  • Mandatory summer MUSE Workshop (August 12th-13th at Fusion Dance Omaha). The cost has yet to be finalized with MUSE, last year the cost was $180.
  • A $30 team fee that allows the dancers to participate in various competition activities put on by our Parent Club (Adventureland, Movie Night, Bowling, etc.).
  • We also require our competition dancers attend a ballet technique class that meets once a week. Cost is $20/month.
  • And, after groups have been decided, dancers assigned to a MUSE choreographer will have an additional cost based on the choreography rate. This is typically decided later in the summer and usually affects our older dancers. The dates for those groups chosen for MUSE choreography are August 9th-11th at Fusion Dance Carroll. For soloists using a MUSE choreographer, those dates are August 14th-15th at Fusion Dance Omaha. We may use the Omaha dates for a group if need be.

Don’t forget to sign up for Summer Classes!
We love to see our competition dancers in the studio during the summer months continuing their dance training! Dancers entering 6th grade and up are required to take at least 5 punch pass classes, 2 of the 5 are required to be Ballet Technique. Click HERE to sign up today!