Roles still open:
Annie, Molly,  ensemble orphans
Adults and older teens for many ensemble roles.

for the Full Length Broadway 
Version of  A nnie!! 

Casting Adults, teens and children over 7
(Non-leading Orphans can be co-ed!)

Roles open for singers, dancers, non-singers 
and lip synchers! 

"Leapin' Lizards!", as Annie would say!  Neverland Theatre's spring 2020 Show is the ever classic ANNIE,  the full length Broadway Version  featuring Adults, teens and children over 7. (We have openings for a few well-focused 6 year olds. And non-leading orphans can be both girls and boys) 

Saturday, February 1 at 1pm
(Children, Teens and Adults)


Tuesday, February 4 at 5:45pm - 
( Children, Teens and Adults) 

The Bridge, 211 Bridge St., Salem, MA

Please let us know that you are coming and we will tell you which entrance to use.

If we find the right people for the roles on Saturday, we will cast them by Sunday. Tuesday will be auditions for whichever roles are still remaining. So if you are going for Annie and Molly, coming Saturday is more beneficial.

Audition Info:
Note: Everyone who auditions will be welcome into the show so if you are new to theater, don't be concerned that you won't be cast! We are excited to have new people!! 
Please email Andy Diskes at
to him know you are coming or text at 978 500-8832  

Directed and Produced by Andrew Diskes
Musically Directed by Lynne Jackson and Michael Palter
Assisted Directed by Susie Lord
(150 years of combined experience with this production staff!)

Choreography of HARD KNOCK LIFE and NEVER FULLY DRESSED, EASY STREET, I DON'T NEED ANYTHING BUT YOU by Mariana's Dancing Studio's Sofia Diskes!  (If we get strong adult dancers, she may also do some fancy footwork in I THINK YOU'RE GONNA LIKE IT HERE.)


Making you feel comfortable:
We pride ourselves at our auditions that we try to make everyone feel very welcomed and comfortable. And we want to give people every chance to show us what talents they have. This is why at the initial auditions, we give everyone the option to sing a whole song or part of a song and to bring more than one song. We also encourage auditioners to read their monologue twice if they like or two read two different pieces.
Auditioning is an important part of the community theater experience and the more you audition, the more comfortable you become. We try to never give off a 'rushed' or 'you are just a number' feel.

Non-singing roles:
If you prefer one of these roles, you don't have to sing at the auditions.


Please bring a song to sing of your choice. (entire song or one or two verses) You can also come with two songs prepared, one from the show and one not from the show. If we have time, we will let you try both. If you sing a song from Annie we will accompany you. If you are bringing a song not from the show, plan on singing it acapella.

If auditioning for a particular role, please prepare a song that character would sing.

If auditioning for ANNIE or LEADING ORPHAN please prepare MAYBE. We also may ask you to sing the final verse of TOMORROW that has the big ending.

Please bring a monologue or scene to read (we can provide a second person if needed). It does not have to be memorized.
Younger cast members can read a poem. Please show us whatever talents you have such as different voices or accents. If this means you read a scene twice so you can read it differently each time, we welcome that.   

If you decided to audition at the last minute and don't have anything prepared, we will have something for you to read.

We may go over some simple steps to see the coordination level of auditioners. But if you want to show us a dance route excerpt, you are welcome to.

Specialty Talent:
Also if you can juggle or do other fun things (such as sign language), you can show us that also.


SHOW DATES: April 30 - May 4, 2019 (Thursday - Monday )
6 - 8 performances depending on cast size.)

Some roles will be double cast, definitely the orphan roles.
But everyone performs in every performance. When not in your leading/featured role, if double cast, then in the ensemble.


The Bridge at 211, 211 Bridge St., Salem, MA 

Week night rehearsals: The Bridge at 211, 211 Bridge St., Salem.  (Back up space would be in Middleton in the unlikely event that The Bridge is unavailable.)

Saturday Rehearsals:  The majority of the time for at least the first few months the rehearsals will be at Mariana's Dancing Studio, 7 Market St., Ipswich, MA . Occasionally we will rehearse instead in Salem at The Bridge. As the show gets closer, we will rehearse more in Salem.   

REHEARSAL INFO:***********************************
Rehearsal begins Saturday, January 25

Tuesdays: 6pm - 10pm 
Adult Leads, ANNIE, and *Teens who also play non-orphans as a secondary role.  (Annie can leave at 9pm through March 31.)   * (Teens can have the opportunity to portray orphans as well as Servants or other characters if they like.)

11:30am - 3pm - *Featured orphans
12pm  -    4:30pm - Leading orphans/Annie
12:30pm - 3pm -  For all non-leading orphans

Added to the Schedule from February 1 - March 7:
3:45pm - 5:45pm - Annie and Daddy Warbucks 
(During Feb 1 - March 7 we can work out that Annie/Warbucks comes to just one week night rehearsal so your total rehearsals for the week is two.) 

Adding to the Saturday Schedule beginning March 14:
2pm - Miss Hannigan
4pm - 6pm - Hannigan, Rooster, Lily - Stage Easy Street
From March 7 until mid-April we can work out that Lily, Rooster and Hannigan, can come to just one week night rehearsal so your total rehearsals for the week is two.) 

(We will continue to review Annie/Warbucks duet approx 3:30pm for half hour or so from March 14 on and can review during week night rehearsals also.)


*Wednesdays: 6pm - 10pm 
*(We will add Wednesdays beginning, March 18)

6pm - 8pm Leading Orphans  (featured orphans are welcome also but not required. Let us know at auditions if you would be willing to come as a featured orphans on Weds.)
(Annie can go home at 8:15pm)

6pm - 10pm - Adult Leads, Older teens/Adults portraying featured roles such as FDR / Cabinet / Maids/Butlers / Apple Seller, etc. 

* F eatured orphans are ensemble orphans who have some lines that we have added to the script to boost their role a bit.


Saturday, April 25 - Wednesday, April 29 
Rehearsals everyday until show opens. We will send out this schedule in detail before the audition day in our next newsletter. 

The budget for this production is approximately $18.000. 
Neverland gets its revenue solely from show fees, ticket sales and concessions. 

Each cast member/family is responsible for the following:

SHOW FEE for ages 17 and under: $350
(This averages out to approx. $5 an hour to be involved in the production from start to finish.) 

Sibling or Parent/Child discount of $25 per family member

SHOW FEE fee for Ages 18 and over: $125

(Reminder show fees are non-refundable)

Joining the show comes with some expectations that parents/adult cast members will help out in certain areas such as chaperoning/helping back stage and in lobby a minimum of two shows and to help one afternoon during SET UP DAY and to help on STRIKE DAY, the day after the final show. 
Once you express interest in auditioning, we will send you our list of expectations This will make it very clear what the expections will be so there won't be any surprises along the way.

If you find you will not be able to participate in these expections, you can pay an extra $100 in addition to show fee to not participate. (Cast members under 8 years of ages will need a parent present at all times at rehearsals and shows so they would not need to choose this option.)


There will be no requirement to purchase ads in our program book as we have done in the past.

The majority of the audience comes from friends and family of the cast.  We feel that each cast member should be able to bring ten people to the show. We have found that it doesn't always work out to just leave it to chance in hopes that each family will bring ten people so we have the following policy:

Each cast member will be required to purchase ten tickets to the performance by Wednesday, April 1. If you do not want to buy tickets to specific performances, you can purchase vouchers that you can later turn into a ticket to a specific performance.  (If there are two immediate family members in a cast, the family would purchase 15 tickets. If three members in the family, the total would be 20.)

A reminder that Voucher/Tickets are non-refundable.

               BECOME A 



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