MARCH 15, 2012
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 Langley Pos-Abilities will start filming "Try on a Disability" this month. This is a fun and interactive film depicting strong and able bodied people who are given tasks to complete with the added challenge of a disability.
We need actors who are willing to experience different types of disabilities and express their experience both visually and verbally.


Casting will take place at the Willoughby Recreation Center in the Langley Events Centre this Sunday March 18th from 1 pm.

Please call 604-961-0117 to book an appointment for your audition.



We look forward to working with our cast to produce a fun and educational film! Filming begins the weekend of March 31 - April1st 2012!


Contact: Zosia Ettenberg

Phone: 604-961-0117




Audition Appointments
Call 604-961-0117 to book your appointmet
Date:   Sunday March 18th
Time:  From 1:00
Place:  Willoughby Rec. Centre
This is an opputtunity for everyone to get more acting experience and build on your skills!

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