Summer 2022

Two non-musical productions

Production # 1:
Original 1927 play upon which the musical is based by
Maurine Dallas Watkins.

Casting for Adults and
Mid-Older Teens
(We are not casting youth
version of this show.)

Production # 2:
The Naughty Ancient
Greek Comedy
The Adaption written by Andy Diskes that just completed a successful weekend-run, will
return as he continues to work
on the script. The goal is that the show can be shorter and simpler so it can be easily produced in other areas.

(Original Cast Members are invited to return for our summer version.)

Lysistrata Content Info:
*Mild cursing but does not include religious cursing or the f-word.

Adult Content
*Direct references to sexuality and sexual situations (In a comedic way)

*No depiction of drug use. (unless you count Viagra )

*No Nudity. (Except for costume malfunctions)

*Comedic depiction of defecating

*Show contains highly comedic violence.
*Occasional audience member fighting over the last Baklava at concession stand.

Info about both productions:


Tuesday, May 17
from 6pm - 8pm

Auditions at:
22 Foster St., Peabody, MA

If you can't make it, you can submit a video, but in person is preferable.

EMAIL to make auditions appt / questions: .

(If you don't get a response within 24 hours, please assume the email wasn't received.)

Above and Below: Flyer and Cast of April/May 2022 Production of Lysistrata.


*Both productions produced and directed by Andy Diskes

*Casting for Adults and older Teens

*What to prepare for auditions:
Please bring any monologue you like that shows off your talent/voices/ accents. You can bring more than one, if you like. We also will have scenes from the plays for you to read. Also if you can dance, do juggling tricks or anything else special, show us that also!

*If you don't have a specific role in mind, you can join the show without coming to auditions. The director will choose a supporting role(s)(Some will play multiple roles) for you after auditions.

*We welcome all levels of experience. In Lysistrata we have several people over 70 who were in their first show! They had a great time and did super! In Neverland, we value kindness, integrity, dependability and hard work as much as talent.

*Radio Style Show
Using scripts/music stands so cast does not have to memorize. Minimal movement.

*Costume Info:

  • Lysistrata - Full Costumes
  • Chicago - There will be some costuming. Perhaps a color scheme such as black and white and one other color. And dressed to give the look of the 20's and is character appropriate.



CHICAGO: (Rehearsals begin May 31)

When: Tuesday eve rehearsals from 6:15pm - 10pm
(Some cast members can leave earlier).

Where: Majority of rehearsals held at The Black Box in Peabody. When not available, we will rehearse at The Middleton Senior Center, 38 Maple St., Middleton.


LYSISTRATA: (Rehearsals begin June 16)
(If you repeat your role from April/May production, you can start coming end of June. And no show fee for repeaters.)

When: Thursdays eve rehearsals from 6pm - 9:30pm
(Some cast members can leave earlier).

ADDED REHEARSAL: Wednesday, July 20 from 6pm - 9:30pm at 38 Maple St., Middleton

Where: Rehearsals held at the Middleton Senior Center, 38 Maple St., Middleton.

The Black Box Theater, 22 Foster St., Peabody, MA

Sat, 23: 2pm - 6pm - Lysistrata (In Middleton)
Sun, 24: 1pm - 5pm - Chicago
Sun, 24: 5:45pm - 9:30pm - Lysistrata
Mon, 25: 6pm - 9:30pm - Chicago
Tues, 26: 6pm - 10pm - Lysistrata
Wed, 27: 6pm - 10pm - Chicago
Thur, 28 6pm - 10:30pm - Chicago
(Chicago Auditioners: Please keep all tech week open. We may adjust the schedule.)

July 29 - August 1, 2022
(Lysistrata - 3 performances / Chicago Approx 4 performances)


FINANCIAL INFO(pertains to both productions):
Neverland receives its revenue solely from show fees and ticket sales.
A small amount also on concessions and well-wishes/ads/sponsors.

Update since Covid began:
Since March 2020 we have only been producing about 20 percent of what a normal year would be. We managed to produce Annie while rehearsing (with a several month break) for close to two years.
We also produced small non-musical productions of Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland last summer. We have had a few fundraising campaigns.
This production (along with a youth production we will be announcing soon) will help us pay for our fixed costs such as storage, online presence and some other expenses as well as for the rental of the theater and our small staff.

Each cast member is responsible for the following:

($150 if you are in both shows)

(Averages to approx $2 an hour to be involved in this production
from start to finish. - These fees usually cover the cost of rehearsal
and performance rental.)

(Reminder show fees are non-refundable.
Show fees are due one week after a role has been offered.)

(If you are planning to be in LYSISTRATA for a second time,
please contact us about show fee discount.)

Since the majority of the audience comes from family and friends of the cast, we ask that each cast member sell eight tickets to the show.
If for some reason you don't think you will hit that mark, we ask that you make up the difference in sponsorships/ads. We are happy to work with you to make this happen. (Tickets will probably be in the $17 - $20 range .) Thank you.


THERE ARE NO YOUTH PRODUCTIONS SCHEDULED THIS SUMMER. We will keep you posted in our monthly newsletters as to our future productions. Thank you!

How you can help Support Neverland Theatre:

We use donated funds for various purposes:
Towards our scholarship fund when a cast member needs assistance with the show fee cost. Other fixed costs: storage fees, liability insurance and web services.

2. Donate:

VENMO: @NeverlandTheatre30


Or if you don't have paypal you can use a debit/credit card by using:

Please text or email us for mailing address.

Cell: 978 500-8832 (You can text us.)
Visit our website at
Facebook Page:

You can also find us on Instagram.

Neverland is in its 31st year of producing musical and non-musical theatrical productions on the North Shore of Boston.

We have produced 250 productions and have worked with over 5,000 local adults, teens and children from all over The North Shore.