January 25, 2022


Black Box Theater
22 Foster St., Peabody, MA

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For our own special adaptation of the Classic Ancient Greek
Comedy LYSISTRATA. You can audition or just sign up and we will place you in an appropriate role!
(Or shall we say inappropriate?)

Produced/Directed/Script Adapted by Andy Diskes

*Auditions for Adults and older Teens
* Will feature Greek music and some Greek Dancing
*Radio Style Show using scripts/music stands so cast
does not have to memorize. Minimal movement.
*Tone of the play will be PG13. However, we will use clever inferences rather than being blatant and crass. More Seinfeld and less Two-And-a-Half Men.

What to prepare:
Bring a comic monologue. (Show us as many characters/ voices you want. Does not have to be memorized. And bring any specialty talents such as juggling, tap dancing or gymnastics with you. )

About Lysistrata:
The following are various descriptions found online about the play:

“Lysistrata” is a bawdy anti-war comedy by the ancient Greek playwright Aristophanes, first staged in 411 BC. It is the comic account of one woman’s extraordinary mission to end the Peloponnesian War, as Lysistrata convinces the women of Greece to withhold sexual privileges from their husbands as a means of forcing the men to negotiate a peace - a strategy, however, that inflames the battle between the sexes.

"Lysistrata" follows Lysistrata, an Athenian housewife, who calls for the women of Greece to help end the Peloponnesian War. She proposes a radical plan: all Greek women must refuse to engage in love making until the men see reason, lay down their arms and come home to lay down with their wives in peace. The women agree to make the sacrifice and all hell breaks loose as men wander the country in an agony of unsatisfied lust. Will Lysistrata and her crew accomplish what the politicians could not?

Aristophanes wrote this comedy while the long Peloponnesian War (431–404 BC) was still raging between Athens and its allies and Sparta and its allies, and it probably expresses some of the frustration that was felt at the time. Aristophanes cleverly puts the anti-war position in the hands of the women of the cities involved in the conflict. Women were supposed to have no interest in war or foreign policy and their opinions, if they had any, were not supposed to be expressed or be heard.

The sting of the comedy comes in the penetrating arguments Lysistrata and the other women express and the cleverness of their strategy to bring their endlessly warring husbands to the peace table. Lysistrata argues that the women are tired of seeing their husbands make mistake after mistake, the wealth of the city wasted in war and destruction, and the loss of lives of their sons and husbands. They also reject the very reasons for going to war in the first place, with Lysistrata claiming that at least one man saw it as an opportunity to steal from the public purse, and others to seek government jobs and positions.

The women decide to take matters into their own hands by seizing control of the treasury of Athens (money was kept in the Acropolis like it was a bank) so the men cannot spend it on making war, and they go on strike by withholding sexual favors until the men agree to sue for peace. It is also interesting to see Aristophanes also show quite clearly the amount of physical abuse women at they time had to endure, especially when they challenged the authority of their husbands.


List of Characters and Descriptions:

Two Casts:
We plan to have two casts in order to offer more opportunities as well as covering the production in case
of illness/emergency.

The play will be adapted during the month of January and February. As we adapt, more roles will open up. And the men's roles will become more specific.
The more people we see are interested, the more we will work in as many roles as possible. There is plenty of story/text for everyone!



SHOW DATES: April 29 - May 1.
(If double cast, four performances. If not, then two or three.)

The Bridge at 211, 211 Bridge St., Salem, MA
(In the rare occasion that the space is not available,
we will rehearse at The Middleton Senior Center or The Black Box.)

The Black Box Theater, 22 Foster St., Peabody, MA


THURSDAYS: 6pm - 9:30pm
March: 3, 10, 17, 24, 31
April: 7, 14, 21

Sun, 24: 6pm - 9:30pm
Mon, 7:30pm - 10pm
Tues, Night Off
Wed, 7:30pm - 10pm:30pm
Thurs, 7:30pm - 10:30pm

Neverland receives its revenue solely from show fees and ticket sales.
A small amount also on concessions and well-wishes/ads/sponsors.

Update since Covid began:
Since March 2020 we have only been producing about 20 percent of what a normal year would be. We managed to produce Annie while rehearsing (with a several month break) for close to two years.
We also produced small non-musical productions of Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland last summer. We have had a few fundraising campaigns.
This production (along with a youth production we will be announcing soon) will help us pay for our fixed costs such as storage, online presence and some other expenses as well as for the rental of the theater and our small staff.

Each cast member is responsible for the following:

SHOW FEE: $100
(Averages to approx $2 an hour to be involved in this production from start to finish.)

(Reminder show fees are non-refundable.
Show fees are due one week after a role has been offered.)

Since the majority of the audience comes from family and friends of the cast, we ask that each cast member sell eight tickets to the show.
If for some reason you don't think you will hit that mark, we ask that you make up the difference in sponsorships/ads. We are happy to work with you to make this happen. (Tickets will probably be in the $17 - $20 range .) Thank you.


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