June 28, 2017
Auditor Update - June 2017
New Audit Tool
The 2016 Excel Audit Workbook for municipal use is now available on our website.

The new tool has been improved in many ways, including:
  • Addition of error messages regarding date issues, sampling minimums, justification notes, suggestions for improvement, and the requirement to include several program-level strengths.
  • Addition of warning messages that highlight unusual scoring, the option to mark as not applicable, etc.
  • Automatic score calculation, including dependent questions and questions marked N/A.
  • Automatic report creation for the Audit Report and Executive Summary. 

The AMHSA audit team has also developed a separate Resources document which includes additional instructions, suggested materials for review, and printable sheets for documentation, interview, and observation field notes. The Resources document is  available to download on our website and is provided as part of the Audit Refresher course materials.

Note that auditors must attend Refresher training before being able to utilize the new tool. 

Audit Refresher

AMHSA began offering the new Audit Refresher course at the beginning of June. Current auditors must attend Refresher training before being able to utilize the new tool.

The schedule of upcoming offerings is available on our website.

Auditors will be pleased to note that there is no longer an exam for the Audit Refresher course!

AMHSA has also added an optional second day to the Audit Refresher course, at no cost to participants. This session provides students with additional instructor-led time to gain hands-on experience with the new tool by inputting mock audit data.

HSMS & HS Auditing

Our Health and Safety Management Systems course has been revised and has received approval from the Government of Alberta – Partnerships, while our Health and Safety Auditing course is currently in revision.

Once the Auditing course receives approval, AMHSA will begin scheduling offerings in September for various areas of the province. The schedules for Health and Safety Management Systems and Health and Safety Auditing will be available on our website.

To be added to a waiting list for any of our audit-related courses, please contact Carla Smith.

2017 External Audits

AMHSA is working to confirm all of the peer audit groups for the end of June. If you are participating in the peer-process, expect to hear from us soon!

We have received notice from over 15 municipalities that are utilizing consultant auditors this year and 30 that are participating in the peer process.

If you have not yet informed us of how you are fulfilling your COR requirements for this year, please contact Shannon Thomas as soon as possible. 
Report-Writing Hints


  • Auditors have a  maximum of 45 days for the on-site portion of the audit, followed by a maximum of 45 days for report writing and submission.
  • Interview and site sample plans can be submitted to AMHSA for pre-approval.
  • Templating and/or boilerplating are not allowed – original reports must be created for every audit.
  • Consequences for auditors may range from warnings to permanent loss of auditor status, while municipalities may lose their COR.

Excel Audits (2010 version)

  • Ensure notes include a quantification of score awarded (e.g., “all”, “none”, #/# or %) and sufficient detail – what was reviewed, what you saw, examples of positive responses, etc.
  • Program Strengths – required for each element. Strengths are usually high-weighted questions that score 100%, or areas in which the organization excels. 
  • Suggestions for Improvement – required for all questions with less than 80% positive indicators, or for major deficiencies found. Ensure suggestions address the deficiency and are actionable (provide guidance on why the change should be made and explain the benefit to the health and safety management system).

eCompliance Audits

  • Findings/notes must include positive findings with a sufficient level of detail.
  • Program Strengths – include 1-2 program-level strengths per element and explain why they are important (how they benefit the organization).
  • Suggestions for Improvement – include for all deficiencies. Must contain: 1) the deficiency found 2) change to be made, and 3) why the change is important – explain the benefit to the health and safety management system.

Online Training
Online training is available 24/7 to all members and non-members. New courses include Asbestos Awareness, Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace, and H2S.

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Please note that prices do not include GST. For best results, please use Internet Explorer 8 (or newer) or Firefox as your browser and ensure that you have the current version of java installed.
Course Registration
To request or register for a course, contact AMHSA Corporate:

    Toll free: 1.877.537.9063
    Calgary and area: 587.952.2268
    Online: www.amhsa.net
    Email: safety@amhsa.net

For questions or comments, please visit our FAQ or email us at safety@amhsa.net.