Audius Introduces NFT-Gating to Platform

NFT-Gating on Audius Allows Artists to Make Exclusive Content
Accessible Only to NFT Holders
(LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – March 9th, 2023) –  Audius, the largest decentralized music community and discovery platform for artists and their fans, today introduced NFT-gating to its platform. The feature allows artists the ability to make certain songs, mixes, STEMs, and more accessible only to fans who hold a specific NFT. The innovation rewards artists’ most passionate fans and provides an important utility function for NFT holders.
To enable NFT-gating on Audius, users simply need to “link” a 3rd party wallet (e.g. Metamask, Phantom, etc.) to their Audius wallet. Any NFT collections held by the user on both Ethereum and Solana can then be used to gate access to a particular piece of Audius content.
For example, Grammy-nominated artist Allan Kingdom is able to gate listens of his latest Audius track to only avid fans who hold his NFT collection, LITTLE PRINCE: VOL 1. Audius has a long history of working with many artists who have issued their own NFT collections. Now, these artists can give new utility to their holders in the form of exclusive content for their most loyal fans. Additionally, NFT projects like Okay Bears are able to upload exclusive tracks from the community, gated to only Audius users who hold an Okay Bears NFT in a 3rd party wallet like Phantom. 
Upon launch Grammatik, Grammy-nominated artist Allan Kingdom, Sammy Arriaga, and many other artists, as well as NFT projects like Okay Bears and Yaku Corp, have all made exclusive content available to their NFT holders.
“We are excited to continue our partnership with Audius, launching exclusive token-gated LoFi tracks for holders on the new platform. We are growing our media library by investing in original content for holders, hosted by Web3 pioneers Audius,” the Okay Bears team said.
The introduction of NFT-gating to the Audius platform represents a major milestone in the integration of blockchain technology within the music industry, creating a more holistic Web3 experience for artists and their fans. The new feature will allow artists to further monetize their works, incentivize fans to support their favorite creators, and foster a more intimate connection between the two. Audius’ NFT-gating is currently available to users worldwide via web and mobile.
Audius unveiled a powerful new tool for artists today that enables them to make content accessible only to fans who hold a specific NFT. The innovation rewards artists’ most passionate fans, provides an important utility function for NFT holders and sets the stage for additional gating functionality in the future.
About Audius:
Audius is a global decentralized music community and discovery platform that puts the artist in control. Our platform is owned and run by a vibrant, open-source community of artists, music fans and developers from all over the world. We are powered by our own crypto token, $AUDIO which makes it possible for artists to retain control of how their work is distributed and creates new revenue streams for them and other rights holders around the sharing of their music. With 7 million unique monthly users, Audius is one of the largest decentralized applications in the world. Sign up today at

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