Arctic Refuge Fight Moves Forward in Congress Refugeblurb
Photo by Dave Shaw
Last night, the Senate passed a budget resolution for the 2018 fiscal year that includes instructions for raising $1 billion in revenues from drilling in the Arctic Refuge.  Yet the Center for American Progress estimates that drilling in the Refuge is likely to only yield $37.5 million over 10 years. This is a drop in the bucket of our federal deficit. Drilling in the Arctic Refuge just doesn't add up.

Prior to the final vote, senators also considered an amendment that would have stripped away the Refuge drilling instructions from the resolution. While the amendment ultimately failed, 48 senators voted in support of this amendment, including Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine. We thank all of these senators for showing their support for the Arctic Refuge. We will continue the fight to remove Arctic Refuge drilling revenues from the federal budget by focusing on the next steps in the budget reconciliation process.

TAKE ACTION: Contact your members of Congress and urge them to protect the Arctic Refuge from future development. 
Videos: Alaskans Against Arctic Refuge DrillingVideo
In a series of videos, current and former Audubon Alaska board members explain what the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge means to them. They recall tales of sheep hunts, family camping trips, witnessing 90,000 caribou migrating, and much more. Watch the videos here, and feel free to share these Alaska voices far and wide!
Photo by Milo Burcham
Bird Habitat Threatened by Izembek Land Transfer izembek

Earlier this week, the Washington Post reported  that the Department of the Interior is planning to implement a land transfer with King Cove Corporation in order to facilitate the building of a road through the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge. 

Izembek's cold-water lagoons and internationally significant wetlands are critically-important resting places for migrating waterfowl. A road through Izembek is the first step toward inevitable degradation of this vital habitat. 

Photo by Milo Burcham
Photo by Milo Burcham
Alaska Bald Eagle Festival eagle

Similar to birding trails in other states, the Southeast Alaska Birding Trail will be a virtual trail connecting the best birding locations in the region. We're in the beginning stages of this project, and we're excited to be working with the  Juneau Audubon Society, the US Forest Service, and an array of Alaska bird experts.

Come see our presentation if you'll be in Haines!
Sassafras Benefit Concert!concert
Photo by Charlie Earnshaw
THANK YOU to everyone who joined us earlier this month for our benefit concert with  Sassafras ! We packed the house at 49th State Brewing Co. and danced the night away.  The proceeds will go to support our work protecting the wild places in Alaska that birds, wildlife, and people rely on . I f you missed the event, check out  this video  of the Sassafras performing, "The River."
'Name that Bird' Photo Quizquiz3
Photo by Mark Peck

Photo by Rejean Turgeon
Last Month's  Quiz Bird

This Month's Quiz Bird
Last month's quiz bird was the Aleutian Tern, a small, colonial nesting bird. It is rare worldwide, with a breeding distribution split between Russia and the United States, and a wintering distribution in Asia. 

This month's quiz bird is uncommon, but widespread in spruce and fir forests of the North and the high mountains. It is a permanent resident in many areas. 
Upcoming Events  
Wednesday, October 25thevents
REI Anchorage
1200 W. Northern Lights Blvd. 
6:00 - 7:30 PM

Join Nils Warnock, Executive Director of Audubon Alaska, for a talk on the state of Alaska's birds. Audubon Alaska recently released the  Alaska WatchList 2017 , a report that ranks regularly occurring bird species in Alaska based on vulnerability. Nils will review which species are most at risk, explore the factors contributing to declines in Alaska bird populations, look at success stories, quiz you on your Alaska bird knowledge, and explain what can be done to conserve vulnerable species.
Saturday, October 21st
600 W. 7th Ave., Anchorage 
1:00 - 2:00 PM

Defend the Sacred AK is hosting a rally to elevate Alaskan voices in defense of our waters and lands. This rally is in response to attempts to use the federal budget process to push through Arctic Refuge drilling legislation, as well as efforts to allow Pebble Mine to operate in Bristol Bay.