A New Alaska WatchList
Audubon Alaska recently released the Alaska WatchList 2017, a data synthesis identifying Alaska birds that  are declining or vulnerable. We  compile the WatchList every few years by objectively ranking each regularly occurring bird species in Alaska. This year,  an unprecedented number of species made it onto the WatchList's Red List, the list with the highest level of conservation concern.WatchList

Learn more about the Alaska WatchList 2017, download  a PDF version, or view an interactive digital version
Thousands Call for Balance and Conservation in the NPRA
Susan Culliney, Audubon Alaska Policy Director, delivering comments to BLM.
Earlier this month, tens of thousands of people from Alaska and across the United States submitted public comments to the Bureau of Land Management, calling on the agency to protect critical wildlife habitat in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska. 

Over 15,000 of those comments came from Audubon members and supporters, and Audubon Alaska hand delivered them to the BLM Alaska office. Many people expressed particular concern for Teshekpuk Lake, which is a vital area for nesting waterfowl from all over the world

Read our press release
, and check out the story on KTVA Alaska.
Photo by Jessica Herzog
A Summer in the Arctic Refuge

ArcticrefugeThis summer, Audubon Alaska helped support Student Conservation Association Intern, Jessica Herzog, to complete sea duck research in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Herzog's job was to work alongside US Fish and Wildlife Service staff to find as many Cackling Goose nests in the Canning River Delta as possible. The goal was to deploy game cameras near them and find out who (be it fox, glaucous gull, or jaeger) ate the eggs. 

Snow Goose. Photo by Steve Hillebrand, USFWS
Audubon Alaska on the Radio! 
Road-Based vs. Aircraft-Based Development in the Arctic roads

Whether oil and gas infrastructure in Alaska's Arctic is accessed by roads or aircraft, there are direct and indirect impacts on wildlife. 

Audubon Alaska's new report, Ecological Impacts of Road- and Aircraft-Based Access to Oil Infrastructure, looks at these impacts on Arctic wildlife, including caribou, geese, loons, eiders, shorebirds, and freshwater fish.
Red-footed Booby. Photo by Charles J. Sharp
Join Audubon Alaska in the Galápagos  

February 28 - March 10, 2018

galapagos2 Join us as we explore the Galápagos Islands' various habitats - from mangroves, lagoons, and sandy beaches to cactus forests, lush highlands, and grassy pampas.
We'll come face-to-face with iconic wildlife: Blue-footed Boobies, Darwin's finches, Galápagos Penguins, Flightless Cormorants, and giant Galápagos tortoises, among others.

Don't miss the wildlife-viewing trip of a lifetime!  Register here.
'Name that Bird' Photo Quizquiz2
Photo by Milo Burcham

Photo by Mark Peck
Last Month's  Quiz Bird

This Month's Quiz Bird
Last month's quiz bird was the Pectoral Sandpiper. This shorebird breeds in both the North American and Siberian Arctic and winters mostly in southern South America. The males are known for an inflatable air sac on their chests and a bizarre hooting flight display. The Pectoral Sandpiper is on the Alaska WatchList Red List. 

This month's quiz bird is a small, colonial nesting bird of the Arctic and subarctic. This species is also on the Alaska WatchList Red List. It is rare worldwide, with a breeding distribution split between Russia and the United States, and a wintering distribution in Asia.
Upcoming Events  
Birding Basics II

September 19th,  6-7:30pm

Do you have some basics down, but want to become a better birder? Explore the exciting world of birding in this workshop! During this all-ages program, you will learn how to identify birds in non-breeding plumage, learn about bird anatomy, and learn how to use apps and field guides to identify birds while in the field. 

Sassafras Benefit Concert

Friday, October 6th, 9pm
49th State Brewing Company - Anchorage

Come shake your tail feathers with SASSAFRAS and  Audubon Alaska Savor SASSAFRAS' tasty rock & funk jams, enjoy craft beer, and join in on this wild dance party - all in support of the conservation of Alaska's spectacular birds and wildlife! 

$20 in advance,  $22 at the door
All agesconcert