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We have a great tour coming up a week from tomorrow, on Saturday, August 17. It's the Green Mountain Towns Tour, a preview of the tour that has been organized for Treffen in early September. Please see details below, including turn by turn instructions if you wish to print them out (18 pages!)

We still need a few volunteers for Treffen. If you are available Sept 4,5,6, or 7 to volunteer for a few hours helping on the information desk and other duties, please email our president, Carl Wulfestieg, at . We especially need volunteers from around the Woodstock area so as to save on motel costs.


September 4-8 Treffen in Woodstock. 130 cars, 250 people from three regions.

Later in September - Events Chair Duffy Miller would welcome suggestions and a volunteer tour leader for a tour in mid or late September after Treffen. this is still TBD.

October 5 - Saturday - Fall Leaf Tour presented by Pete and Ellen Arnold. SAVE THE DATE. The Board has just set this tour date for Saturday, October 5. Pete and Ellen always come up with a fantastic fall tour.

Holiday Party - Saturday, Dec. 7. The Board just set this date - save the date for the annual holiday party. We may change it this year from the Hotel Vermont in Burlington to something slightly south. Stay tuned!

Tech Talk--

Be sure to email me your technical questions for Jason Eastman, master mechanic and GMR member, to answer.

Boxster Meets a VT Bear! Dave Fitzgerald wrote up a harrowing account of his encounter with a black bear near his home.

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Saturday, August 27
The Green Mountain Towns Tour

From Events Chair Duffy Miller:

Join your fellow Green Mountain Region members as we tour through some of roads that have made Vermont a driving destination. The Tour will have two start locations - the Suicide Six Ski Area in South Pomfret and the Shaws Grocery Store in Waitsfield. Among the Tour highlights will be Buels Gore Vista and Smugglers Notch. 

Please note: There is a southern start location (at Suicide Six) and northern start location (at the Shaw's lot in Waitsfield). If you plan to join the Tour at Suicide Six in South Pomfret/Woodstock, please advise Al Iuppa at or if you will join at Shaw's in Waitsfield, then drop an email to Duffy Miller at Members can join the tour at either location, however please note the difference in start times!


Part One - South Pomfret to Waitsfield (57 miles) - Southern group starting point and times.
  • 7.45 a.m. - 8.00 a.m.: Meetup/Sign-In at the Suicide Six Ski Area at 247 Stage Road, South Pomfret, VT 05067
  • 8.00 a.m. 8.15 a.m: Drivers Meeting
  • 8.30 a.m.-10 .00 a.m.: South Pomfret to Waitsfield (57 miles)

Part Two - Waitsfield to Jericho - Northern group starting point and times.
  • 9.45 a.m. 10.30 a.m.: Meetup/Sign-In/Drivers Meeting for those joining the tour at the Shaw's at 27 Mad River Canoe Road Waitsfield, VT 05673
  • 10.00 a.m. - 10.30 a.m.: Break Time for those arriving from Suicide Six
  • 10.30 a.m. - 11.45 a.m.: Waitsfield to Jericho with a brief stop at Buel’s Gore Vista (34 miles)

Part Three - Jericho to Stowe
  • 12.00 p.m. - 1.15 p.m.: Jericho to Stowe through Smugglers Notch ending at the Trapp Family Brewery & Bierhall at 1333 Luce Hill Road, Stowe, Vermont. This will conclude the driving portion of the tour; lunch is on your own. Click here ( to learn what is going on in Stowe on August 17th.

Welcome New PCA Members!
Info updated Aug. 8, 2019

As of this date, we have 177 members, not including family active members such as spouses, partners and kids! We are growing!

Please say hello to the following new Green Mountain Region Porsche Club members who have joined PCA here, or moved and changed regions, since our last newsletter, according to monthly data supplied us by national PCA. Note: if a member lets his or her membership lapse and then signs up again, they will appear as a "new member." In which case, welcome back!

Our records show the following new members joined since
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Alexander Elder, Wilmington. Lava Orange 2018 911 Carrera

George and Alison Schwab, Winhall, Triple black 1985 911 Targa

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Boxster Meets Vermont Bear!

From Dave Fitzgerald (Westford, 2000 Boxster)

While making a quick trip to the local hardware store in Fairfax on Friday morning, August 2, I had a too-close encounter of a not so special kind. It was a beautiful day so I thought, take the Boxster out and enjoy the weather. 

I was traveling about 43 MPH on the Westford-Milton Road heading towards VT-128 and had just driven through a series of fun curves, when out of my right peripheral vision I see a black bear come barreling up out of a shallow ditch and right into my right front quarter panel!

It bounced off, rolled and was back on its feet and heading back the way it came. It happened so fast I had no time to brake or swerve out of the way.  
No damage to me, or apparently the bear, but my car did not fare so well. It will need door, front quarter work, new bumper cover and a headlamp assembly. 

However, I consider myself lucky because if I were a second or so later it would have likely gone right over the front hood and possibly into the seat next to me or on top of me! My estimate of its weight would be about 135-175 pounds.  

I have heard of another bear strike in Westford earlier in the week from folks at my old employer. Be careful our there!


Editor's note:

Thanks Dave for this account. We are glad you are okay. It would have been quite a sight, you driving down the Westford-Milton road with a bear in the passenger seat (not wearing a seat belt). Good thing this happened at "about" 43 mph and not "about" 63!

Photos from Dave probably don't do it justice given the many thousands of $$ this will take to get the Boxster back in shape!
Vt state photo undated
This is NOT a photo of the the bear that ran into Dave Fitzgerald, but it's a Vermont State file photo your editor has inserted just to remind us that Porsches are not always king or queen of the the road!
Tech Talk - Ask Jason!

Green Mountain PCA Member Jason Eastman, mechanic and owner of Bullfrog Auto in Milton, Vermont, has graciously agreed to answer members’ questions about their Porsches in a club feature we call “Ask Jason,” appearing here in the Mountaineer and in the Tech Talk section of our website .

Any member with a question should email Communications Chair Sandy Gilmou r or Webmeister Alessandro Iuppa who will forward to Jason after which we will publish the answer(s). Likewise, if you would like to submit a an article on a technical subject regarding Porsches, email to Sandy and/or Al. PLEASE SEND IN YOUR QUESTIONS! It's a great opportunity to get some great advice.

Ask Jason

By Jason Eastman, Mechanic

Question from GMR member Robert Haehnel:

I am looking for list of garages in VT that can reset the airbag dash light for Porsche. Mine is a ‘99 Boxster. To replace the window regulator I had to disconnect the side impact bag. Having completed that work I now need to reset the airbag light. 

My local imports garage says I need to go to the dealership to get it reset. Is that my only option?


R. Haehnel

Answer from Jason:

Hi R. Haehnel. 

Modern Porsche cars that are equipped with airbag, ABS, body control modules, etc., all require a factory compatible scan tool. Factory compatible doesn't mean a trip to the dealership though. There are a handful of aftermarket scan tools that can accomplish this task. I personally use a Durametric scan tool in my shop. I have heard that Auto Logic and Autel should be able to handle some code reading and clearing along with some basic diagnostics but I don't have experience with either of those. 

I know that my shop (Bullfrog Auto) and The Automaster have the equipment to reset the airbag light. Outside of those I'm not sure of any others off the top of my head. I would suggest calling around and asking local shops that deal in imports if they have the capability of this.


Our thanks to Jason! Please comment on this feature by replying to this email. Your thoughts are sought and welcome!
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