Sat., August 22, 9-11am, NATIONWIDE

Counter-protest the anti-abortion actions 
against Planned Parenthood

The vicious slander and attacks on Planned Parenthood must be stopped!   This whole dangerous campaign--from the internet to the courtrooms to the U.S. Senate--is right now the leading edge of the all-out assault on women's fundamental right to abortion.  The entire war on women's abortion rights must be stopped!
Fetuses are NOT babies. 
Abortion is NOT murder. 
Women are NOT incubators.
There is NOTHING wrong with abortion, and there is NOTHING wrong with women and Planned Parenthood donating fetal tissue for research.  These are actually very good and moral things, and should be defended and fought for straight up.  The attacks on Planned Parenthood should be offensive to anyone who cares about science and about women. 
Fetal tissue is just tissue. 
Women are full human beings!
On August 22, the woman-haters,  those who terrorize and try to criminalize doctors for helping women, and all those who blindly follow, are mobilizing to protest at Planned Parenthood sites nationwide and holding press conferences. Everyone who cares about the lives and future of women should act to oppose these dirty attacks.
On August 22, counter-protest the anti-abortion actions against Planned Parenthood.  Take back the moral high ground for abortion rights.  Change the terms of this fight:  The fight over abortion has never been about babies. It has always been about controlling women.
Grab a friend or two, or mobilize a bigger group, to take out signs that say:  

National Counter-Protests
Sat., Aug. 22  9 -11a.m.
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