Promise's Piece
August 2014
Mark's Challenge - Mark's Story
On Saturday night we camped out in Rock Valley so that we could get an early start the next morning. My daughter, Melinda, was driving the pickup to be our support vehicle and my granddaughter, Samantha, was along to do the blog for Promise CHC. My son, Gary, had come from Florida to ride with me. 
On Sunday, we rode to Sheldon to have breakfast and then rode 67.9 miles to Milford where we met my son, Brian, at Arnold's Park to boat across the lake to Cutty's. We spend the night in the lodge there.
At camp site in Rock Valley where my wife, Cheryl, thought I should have biking shorts.
     We were dropped off in Milford on Monday morning and rode 40.8 miles to Emmetsburg against the wind. I was more tired Monday than any other day of the ride. We made camp at the fair grounds where I paid $6 for a shower that was in a steaming hot trailer and felt like I needed another shower as soon as I was done. 
     We left from the campsite on Tuesday and rode the longest distance of 79.7 miles to Forrest City. On our way to Forrest City, we passed a county camp ground just outside of Crystal Lake and about 9 miles from Forrest City. It was a beautiful spot to camp and when the girls picked us up, we drove back there to camp for the night.
Holding down a chair I found in front of the Lutheran Church in Emmetsburg and not wanting to move.
     Wednesday was a rather short day of only 41.2 miles. The girls dropped us back off in Forrest City and we sent them ahead to meet Don Gettner and his wife. Done and I had been in a men's Bible Study together in Remsen when he lived there and one of our mutual friends had informed him that I was doing RAGBRAI and offered to let us stay at his home in Manson City. Believe me, it was a welcomed break even though it added about 4 miles to the ride that day.
     Thursday was another day with the wind in the wrong direction. We rode 63.1 miles and camped at a park just outside of Waverly. It rained during the night and Gary took off in the rain while the girls and I took off that afternoon at about the halfway point of the 67.4 miles of the day. We got a motel room that night in Waterloo and got ready for our last day of riding.
We had to take a picture at this spot in Waverly. Something about it drew our attention...
     On Saturday, Melinda dropped me off in Independence and I took off before Gary since I'm a slower. The route was 67.5 miles to Guttenberg/Mississippi River with some long, steep hills. Gary caught up with me in Garber, which was the last town before the finish! It was a beautiful ride over in Eastern Iowa.
     I heard one man tell another that the thing he likes about RAGBRAI is that it is a challenge, but a doable challenge for most people. I have to say I agree, and you don't need an expensive bike! I got mine free from Pepsi back when I saved enough labels off their bottles to get it! 
This is my son, Gary, and I with the Mississippi River in the background.
I have to thank God for allowing me the health to do this ride. I am in the best physical shape that I have been in during the last 20 years. God's gift of modern medicine has made this possible for me.
Of the official 418 mile route, I did all but about 33, which means I rode 385 miles. Between meeting the girls and getting around the towns, I would say we added an additional 40 miles.

Thank you for your support.
- Mark Juhl

Mark raised $815 for Promise CHC! Thank you so much for all your hard work, Mark! We are so proud of you!
- Your friends at Promise
Wednesday, August 13 
3:00-7:00 PM
Promise Community Health

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Dental Screenings

FREE food

Car seat check 


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Health Tip From Our Own....
Belinda Lassen
Certified Nurse Midwife 

There is still plenty of summer left, and that means the mosquitoes and other bugs are still busy biting us!

Many pregnant women ask if it is safe to use insect repellents to ward off those pesky biters...
   Most of the commercial products contain DEET, a chemical that is effective in keeping the insects away. Studies have not proven DEET to pose any health risks to unborn babies. On the other hand, we do know that there are many harmful diseases that come from mosquito and tick bites. Using DEET repellents can reduce exposure to the more serious viruses that mosquitoes and ticks carry.
   So, it would be safe to use an insect repellent on those occasions when the biters are fierce and plentiful. Use what you need at the time to help keep the insects away. You may want to try some non-chemical or non-DEET products such as Citronella or Avon's skin-so-soft products. These work well for some people, but not everyone. Sometimes it might be best to just move your activities indoors when the insects are really bad. The bottom line is that it is safe to use insect repellent during pregnancy to reduce your exposure to harmful diseases carried by certain insects, and to just avoid those nasty bites!
- Belinda Lassen, CNM
Promise Achieved "DEEMED" Status 

Promise achieved "Deemed" status as a Federally Qualified Health Center on June 17, 2014! This is a BIG deal for our Health Center and cause for celebration!  


What this means is this:

 The Federal Torte Claims Act of 1992 and 995 granted malpractice liability protection  through the FTCA to HRSA supported health center employees  and their and their eligible contractors. Employees are immune from suit with the federal government acting as the primary insurer. To be eligible, Promise Community Health Center must receive a grant under Section 330 of the Public Health Service Act  (we do) and we must be "deemed" (we just achieved this). Once "deemed," any claim submitted goes to the Office of the General Counsel of the Department of Health for the U.S. Government. To achieve "deemed" status, Promise Community Health Center must demonstrate that the Center is operating under all 19 Program standards for FQHC's (Federally Qualified Health Centers) and that licensed, independent, and certified Providers meet and will continue to meet stringent standards for Privileging and Credentialing on an ongoing basis.


This is one more mark of achievement for the center in our growth and development as a member of the Community Health Center Network!


Wishing you a happy, healthy month of August!
Promise Community Health Center