August - September 2021

People Connected, Naturally Powered

Located in the Geos Neighborhood
in Arvada, Colorado

Update on the Land:
Not Available for Sale
For a Year or Two
Here's what happened: Ten months ago, Chad Ellington of Peak Development bought the land in the Geos Neighborhood where Ralston Creek CoHousing wants to build. When we talked to him in January, he said he'd be ready to sell it shortly, in about six months. During that period, we found a builder and investors to build a lovely building using a pre-sold unit model. Last month, we sent out a survey of interested buyers. With those responses, the full members of Ralston Creek CoHousing, and the explorer members, we had 7 of the 12 units in the Gatehouse accounted for, which was good for not having even broken ground. But when we returned to Chad Ellington of Peak Investment to talk about a price for the land, it was no longer for sale. In a year or two, he says, he'll be ready to sell.

The remaining members of Ralston Creek CoHousing, Tori Baker and Norbert Klebl, are not willing to look for land outside of the Geos Neighborhood, so we are stalled for now.

We're taking a break. We won't be sending out the newsletter, having Virtual Happy Hours, presenting Video Chats, hosting Community Meals, or planning other community events. We will not close down our website or Facebook, but it will say we are on hiatus. I'm not sure how we'll be listed in the Intentional Community Directory. We will answer the phone and e-mail. We're always happy to hear from you.

If the land comes up for sale for an affordable price, we'll start up again. If you want to know if that happens, be sure to stay on the mailing list. We won't be sending out newsletter meanwhile, so don't worry about your inbox being cluttered up.
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