August, 2013

Sharon Stredde, President & CEO


Albert Einstein once said, "The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest." 


Einstein lived from 1879-1955 and was in his mid-thirties when the world's first community foundation (Cleveland Foundation) was founded in 1914.  If Einstein would have been a board member of the Cleveland Foundation, he just might have replaced the words "compound interest" with "endowments."


Oftentimes, people will ask me, "Why should I create an endowment when all I can 'give away' is a percentage of the fund's value?"  As the CEO of a community foundation, there is no easier question to answer than this one.


My response is simple.  An endowment represents permanence.  It exists in perpetuity, thus making it possible for your giving to outlast your lifetime.


We administer endowments of $10,000 to over $1 million.  These charitable vehicles will preserve your giving and also your name forever.


The Denver Foundation (one of the nations 25 largest community foundations) recently wrote an article on the power of endowments:


Click Here To Read "The Endowment Paradox"


You are a generous community!  I come to work every morning and am grateful to have the opportunity to work for you - the charitable donor - and help raise the quality of life for all who live and work in the Fox River Valley.  You have supported this community immensely during your lifetime.  There's no reason that support should ever end! 


I would very much enjoy the opportunity to speak with you about establishing an endowment at the Community Foundation.  Please don't hesitate to contact me today to discuss your legacy, and how you can continue to support this great community forever!


Thanks for all you do!




Sharon Stredde

President & CEO 


The Power of Endowments!


Over the span of just 10 short years, a $25,000 endowment fund would grow to a balance of more than $29,000 and distribute more than $11,000 in total grants.  That's a total 'philanthropic capital' of more than $40,000!  


Imagine what $500,000 could do! 


 Over a 25 year time period (still a very short time period!), a $500,000 endowment would grow to a balance of $734,000 and distribute nearly $640,000 in total grants.  That's a 'philanthropic capital' of more than $1.37 million!


Figures are based on a annual return of 6.84% and fees of 1%



Video Spotlight 


The Community Foundation is proud to announce the completion of two new videos!



Dr. Bernard J. Cigrand Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund



The fund was created in 2003 by a local Boy Scout, Galen Norman of Aurora, with the proceeds of an Eagle Scout project he undertook to honor Dr. Cigrand.  The fund provides scholarships to students of Luxembourg descent or to students who were active in the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts.


Click Here To Learn More About Dr. Cigrand And To Watch The Video!



Hermann and Rita Golter Scholarship Endowment Fund



The Hermann and Rita Golter Scholarship Endowment Fund was established to provide scholarships to graduates of West Aurora High School who are studying in the field of International Business, International Relations, or International Studies and who are fluent in a foreign language.   


Click Here To Learn More About Hermann and Rita Golter And To Watch Their Video!

  Cheers to you!


Beginning the week of August 19, the Community Foundation will begin delivering complementary "thank you" bottles of wine to individuals who have recently referred clients, neighbors, friends, and family to the Community Foundation! 


Our growth and contributions to the community would not be possible without your support.  So here's "a toast to you" for trusting in the Community Foundation!


Would you like to talk to someone about the Community Foundation, but you're not sure how to start that conversation? 


Click Here For "Why The Community Foundation"!


Kane County Cougar's Game A Great Success!


On August 7, the Community Foundation hosted 23 professional advisors, donors, and other constituents at a Kane County Cougars game.  


The evening was a wonderful success with great food, networking, and a Cougars win!  It was a pleasure to host so many friends of the Foundation - and have the opportunity to make new friends!


Thank you to everyone who joined us.  We look forward to hosting you again next year.


In the meantime, please click here for a list of other upcoming events!



No Rain On This Parade!


Congratulations to our neighbors at the Dunham Fund for hosting a wonderful event last month at RiverEdge Park in Aurora.  The rains held off and nearly 6,000 guests were serenaded by Idina Menzel (Wicked, Rent, Glee) and a 55 piece orchestra.

Sharon Stredde (left), President & CEO of the Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley, and Idina Menzel


The Dunham Fund is a lead sponsor and generous supporter of the new RiverEdge Park and Dunham Pavilion. 


On July 19, the Dunham Fund sponsored Menzel' performance and hosted more than 100 guests in the VIP pavilion.  The evening included a dinner and reception prior to the concert at the Dunham offices.  After the event, select guests were able to go back stage and meet Menzel. 

Jeff Hartman (left), Director of Development of the Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley, with his wife Erin (right), and Idina Menzel


Click here to visit Idina Menzel's website


The Dunham Fund and the Community Foundation have enjoyed a long partnership in the Fox River Valley.  Thanks to the Dunham Fund for all you do for this community!


Click here for more information

on the Dunham Fund



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