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Dear Potential New Family Member

 August, 2015

Quote of the month  

" Everything can 
be taken from a man or a woman but one thing: 
the last of human freedoms to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, 
to choose one's own way."

by Viktor E. Frankl, Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist as well 
as a Holocaust survivor.



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I welcome the opportunity to help you work through current issues and to look at your future with a sense of hope and purpose.


Masters Degree - Applied Psychology from Seton Hall University


Post-Masters Degree-Marriage and Family Therapy from Seton Hall University


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Private Practice 

since 2008


Married 26 years


Mother of 2 young adult daughters 


Passionate about 

what I do




Imagine you are an individual who is thinking about becoming serious with someone and trying to figure out if you want to spend the rest of your life with this person; OR, you are the parent, sibling or friend of someone who is considering the above. 


Families today come in all shapes and sizes.  If you or someone you know is contemplating growing their family, please consider the information below before inviting them in.  Taking time now, before things get serious, to talk and evaluate, can save you much heartache and disappointment later on down the road. Unfortunately, I see the result of not considering these things earlier in the process in my office every week.


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Maryellen Dabal, MA, LMFT

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Southlake, TX 76092


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From The Positive Perspective......


Dear New Potential Family Member,


While my family and I may seem to be accepting, friendly and supportive right now, in order for things to progress and for you to be invited to truly become a part of our family, I/we need you to understand a few things:


I/we will not accept anything less than 110% being given to this relationship.


I/we insist that there be complete honesty with regards to your intentions now and in the future and if they should change.


I/we insist in seeing proof that you have life goals that complement those of our family member and can help with the financial aspect in reaching those goals as agreed upon.


I/we insist that you be a strong individual who is happy with who you are and can allow our family member to be the same.


I/we insist that you disclose any unusual family history or secrets prior to a lifelong commitment being made.


I/we require you to be able to detach from your family of origin appropriately and make our family member #1 in your life.


I/we do not expect you to be perfect, but we do expect you to do your best every day with whatever the task at hand may be.


I/we need to know what your spiritual, financial, relationship and family goals are before this commitment can be made.



Me and my Family


These are just a few of the things that should be discussed, prior to making that commitment.  It saves much heartache later on down the road if you know these things now.  If you need help in discussing this information with a potential new family member, contact me and I can help guide you through the process.  Preparation now = better chance of happiness later.


Thank you for taking the time to look at the topic of inviting a new family member into your family circle....From The Positive Perspective.

Stay well.


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I wish you well...