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August, 2021 Anxiety In This New World

Many of us are beginning to get back out into this world and are resuming going out to restaurants, seeing friends, working in-person again and entertaining. Everyone needs to do what is right for them and their families. Even those of us who have not felt any anxiety before may be feeling some now, just as we enter a “New Norm” yet again. There are many things we can do to help overcome some of this anxiety and, yes, it is OK that we feel anxious.

One of the keys to overcoming some of this anxiety is to first acknowledge that it is there. I recently had a few friends over, and yes, there was a little anxiety as the date drew closer, just because I had not entertained in over a year. I was living in a new home and I was entertaining on my own for the first time. Was everyone vaccinated? Should I ask them? Should I cancel in case someone is carrying COVID? Am I ready to entertain again? Do I have everything I need to provide a nice evening for a few friends? By acknowledging that we feel some anxiety, we immediately give it less power. Acknowledging it says, “I see you. You cannot hide from me.” But we can’t stop there.

Once we acknowledge the anxiety, we want to calm ourselves down by doing some breathing exercises and having a positive conversation with ourselves. “I’ve got this.” “I have entertained many times before; everything will be fine.” “These are my friends. No judgement here.” Once I have sorted through some of the thoughts that have made me anxious that I feel are no longer reasonable, I got rid of them. Dismiss them. What DO I need to concentrate on?  I do know that my friends are vaccinated and no one in any of the families has COVID. My friends are honest people and would have said something if there was an issue. So…dismiss those thoughts as well. So what is left that is making me anxious? Am I ready to entertain? After pausing, I decided that I am ready and that I can look forward to a wonderful evening with friends. I enjoy being with these people and I started with a small gathering of 4, not 20 people.  Check that list again….what else is there to be anxious about? There was nothing left on my list.

Now there is mild anxiety and there is very intense anxiety that goes way beyond the scope of my above example. I am not referring to those who have chronic anxiety or those who have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. This refers to those who have not experienced anxiety in the past and this is a new and mild feeling of anxiety. If you have had chronic anxiety or feel it is not controllable, please see a professional who can work with you with techniques and/or medication to help control the situation.

We are not sure what is next. Numbers are rising again. Will we need to be working strictly from home again? Will restaurants close again? I sure hope not. It is all our responsibility to stay safe and do what is right for us and for our families. I pray that everyone reading this stays healthy and is supported by people around you. The last 18 months has been an experience like no other. We have proven that we are strong. No one anticipated this, but we WILL get through this. We are not alone.  

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"A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”

Christopher Reeve, American actor and director

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In this year’s Olympic Games, American’s brought home
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