The Lighthouse
August 2021
All churches are urged to move their Sunday night service to Elam Millen Baptist Church for a night of worship. 36 Churches together! Please send your messengers if not moving service.
Prayer Walks and Prayer Rally for Schools!
Effingham Co: July 31st-9am-12 Noon...pick your school and walk the campus in prayer.
Screven Co: August 1st-2:30pm...Gather at courthouse for guides and prayer. Go to school of your choice for prayer walk.
Jenkins Co: August 1st - 6pm @ Jenkins Co High...
Prayer Rally for all to pray for schools
Where we are with the Middle Baptist Association Search
Who is on our team:
• Currently we have Wayne Bragg (Vice-Moderator and pastor at Rocky Ford Baptist Church, team leader), Eric Green (Pastor at First Baptist Springfield), Brian McElveen (Pastor at Pineora Baptist Church), Laura Devisscher (Member at First Baptist Springfield), Sam Shockley (Member at Elam Egypt Baptist), and Annora Mallard (Member at Bay Branch Baptist Church, MBA support). Additions TBA.
Where we are in our search process:
• Our search team has already met twice and we have gotten together with Ricky Thrasher (GBMB) who has helped us get started on our search process for Bobby Braswell’s replacement. We have a job expectation list put together and we are planning on getting the job position posted by next week. We also have a new email address put together ( for anyone who is interested in the position to submit their resume.
•Currently Bobby is still serving with us as interim for the association while we are in the middle of our search.

What we need from you:
•Please be in prayer with us as we seek out God’s man for the job. We are trying to work diligently and go through the right process and channels to do this well.
-Missionary's Musing-
Belief that Changes Behavior
In the book of James 2:20-26 two people’s lives are held forward to illustrate that belief that changes behavior is the Biblical precedent. In Scripture, people who belonged to God always made significant life adjustments. Abraham’s faith wasn’t isolated from his life decisions. His faith stretched him. He was displaced from home and family by a calling from God. He and Sarah were barren when all of God’s promises to bless through his life hinged on having a child. He was sometimes out of step with God. He was flawed, like everyone. He was tasked with offering his son on an altar.
Grant $ for YOUR Children's Ministry:
Up to $300/MBA church for your project. Simple application online. Resource info on our website or click below to view.

First Baptist Church Sylvania hosts Trevor Thomas Live! On Sunday, August 1st at 6:30pm. Comedy, drama and song for inspiration and laughter. All invited!
Hiltonia Baptist Church invites kids aged 4-12 to a Mystery Island VBS Back to School Blast on Saturday August 14th from 9:30am-3pm. Dress tropical (shorts, t-shirts, flip-flop!) and bring a bathing suit and towel. Water slide and games in afternoon. Lunch will be served.
Memorial Baptist Church is looking forward to Homecoming and Revival September 12-15 with Rev. Bryce Jeffcoat preaching Sunday night (6pm), Monday-Wednesday (7pm).
Hiltonia Baptist Church Centennial Celebration has been rescheduled for October 10th. Join them and celebrate 101 years of faith, family and fellowship.
Friendship Baptist Church, Jackson Baptist Church, McBride Methodist and 1st Christian Church are having joint youth services on Sunday nights at 7pm.

►Elam Egypt Baptist Church will have a Back-To-School Bash on August 15th. The community is invited to come have fun from 2-7pm.

Rocky Ford Baptist Church invites all to hear Heading Home Bluegrass on Sunday August 22nd at 6pm in concert!
Happy Birthday to:
Casse Bragg-12-Pineora
Bryce Jeffcoat-20-Farmdale
Kay McElveen-25-Pineora
Happy Pastor Anniversary:
Chad Wall-14-Friendship
Wayne Bragg-20-Rocky Ford
Event Trailer request form is on our website for our member churches. 
First come, first serve basis. Call (912)564-2884 for calendar check!
►Now is a great time to plan your local mission and evangelism focus for your area. We can help with an On Mission Demographics: Knowing the Community and Knowing What to Do About It…...Missional community info using MissionInsite and ACR data for your church, shared at your location. Find out how this can benefit your church. 
To schedule call Bro. Bobby @ (912)564-2884.
► The Mission Center is open for help, info, food pantry, literature recycling…


Food Pantry Needs : shelf stable food-microwaveable.
Member churches can access to take a box to the needy or send them to the office Monday-Thursday.
SPARK: Live on August 12th
One-day free total church equipping conference

Consider volunteering
to advocate for a child