August 2018 TreEnews

Community Forestry School
Launches this month!
Join us for the launch of Canopy’s new Community Forestry School! This five-month series delves into the fundamentals of urban forestry and teaches you how you can bring the benefits of trees to your local community.

Each workshop includes an in-depth session on key topics in urban forestry and concludes with optional trainings to equip you with skills to work with us side-by-side to remedy local inequities in tree canopy cover and access to nature in our cities.

First workshop in the series:

Community Forestry 101
Saturday, August 25
10:00 am to 12:00 pm
Carriage House at Gamble Garden
1431 Waverley Street, Palo Alto

In California, 80% of the population lives in urban areas, making trees a vital part of daily life in cities now more than ever. The collection of trees in a city is called an urban forest, but what exactly IS an urban forest and what exactly does it DO for us? What’s going on with trees at the regional and local scale, and what’s our role in stewarding this valuable environmental resource?

Community Forestry 101 is an introductory workshop to learn about trees and urban and community forestry, and for those who are interested, how you can work with Canopy to enhance local urban forests and increase awareness and access to urban nature. Come learn about all of Canopy’s programs and the many ways you can make a difference in your community.

This workshop series is open to teens and adults. No prior experience necessary.

Upcoming workshops include:

Engaging Youth in the Urban Forest | September 22
Native Oaks & Citizen Science | October 6
Tree Planting Basics | November 3
Celebration for Community Foresters | December 8
Fond Farewell to Maika
This month, Canopy bids a fond farewell to Maika Horjus, our wonderful Development Director.

We are incredibly sad to see her go, but also truly excited for her as she transitions to the next chapter of her life. Maika and her husband are moving to Portland, Oregon to be closer to family.

In tribute, we are sharing the top ten things we love about Maika!

  1. Maika has been an amazing, positive, and effective force at Canopy over the last five years.
  2. It was a privilege to work alongside her and benefit from her wisdom, enthusiasm, energy, and kindness.
  3. Maika welcomed everyone who walked through the Canopy door with appreciation and respect.
  4. She found avenues of growth and possibility in every new endeavor.
  5. She knew how to highlight and celebrate our successes.
  6. She approached everything with depth, thoughtfulness, and genuine care.
  7. She makes everything shine!
  8. She truly touched the life of so many in such a unique way.
  9. She held a calm and steady smile for everyone around her.
  10. Maika is such a delight in all ways!

We wish her all the best! Next month we'll welcome Judy Sissener, Canopy's new Development Director.

Save Our Water and Our Trees
It's hot out there! Does your tree need a drink? Trees' watering needs vary, but a general rule of thumb is:

  • Water young trees every two weeks
  • Water mature trees once per month, or when soil is dry 12 inches below the surface.
  • Use 10-15 gallons of water per inch of trunk diameter (measured at "breast height" or 4.5 feet above the ground).
  • Mature native oaks are the exception! Once established (usually 5 years of age), native oaks generally fare better without summer watering, since the combination of heat and moisture can lead to root rot. Learn more about caring for native oaks.

Check out Canopy's trees and water FAQ , watering-guidelines , or download our Save our Water and our Trees brochure for more water-wise tree care tips.

Meet the Canopy Board!
This month, we're thrilled to introduce two Canopy board members: Laura Martinez, who joined the board June 2018, and Susan Rosenberg, long-time board member and Canopy co-founder.
Canopy: What inspires you most about Canopy’s work?
Laura Martinez: The work we do with our youth inspires me. I was invited to hear our Teen Urban Foresters present their research project about an opt-out system for watering trees in East Palo Alto. They did a wonderful job presenting and answering questions from the audience.  

C: Why do you care about trees?
LM: My love for plant and tree care started as a child growing up in East Palo Alto, CA. As a family we would spend Saturday mornings volunteering in our local community garden. Some of my fondest memories also include attending Gamble Garden’s Spring Tours and helping my mom run the garden club at Duveneck Elementary School where I attended school. During my middle school years at Jordan my mother ran a part time business employing local women in organic gardening. She later served on the Canopy board for a year. My mother instilled her passion for nature and community service in me. 

C: What is your favorite tree?
LM: I love a good oak tree! During my childhood my father built a tree house on our oak tree. I spent many hours with neighborhood friends in that oak tree. I also really like Jacaranda trees. 

Canopy: What inspires you most about Canopy’s work?
Susan Rosenberg: I’ve been involved with Canopy for nearly twenty-five years and what inspires me most is the visible joy when our volunteers are planting trees.

C: Why do you care about trees?
SR: Being a part of Canopy for so many years I have a million and one reasons to care about trees, but the simple answer is, I started caring when I was a kid and their awesomeness has never left me.

C: What is your favorite tree?
SR: The one that provides me with shade from the sun at any given moment. 

Canopy Tree Walks
Caminata de Árboles para Familias: East Palo Alto
Saturday, September 8, 2018
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
East Palo Alto Senior Center, 560 Bell Street, East Palo Alto
Invitamos a las familias a tomar un paseo con Canopy y Juan Ortiz para explorar los árboles del parque Bell Street en East Palo Alto. A través de una búsqueda interactiva del tesoro, los niños descubrirán las características únicas de cada árbol, mientras aprenden sobre los beneficios que proporcionan los árboles. Nota: Este Paseo de Árboles será en español.

We invite families to take a stroll with Canopy and local tree expert, Juan Ortiz, to explore the trees of Bell Street Park in East Palo Alto. Through an interactive scavenger hunt, children will discover the unique characteristics of each tree, while learning about the benefits they provide. Note: This Tree Walk will be led in Spanish.

From the Blog
TUF Perspective: Strengthening My Neighborhood
East Palo Alto resident and Canopy Teen Urban Forester, Eric Perez, shares insights into his experience and how his perspective has changed over the course of three years working as a Teen Urban Forester. Check out the blog post to read more about why he's committed to bringing trees and strengthening his community.

Tree Spotlight: Chinese Tallow
In this Tree Spotlight installment, we learn about the Chinese tallow ( Triadica sebifera ), a beautiful tree that was introduced to the US in the 17th and again in the 19th century. The tree is found to be beneficial for the medicinal applications of its seeds and its potential as an alternative fuel source.

Thank you to Ankush Bharadwaj of the Carnegie Institute for Science's Rhee Lab for contributing this story.

Trees in the News
Its time to plant some trees
In this article, River Partners sheds light on how trees implemented as green infrastructure can lower flood risk. Along with the California Conservation Corps, they are installing trees like the cottonwood and black willow to restore floodplains and improve natural ecosystems along the Tuolumne and San Joaquin rivers. Farmers in the area have already remarked how the trees absorb the “floodwater beautifully”. They anticipate wrapping up this long term restoration project in the next decade.

Photo via Josh Haner/The New York Times
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