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Greetings from the Steinway Piano Gallery in Boca Raton, Florida.  One of only 20 licensed independent Steinway businesses in the world!   In addition to purveying the world’s finest pianos, we host numerous student recitals, fund raising events and open to the public Sunday musical performances.  These will be published in our upcoming monthly newsletters.  So, stay tuned!


South Florida is one of our nation’s premier retirement destinations and participating in our cultural life and music making is a wonderful way to enjoy and relax.  Having a piano for listening, entertainment and for those who enjoy playing the piano is a wonderful way to improve our life experience.


We’ve presented below the many numerous benefits of music and also some special pianos, economically priced.  These pianos can then otherwise feature the digital playback system.  Other considerations would be an upright piano or the compact Celviano hybrid electronic piano both great and economical instruments for your home.


With the school season upon us and the startup of piano lessons we have some great new and used grand and vertical piano specials.  Piano prices now are the best of the year before the South Florida Season arrives!!

I look forward to your questions or comments and ways we can assist you in making your home more musical.


Best Wishes from Steinway Piano Gallery 

Bob Luptak

T he Benefits of Playing Piano

The physical and mental benefits of playing music have long been recognized. The piano, in particular, has been an unparalleled outlet for those seeking escape, creative expression, and simply fun and joy. Recent years have only seen more evidence of the benefits of piano come to light, linking music making to a healthy body, a healthy mind, and a healthy life.

Even though you’re sitting down, playing the piano is a workout all its own, and offers different physical and physiological advantages to players of all ages. For instance, regular piano playing sharpens fine motor skills and improves hand-eye coordination in the young and developing. Research has shown that piano lessons for older adults have a significant impact on increased levels of Human Growth Hormone, which slows the adverse effects of aging. Bringing music into your life is also proven to reduce anxiety, heart and respiratory rates, cardiac complications, and to lower blood pressure and increase immune response.

Piano practice also boosts cognitive and intellectual abilities, which is to say it makes you smarter and activates similar parts of the brain used in spatial reasoning and math. Studying piano has also been shown to amazingly improve memory — particularly verbal memory — and build good habits like focus and perseverance, diligence and creativity. 

Children who had a few years of piano study under their belts could remember twenty percent more vocabulary words than their peers. And childhood musicians are better equipped later in life to retain information from speeches and lectures. Playing piano has been shown to increase spatial-temporal ability, which figures heavily in math, science and engineering. Regular music practice at an early age can even make structural changes to the brain that stay with you for the rest of your life, making your brain more efficient both while playing and in extra-musical endeavors.

Studies on music and its relation to the elderly have demonstrated remarkable psychological benefits, such as:
A happier outlook on life.
Bettered social interaction.
Encouraged self-expression and discovery of personal identity.
Enhanced moods.
Improved interest levels.
Increased communication in dementia and Alzheimer’s  patients.
Increased positive emotions.
Increased relaxation.
Increased self-esteem.
Reduced tension and anxiety.
Studies show that time spent at the keyboard improves mental health: people who make music experience less anxiety, loneliness, and depression. Playing piano has also been shown to be a great source of stress relief, and provides ample opportunities to bolster self-esteem. It is also a widely used form of therapy for Attention Deficit Disorder.

Playing the piano offers a plethora of health benefits that will supplement every part of your life. And that doesn’t even begin to consider the deep cultural network and historical tradition that you join as a piano player and owner. For two hundred years, the piano has been a staple of the home, bringing together families and friends and strengthening communities with the power of music: bring a piano into your home today.

Call today to inquire about our
vertical upright pianos starting at $3,550 and
petite baby grand pianos starting at $9,998 

Upcoming Performances At Steinway Piano Gallery Performance Room

Brandeis National Committee
Rod MacDonald,Guitarist
George Goehring,Pianist
Saturday, August 19th, 2017
Performance @ 3 P.M.
Contact Pat Knapp
 (561) 998-7784
Tickets: Members advance $20 
Members and Guests
at the door $25

  Piano Lovers Presents


NAPLEKOVA, pianists

MOZART Sonata for 2 Pianos (K448)
RACHMANINOFF Piano Suite No. 2 for 2 Pianos
and more!

4 pm Sunday

August 27, 2017
Boca Raton Steinway Piano Gallery

and more

contact  (561) 573-0644
Tickets: $25 in Advance
($30 Day of Concert)

watch video above 

Heart of the home
Explore the features of the Essex,
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Explore the features of the  Boston.
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"Hybrid" Pianos - the Casio "Celviano" Grand Hybrid

Watch the short video with artist
             Eldar Djangirov. 
In association with C. Bechstein these electronic pianos combine the Bechstein designed  grand piano action with digitally sampled piano sounds. An incredible playing experience and perfect for both piano study as well as for a
South Florida condominium lifestyle starting at $2,999
The Steinway Piano Gallery is South Florida’s most unique and exclusive showroom for the handcrafted Steinway & Sons and the 2 most talked about Boston & Essex Pianos  by Steinway & Sons. Contact us today 561-982-8887 or


Our Best to you and your Music