August 1, 2018: Year 9; Edition 15
Hi, All ~

The NOVA Open opens exactly four weeks from today!

It's been another long, interesting year for the NOVA Open volunteer staff, and everyone's excitedly preparing for the home stretch. We've got some really exciting things planned for attendees of all types ~ and, if you follow this newsletter and NOVA Open/NOCF social media outlets, you've been as close to fully informed as we can make you.

A handful of spots remain in a wide variety of events, but far fewer than we've ever seen this time of year. August typically sees a rush of late registrations, but this may be one of the first times where those registrations may be late. Nevertheless, wait lists are real and invariably there are always no-shows the day of the con. If you don't get into all the events you want to, make sure you log into your account and add yourself to the wait list at the NOVA Open Store. PRO-TIP: You can't see the wait list function if you're not logged in!

Much remains in the prepare for the NOVA Open, and we're getting right back to it here. In the meantime, here's a neat sneak preview of something we're giving to each of our Warhammer 40,000 GT attendees this year - one more bit of always trying to do as many cool things as we possibly can for our attendees. You'll also be able to grab one of your own along with plenty of other awesome stuff in the NOVA Open store on site!

Very Best,
Mike Brandt
Are you free for all or part of the 40K GT or Invitational while you're at the NOVA Open this year? Even if you don't have major 40K Experience and simply want to dip your toes in it and see some of the events up close, we could use people to help with data entry, patrolling tables to ensure quick customer service for relaying judge calls, and indeed helping judge and referee games. If you're interested and/or available during any of the rounds of the GT or Invitational, please let us know via! We have a great staff in place, but in the interest of making this year one of the best GTs ever held, we really want to get as many helping hands as possible! 
All pre-convention purchases will be suspended on August 15th. Purchases will no longer be available online at thereafter. Sales will resume on site at the NOVA Open Badge and Ticketing counter at 4pm on Wednesday, August 29.
While NOVA Open does not offer refunds, the NOVA Open cart system allows attendees to exchange previously purchased tickets for other tickets by dropping and adding certain eligible items for event credit.  

Using Event Credit:   
Event credit has no value outside an attendee's account at Event credit does not expire. If an attendee has credit from previously dropped events, said credit will be applied only to purchases made through their cart at 

Dropping Events:  
An attendee can drop an event for credit at If assistance is needed, attendee should contact . 


  • Must Drop Prior to NOVA Open: Events and/or seminars can be dropped for credit only if dropped on or before August 15 of the active year. No drops or adds for event credit will be available after August 15th or at any NOVA Open convention. 

  • Access Passes Cannot Be Dropped: Convention Access and Day passes cannot be dropped for event credit. 

  • Physical Store Products: Store products (t-shirts, coins, mugs, etc.) cannot be dropped for event credit. 

  • Certain Seminars and Capital Palette events cannot be dropped as of Friday, August 3. If you wish to drop Capital Palette entries or any of the following before NOVA Open, do it now:

  • Corvus Belli Exclusive Q&A, Gutier Lusquinos (THU, 8:45-10:00pm)
  • Determine Your Future, SW Destiny Panel (FRI, 8:30-9:30pm)
  • Developing Community, Games Workshop (THU, 7:00-8:30pm)
  • Future of Middle-earth, Adam Troke (FRI, 10:00-11:00pm)
  • Games Workshop Preview, Smillie-Foley-Cruddace (WED, 7:30-9:30pm)
  • Meet the Studio, Games Workshop (SAT, 7:00-9:00pm)
  • Meet the Studio, Games Workshop (SUN, 4:00-6:00pm)
  • Stay on Target, X-Wing Panel (SAT, 9:30-10:30pm)
  • Unlock Inner Hero, Alexis Buckles (SUN, 11:30am - 12:30pm)
  • Writing for Black Library, Andy Smillie (FRI, 2:00-4:00pm)
  • You Tube - Content, Adam Loper (SAT, 1:00-2:30pm)
  • You Tube - Tech Details, Adam Loper (THU, 1:00-2:30pm)
The NOVA Open is one of the world's largest Warhammer-focused events. The Ninth Annual convention occurs from August 30-September 2 this month. With the event a few short weeks away, many of the nearly 100 distinct Games Workshop events and seminars are sold out; however, there are a few organized activities still open for you to enjoy alongside everything the con itself has to offer.

Several Games Workshop seminars taught by Duncan, Games Workshop Rules Designers, and members of the Warhammer Community team have a handful of spots remaining:

  • Two (2) Games Workshop: Meet the Studio Seminars on Saturday Evening and Sunday Afternoon Join Games Workshop studio head Pete Foley, and lead rules writer / man behind 8th Ed, Robin Cruddace, as they explore just how they brought the latest games from the 41st Millennium and the Mortal Realms to life. This is your chance to find out how your favourite games are made. From how new armies are designed, to the thinking behind your favourite codexes and battletomes, there will never be a better time to ask those burning questions you’ve always wanted answers to. 

Specialist Games
Space is also still available in some awesome Blood Bowl events: Darkness Fouls and Slaughterday. These annual Blood Bowl extravaganzas have been running at the NOVA Open for years, and are a great way to get in extra gaming around some of the other main events. 

If Blood Bowl isn't your cup of tea, the NOVA Open is hosting a full range of Necromunda events throughout the Con. There are both Narrative and Tournament Necromunda options, with part time and multi-day ticket choices to perfectly tailor around your overall con experience.

New Fast-Paced Games
The NOVA Open will be hosting the first major organized Kill Team events in the world, and nearly all of the 112 tickets sold out before the game even hit the shelves! If you can snag one of the remaining spots, go for it, but also check out the Shadespire Grand Clash being offered. In support of the many different game systems favoured by attendees, this particular Grand Clash is using a unique schedule that allows attendees to optimize the different games and activities they can be involved with during the convention. Only a small number of tickets remain for Shadespire; if this is your guilty pleasure, sign up today.

While the NOVA Open's Lord of the Rings GT currently has a wait list, tickets remain for several other LotR events organized during the convention. Besides being led by a Warhammer Hero as one of the most prominent Lord of the Rings events around, the NOVA Open's LotR terrain is easily the best looking terrain you'll ever play a tournament or organized event on. Most of the tables are painstaking recreations of some of the most iconic scenes from Middle-earth, ranging from Osgiliath to Moria, from Laketown to the Barrel Ride fight scene from the Hobbit. If you enjoy Lord of the Rings, do everything you can to grab one of the remaining organized play tickets for NOVA Open 2018.

The NOVA Open hosts an amazing con-wide series of Horus Heresy events. Some, like the Zone Mortalis Center Soiree, are sold out or nearly so. For all of them, the Heresy Events team is heavily focused - above all else - on fun and hobby. You will see some of the most amazing paint jobs found anywhere, with some of the best sportsmanship you could ever hope to encounter at an organized event, when you're in NOVA Open's Horus Heresy area. Some tickets remain and should be snagged ASAP in events like the Big Blam (so many titans!) and Bromance Bash doubles event.

Over 1,000 Games Workshop Fans & Nearly 3,000 Tabletop Gamers in an Amazing Setting, All in Support of Charitable Causes
The NOVA Open presents its attendees with a fantastic opportunity to meet fellow hobbyists, get casual face time with some of the biggest names in the industry, shop an awesome vendor hall, eat from an amazing array of food trucks, socialize and enjoy live entertainment in the Foundation's Charity Lounge, learn from the best instructors in an array of awesome seminars, and play in a nigh-on endless variety of organized tournaments and gaming events. This article includes just a small sampling of the things you can do at NOVA Open, and while much of the con is sold out, there are hundreds of reasons you should still plan to attend. 

If you can't make it this year, check out the many charity raffles offered by the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation, which include world-class painted armies and models that can be won from and shipped to anywhere in the world. You will also be able to check out some of the top games being played on the Warhammer TV Twitch Channel during NOVA Open 2018. Stay tuned to both the NOVA Open and Warhammer Community social media and news sites for breaking information on Games Workshop's latest studio preview event being held at the convention on Wednesday, August 29th. One final piece of advice: Sign up for our bi-weekly newsletter (delivered to your inbox on the 1st and 15th of every month) in anticipation of an even more amazing 2019 and our 10th Anniversary:
Current and new volunteers should have received the staffing schedule via email this past weekend. If you are a NEW volunteer and would like to receive the schedule, please contact

NOVA Open has volunteer slots available in all areas of the convention, from MOVE-IN to MOVE-OUT.

The NOVA Open 2018 move-in this year is from Tuesday August 28 through Wednesday, August 29th; move-out will begin Sunday afternoon, September 2 and finish Monday, September 3rd. 

Able bodied support staff is needed for move-in and move-out: SERIOUSLY! The NOVA Open moves out of nine storage units using two massive semi tractor trailers into 75,000 square feet of convention space at the Hyatt Regency. We run on volunteers - top to bottom. Every bit of help given is why NOVA Open has become the greatest US East Coast TTWG convention

Non-player staff (aka significant others, parents, family, children) are always needed to help cover any number of daily shifts at registration, badge station, store, raffle desks, gate receipts, SuperNOVA desk, halls, Hobby Haven, seminar rooms and more. Anyone willing to join the Photography crew is also a hot sought-after commodity!  

Make Friends for Life: We'll keep you busy while you're having the Best Time of Your Life (feel free to insert music/lyrics into your head here)!

If you have questions or want to sign up, email:
Conventions are planned years in advance, and attendees lock down their games early. As we all know, life occasionally happens to people. This results in sold out events suddenly having seats available 30 minutes ahead of launch time. What to do?

The NOVA Open has a waitlist feature in the store when events sell out.  USE IT! If a wait lister shows up at NOVA Open 2018, and they are ready to play or attend their event, they will be poised to grab one of those coveted seats. The NOVA Open wants nothing more than to fill every seat to ensure all attendees have their best convention experience.

Put your name on a wait list today - What have you got to lose?
Fantasy Flight Games has confirmed they will be running demos of X-wing Second Edition, Star Wars: Legion, and Star Wars: Destiny at NOVA Open 2018. If you have been thinking about picking up one of these systems, visit the company’s booth on the Regency level and check them out between your seminars and gaming events. The NOVA Open would like to thank Fantasy Flight Games for their continued support of our convention.
The Games Workshop community team will be returning with the Green Screen and Prop Box for NOVA Open 2018. You don't want to miss your chance to Be In The Game!

Thursday, August 30 through Sunday, September 2
9:00am - 1:00pm ~ 2:00pm - 6:30pm
This year, for the first time ever, you can be crowned among the very best looking armies across the entirety of the NOVA Open. Select top-scoring armies for artistry at events across numerous game systems will be identified by event organizers for consideration to earn a NOVA Open STAR (Smart Travel Art Rack) featuring a 24K Gold Paintbrush provided by The Army Painter . This amazing, extremely rare and unique prize represents a hobbyist who brought the pinnacle of painting forward to the convention.

The Army Painter (as befits its name) established a rule to identify the true army winner as chosen from collections of 20 or more models. Only armies of this size actually being played in organized events at the NOVA Open are eligible for these rare awards. Bring your A game, put those finishing touches on each of your creatures, and may your best foot step forward!

Armies will be evaluated during the first several days of the convention, with finalists notified Saturday afternoon. A final showcase will be presented on Saturday evening for key members of the convention appearance judging staff to evaluate the top finishers who will receive one of these 3 amazing prizes.

We look forward to seeing all the amazing armies at the NOVA Open 2018!
KR Multicase and NOVA Open have been partnering for years. What some may not realize is the extent to which they partner with the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation. Back in 2013, when that first Summer Raffle included just three armies, Daryl Elms of KR Multicase happily donated the custom trays and transports for those armies. Five years later, with 35 enormous armies behind them, NOCF once again reached out to KR Multicase for support of 2018's 11 Summer Raffle/Silent Auction armies and detachments. You might think the sheer growth of these projects would give him pause, right? Guess what?  
All of this year's NOCF armies and detachments will arrive, as always, in dozens of custom color foam trays donated by KR Multicase. Beyond that, KR Multicase heavily discounts the transport bags to an anonymous donor just to make the shipping complete!  

Join the NOCF in showing great appreciation for amazing generosity be visiting KR Multicase now - start ordering your own wall of custom foam today! Don't forget to thank him for his continued support of the NOCF mission.
The NOVA Open Charitable Foundation began operating in 2013. Its mission, as a non-profit, is fundraising to demonstrate the compassion and generosity of the world-wide tabletop wargamer community. To date, over $130,000 has been donated to numerous charities – primarily, Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and Fisher House Foundation.

This summer’s TWENTY-TWO (22) SUMMER RAFFLES will focus on those three amazing charities.



NOVA Open Charitable Foundation's 2018 Summer Raffles really are the Talk of the Town! Dave Taylor, Vice President of the NOCF Board of Directors, has been on the chat circuit enjoying your favorite podcast hosts and the chance to introduce new listeners to the NOCF, what we do and why we do it. Recently, during his weekly Facebook stream, a store in Florida offered to paint and send in a mini for the Silent Auction. AWESOME!! With that in mind, we hope all of the NOVA Open's readers and followers will consider doing the same thing. The NOCF Silent Auction is a fundraiser for Fisher House Foundation and BCRF and your donations of minis and units could help generate thousands of dollars for those causes!

While you pour through your collections looking for the perfect donation for this fundraiser, enjoy easy listening as Dave Taylor's native Aussie accent chats up your favorite podcasts:

Rememberancer's Retreat - Mini-Episode - Dave Taylor NOCF Interview

Independent Characters - Episode 173: The Warrior Lodge

Donations can be shipped (send tracking) to:

9033 Westerholme Way
Vienna, VA 22182
(703) 938-1959
The NOCF is still looking for charitable painters willing to donate their best models or units to the Silent Auction to help raise funds for Breast Cancer Research Foundation and Fisher House Foundation. Donate in your own name or anonymously.

Ship to NOCF at 9033 Westerholme Way, Vienna, VA, 22182.
This year, the hobby submissions will be flanked by valuable limited-edition Star Wars and Florian Stitz prints – and the Foundation is adding a new twist. Take your chances to win any of the amazing offers in the Summer Online Raffles, but if you want to walk home with a beautifully painted, full-on Warhammer 40,000 army.
The premiere centerpiece of the 2018 Silent Auction is Hive Fleet Gorgon on the Plague Vomnivorax.
The NOCF received this donated army early in the year from a generous patron. The Board of Directors decided it may be time to find out if NOVA Open attendees would like to test their mettle against each other for an incredible Silent Auction win. With that in mind, one of NOVA Open’s practiced artists, Bob Likins, was enlisted for a full restoration, which we are proud to reveal today!
"Decades after its apparent demise, Gorgon re-emerges. Its path converges with the plague hulk Vomnivorax. The hive fleet launches boarding tentacles, and swarms of gaunts pour into the corrupted vessel. Plague Marines of the Mouldering Claw obliterate the initial waves of invaders, their disease-ridden flesh immune to the toxins of the Gorgon. The swarm consumes those few who fall. During the next wave of the invasion, Toxicrenes lace the tunnels of the ship with a refined spore-agent which causes the Plague Marines’ rancid flesh to slough from their bones."
Ninety-nine (99) models can be fielded for just shy of 1500 points, allowing room for customization to fit the winner's play style. Each of the models in this army has been re-based onto custom bases: 30 Termagants on new 25mm Necromunda bases; Tervigon and Broodlord on Secret Weapon Miniatures bases; remainder combine on custom plasticard and/or Apoxie sculpt.
Each of the squads in this army has distinctive squad marking to make larger combats easier to understand at a glance:
  • Three (3) units of Genestealers have color-coded crests (red, blue, and light green)
  • Three (3) units of Termagants have color-coded guns (red, blue, and grey)
  • Two (2) units of Hormagaunt have color-coded talons (blood red and toxic green)
  • Two (2) units of Zoanthropes have color-coded head jewels (blue and green)
Bob has generously volunteered to make himself available to the winner if that person wishes to discuss the creation and potential grown of this arm.
TNT Laserworks is donating gaming tokens, wound dials, and a measuring gauge for the army.

KR Multicase has provided custom core and transport cases.
Come to the Silent Auction ready to win this beautiful army. Bidding will start at $450!
The NOCF is once against hosting NOVA Open attendees in its Foundation Lounge. Last year, it began in its usual suite and then moved to the Hyatt's Rooftop Venue, Chesapeake View. Thanks to the financial support of the NOVA Open, the Foundation Lounge will open in Chesapeake View at 4:00pm on Wednesday, August 29, for five nights and four days of hosting the most fun social group of tabletop wargamers on the planet! Once again, Susan Perkins - Mike Brandt's aunt (aka The Lounge Boss) - will be providing guests with a full bar, great menus, surprise events, and exceptional service.  

The Foundation Lounge is a fundraiser where profits go to the NOCF and support of various charities. The high cost of setting up and stocking the Lounge is set off by donations from NOCF supporters known as Keg Nighters. These great sponsors buy one of the kegs in exchange for a couple hours spent talking about their products, running raffles and engaging with the crowd. Without their generosity, the costs would exceed the profits. This year, NOCF is proud to introduce those Keg Nighters so attendees can plan meet and greets:

Keg Nighters had the option of adding a Keg Handle to their donations. Thanks to the mad skills of Selma Moises (, the Foundation Lounge's six kegs will be particularly beautiful this year:
Check out the NOVA Open Schedule where you'll notice Wednesday's opening day Martini Madness event - and the Saturday/Sunday morning Bloody Mary bars from 11:00am - 1:00pm.

Also on tap this year are three bands donating their music to the cause:
Neon Sloth (Wednesday, 8:30-10pm)

Hearts & Spades (Friday, 10:00-Midnight)

Embry Group (Saturday, 10:00-Midnight)

There will be plenty of quiet time for relaxing and socializing, as well as 'unplugged' events for everyone. We look forward to seeing you there!
If you are local, please mark your calendar for any Saturday you are available to help at NOVA Open's Lorton facility ~ August 4, 11, 18, 25. Volunteers will be needed to help prepare swag bags, raffles and prize packages, and to wrap and prep the carts for transport to Hyatt every Saturday, hours vary

You should receive an "evite" on each Monday where you can RSVP; this always helps us organize and prepare for lunch service. 

If you have not yet volunteered, please share your name and email with to ensure you are on the evite distro list each week. Many hands really do make light work - and a lot more fun!
The 2018 NOVA Open schedule is always current. Take time to review - fill in any gaps in your own plans for the convention.

Watch for new events and seminars and stay on the newsletter distribution for news, changes, additions and updates!
What game and events are on your NOVA Open radar this year? Primers can change up until and even after registration. NOVA Open leads are highly responsive to questions, commentary and input. E-Mail 
Click any event title to see the Primer. If your event primer is not linked here, visit - they will be available for viewing there first. 
If you are on the waitlist for either the X-wing US National Championship Tournament (one or both heats) OR the Legion Maximum Firepower Qualifier (Thurs, Fri, or Sat) at NOVA Open 2018, please review the following carefully.

At events the size of these tournaments, there tend to be a few players who don't show up to play. With that in mind, we will be filling any seats left vacant (by people who don't show up) with those on the waitlist. 

If you are on a waitlist for the X-Wing National Championship Tournament or the Legion Maximum Firepower Qualifier at NOVA Open 2018, and might be interested in claiming the spot of a "no-show" on the morning of either Heat 1 or Heat 2, this is the information you will need:

  1. You must already have a account and be in possession of your Convention Access Pass (CAP).
  2. You must be inside the Regency Ballroom and near the X-wing or Legion judges' table at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time of the tournament.
  3. Once event check-in ends, and a determination of no-shows is made, we will be calling the names on the waitlist (in waitlist order) to begin filling slots vacated by no shows.
  4. If your name is called, you must respond immediately, or the judges will move on to the next person on the waitlist.
  5. If your name is called, you should be prepared to pay for the event (X-wing: $35 or Legion: $30) and to start play immediately.
Please note: You may only play in one, not both, heat in the X-wing US National Championship Tournament. Also, should any vacancies occur before August 28, our Registrar (Marti Seraphin) will fill them by reaching out to those on the waitlist - in order - before the convention.
If you are currently on a waitlist and know that you are no longer interested, please take a quick moment to let us know. This will give Marti the chance to remove you from the waitlist, allowing others to move up and limiting the number of names being called in that short 15 minutes before play begins. 
Your cooperation is appreciated. Please contact with questions about this process.
Three quick things in preparation for your participation in the KidsHammer event at the NOVA Open 2018:

  • First, if you plan to use a loaner army provided by the organizers for all or part of this event, please reply to this email by Sunday, August 5, informing that you intend to do so, so that we can make the necessary arrangements. If you have a specific faction in mind for the loaner army, please also indicate the desired faction. We will try our best to accommodate requests for specific factions, but cannot guarantee it since we are drawing the loaner armies from the organizers’ personal collections of models.

  • Second, if you would like the organizers to review your list for the friendly KidsHammer tournament, please send an email to by Friday, August 11. Our organizers will be happy to give it a look over and confirm that it is valid for the tournament. This is optional – there is no requirement for list review prior to the tournament.
  • Finally, the AoS friendly tournament will not use Realms of Battle. As a result, tournament games will not be set in any particular realm, nor will armies be able to use realm specific abilities, spells and artefacts from the realms. The organizers are concerned about the added complexity of adding in these extra features. As confirmed in a previous email, however, KidsHammer will be using the Endless Spells from Malign Sorcery, as an option if participants want to use them.
 Looking forward to seeing you soon!
Board games are back at NOVA Open, and we have some exciting events planned. Once you have your Convention Access or Day Pass, entry into tournaments is free. Availability is on a first come/ first serve basis, so sign up at to lock in your seat today.

Here is a short list of the fun you can expect at NOVA Open 2018:

  • Board Game Library: Board Games at NOVA Open would not be possible without the help of our amazing sponsors. Join us in thanking ATLANTIS GAMES & COMICS for providing our Board Game Library again. Check out dozens of games, including favorites like Pandemic, Catan, Ticket to Ride and more – for kids of all ages!

  • Tournaments: A full slate of board game tournaments for both casual and strategic games is planned. Review the comprehensive schedule of events on the following pages. Don’t forget to go online and sign up.

  • Demos and Learn-to-Play: Learn how to play games you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t found the time to dive into.

Experienced staff from NOVA Open will be available to teach and answer any questions you might have. Register for scheduled games or stop by anytime to see what might be going on. Return to this link between now and August 15 to check for ongoing updates!
NOVA Open's Hobby Haven returns for its second year with improved lighting and an increased range of supplies provided by The Army Painter. Located on the second floor of the hotel, the Hobby Haven is set aside for hobbyists of all ages and artistic talent levels to socialize and exchange ideas while they paint. Stop by Hobby Haven while you're at NOVA Open 2018. We're sure you'll be glad you did!
For those who are familiar with NOVA Open, you have come to expect paper tickets for seminar attendance in your badge package when you arrive at registration. For 2018, the NOVA Open has automated the process by transferring the check-in process to our instructors or to NOVA Open staff. The one of these individuals will be taking attendance before each class. Be kind - this is new to them, as well.

At the convention - If you'd like to attend a seminar that you have not previously signed up for, you must register at the Badge & Ticket counter located next to Check-In on the Independence level.  

EXCEPTION: There will be paper tickets for large scale events (specifically, the 9 listed below); take time to ensure those tickets are in your badge when you arrive at registration:
  1. Your Actions Determine Your Future - A Star Wars: Destiny Discussion 
  2. Stay on Target - A Competitive X-Wing Discussion
  3. Games Workshop Preview Event 
  4. Games Workshop Presents: Writing for Black Library
  5. Games Workshop: Developing the Community
  6. Games Workshop: Meet the Studio 
  7. Games Workshop: Meet the Studio 
  8. How to YouTube: Technical Details
  9. How to YouTube: Content, Branding, and Promotion

Please email with questions.
Seminar sales have picked up; make sure you register now before the seminar you want is sold out. The NOVA Open is always a great opportunity to learn awesome new skills for all sorts of gamers and hobbyists. 

The NOVA Open is bringing our attendees 85 seminars from some of the best painters and instructors from around the world. Seminars range from display to hobby seminars for all levels; including specialty seminars on topics like 3D printing, lighting, terrain, starting a YouTube channel, and unlocking your inner hero.  

Take this opportunity to improve your paining, learn to paint faster, or learn a whole new technique!

Many of the seminars will provide you techniques to improve your hobby or display painting across numerous genres and categories (Star Wars, Infinity, Games Workshop, Internationally Renowned Instructors, Display focus, Terrain, and many more)

Star Wars Focused Seminars include:
  • Your Actions Determine Your Future – A Star Wars Destiny Discussion featuring game designer, Jeremy Zwirn
  • Stay on Target – A Competitive X-Wing Discussion featuring game designer, Alex Davy
  • Introduction to Painting X-Wing Miniatures taught by Madeline of LIghtCraft Miniature Studios
  • Highlight and Shading Inorganic Miniatures taught by Madeline of LIghtCraft miniature Studios
Infinity Focused Seminar Includes:
  • Corvus Belli Exclusive Q&A featuring Gutier Lusquinos
Internationally Renown and Limited Seminars include:
Display focused Seminars include:
  • Building a Display Base with Matt DiPietro
  • Dramatic Lighting taught by Roman Lappat
  • Intro to Scenic Basing taught by Shoshie Bauer
  • Mast of Reality taught by Sam Lenz
  • Monster Flesh: Painting Non-human Skin with Matt DiPietro
  • Understanding Textures with Matt DiPietro
Hobby Focused Seminars include:
  • Designing Colors for Space Marine Armies with Alfonso ‘Banshee’ Giraldes (seminar includes 5 Primaris Space Marines
  • Speed Painting to Above Tabletop with Stiff Neck Studio
  • Games Workshop Hobby classes with Duncan Rhodes
  • Layering for Smoothness taught by Sam Lenz
  • Intro to Airbrushing with White Metal Games

  • Prep & Assemble MDF Terrain taught by Death Ray Designs
  • Painting MDF Terrain (Factory New) taught by Death Ray Designs
  • Painting MDF Terrain (Rust and Ruin) taught by Death Ray Designs
  • Modifying MDF Terrain (Destruction and Rubble) taught by Death Ray Designs
Specialty Seminars include:
  • Introduction to 3D Modeling and Printing for Wargaming
  • How to Youtube: Technical Details
  • How to Youtube: Content, Branding, and Promotion
  • Unlock your Inner Hero
Games Workshop Seminars:
  • Games Workshop: Meet the Studio with Jervis Johnson and Pete Foley
  • Games Workshop: Developing the Community
  • Games Workshop Preview Event 
Games Workshop's Andy Smillie, Pete Foley, and members of the Warhammer Community team will host the latest Games Workshop Preview for 2018 at the NOVA Open this year. This event is fast become famous as the largest of sneak peaks and reveals of what's to come in the Worlds of Warhammer.


Staff will allow a there are no shows, Could it be new rules, miniatures, or even games? Even we don't know! If you only attend one seminar this year at NOVA Open 2018, it should be this one.

The seminar is free , as long as you have a Convention Access Pass (CAP), and will take place, Wednesday, August 29, 2018 from 7:30-9:00 pm at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City (location of the convention). 

Attendees must sign up for the seminar at:

NOVA Open's check-in desk will open no later than 4:00 pm on Wednesday, 8/30; arrive early to pick up your access pass and seminar ticket.
Forge World Event Exclusives (listed below) are a range of products which are only available at the events they attend - including NOVA Open 2018.

Forge World will host a Staff Only Sale for those volunteers who participate in set up between Monday and Wednesday (August 27-29) at Lorton or the Hyatt Regency. The sale will take place ahead of the Games Workshop Preview Event. Pick up your badge and Staff Ribbon at registration when it opens on Wednesday. Plan to attend the Staff Only Sale at Forge World's Vendor space - EXCLUSIVELY FOR STAFF - from 5:30-6:30 pm that evening.

Forge World will host a SuperNOVA Only Sale on Thursday, August 30, 2018, from 8:00-9:30am. Wear your SuperNOVA badge to the Forge World booth!
  • Retro Land Speeder
  • Alpharius
  • Cataphractii Praetor with Combi-Weapon & Hammer
  • Traitor Cataphractii Librarian
  • Beta Warlord Head
  • WHW Chaos Dwarf
  • Imperial Knight VIII
  • Legio Custodes Tribune Ixion Hale
  • Grak and Crumbleberry, The Right Stuff
  • Alfrid Lickspittle
  • The Heirs Or Erebor. Thorin Oakenshield, Fili the Dwarf and Kili the Dwarf 
  • The King's Companions: Balin the Dwarf, Dwalin the Dwarf, Gloin the Dwarfr and Oin the Dwarf
  • The Three Brothers: Ori the Dwarf, Nori the Dwarf and Dori the Dwarf
  • The Cousins: Bifur the Dwarf, Bofur the Dwarf and Bombur the Dwarf
KR Multicase will be back at NOVA Open this year. If you’re planning to attend and are excited to add to your growing collection of the latest carrying solutions from KR Multicase, take some time and think about pre-ordering today!

It couldn't be easier: Visit and load your cart with your customized wish list. Proceed to check out and select the “Click & Collect from a Show” option ~ then choose NOVA Open.

It gets better: You will then have the option of paying immediately for pick up at the convention – or you can place your order and pay when you get to NOVA Open 2018. KR Multicase wants you satisfied – there is no obligation to buy! In fact, if you would like specific trays at the show for testing and trying out with your models, just pre-order to pay at the show. You could also send them an email or place a call – ( ask them to bring along whatever you want to check out in person.

Pre-orders for custom colored foam will close on August 1; pre-orders for blue-colored foam will close on August 15. Order Today!
The NOVA Open is pleased to announce the judges for Capital Palette 2018:

These three world renowned miniature artists will take on the herculean task of judging hundreds of miniatures across three distinct divisions, potentially awarding six prizes in each division. The new divisions - Apprentice, Journeyman, Masterclass - are explained more fully in the Capital Palette Primer It is expected that submitting artists will use this expanded format to better judge the progress of their work from show to show, without concerns about what other artists may create.

The Capital Palette's 3-judge panel will award gold, silver, and bronze accomplishment awards in each division's 6 (six) categories. In an open forum competition, there can be multiple gold, silver, or bronze winners in a category (or no winners), and each submitting artists’ work is individually evaluated and receives the level of award the judges feel their work merits, without regard to the awards given to other pieces in the competition. Division winners will also receive crystal awards. Please check out Section 2.0 of the primer for a list of additional award categories.

We hope you will consider participating in this miniature art competition. If you do, note the Capital Palette Medaling Ceremony will take place in the Foundation Lounge (rooftop venue) beginning at 2:00pm on Sunday, September 2. Podium Awards in the Masterclass division will take place Sunday evening at the Final Awards Ceremony (approximately 7:00pm). Capital Palette's Best in Show winner will receive entry into CMON's Crystal Brush ( with prize.
The Tabletop Olympics (TTO), started in 2014, is a free personal achievement and group competition for anyone who attends the NOVA Open. Players accumulate personal "forever achievement points" and can also form groups of 3 to 20 people to compete against other groups. Points can be amassed individually and/or combined with other attendees if individuals band together for group points. In addition to tracking points for teams during NOVA Open 2018, we will also keep track of cumulative points for individuals that accumulate across NOVA Open conventions.
If individuals form groups, they need a Point of Contact (POC/Captain) and a group name. The POC must verify the name is not already taken by registering it with the NOVA Open. POC must also submit/verify list of NOVA Open registered members. We recommend that individuals form groups early; groups can consist of individuals participating in a range of point generating activities..

Groups must email to register groups. This portal is open through August 15; it is reopened onsite at the NOVA Open when registration opens on Wednesday, August 29 .
In addition to earning points by participating in activities, teams can also earn points through team spirit and good sportsmanship. If a team is witnessed by the NOVA Open Staff supporting their fellow team members in a tournament through cheering or wearing team shirts, they will be awarded bonus points depending how strong their team spirit is. If the NOVA Open Staff witnesses a team member going out of their way to help individuals, they will also be awarded bonus points that is up to the discretion of the staff member.
Winners will have their names permanently emblazoned on the NOVA Open Olympic Torch Trophy. As a participant in the Tabletop Olympics, every individual point earned equals an additional chance of winning a prize in the Final Ceremony Raffles; Check-in required (which adds another entry in your name!) Must be present to win.

As every war gamer knows, your tabletop looks as good as the terrain on it. That’s why we’re excited that Death Ray Designs has posted two videos about their upcoming MDF terrain assembly and painting seminars at NOVA Open 2018. If you want to learn more about their seminars, visit our seminar page and click on “Austin Thompson” under the instructor options.

We would like to thank Austin and the rest of the Death Ray Designs team for making NOVA Open 2018 the best possible one yet.
Games Workshop’s Warhammer Community website recently featured three articles about NOVA Open 2018. The first article provides an overview of all Games Workshop-related events at NOVA Open 2018, including Glowpocalypse, the Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar Kidshammer events, the Horus Heresy Bromance Bash. The second article takes a look at NOVA Open’s Kill Team events, including an interview with our very own Dewey Haines about the game and events at NOVA Open 2018. Finally, the last article talks about our Necromunda events, including an interview with Nick Quenga, one of our Necromunda lead organizers. NOVA Open would like to thank Games Workshop for supporting our convention and making it the best possible experience for our Warhammer community.
Here are some helpful hints to make your check-in at NOVA Open 2018 faster and easier:

  • Ensure your account at is set up with your first and last names entered in the correct sequence. To check this, log in to your account and click on your user name in the upper right corner of the screen. When your account info page opens, you can edit if necessary.

  • Why? Your convention badge is printed with the name listed as "first." This is also a good time to insert a nickname if that is your preference.

  • Does your account have a proper email address, one you currently use? If yes, we can contact you; if no, you will not be able to receive important newsletter and splash info.

Final Note: Passes are not mailed. They will waiting for you at registration check-in (or the SuperNOVA desk), when you arrive.

Please email with questions.
Hyatt's NOVA Open room block is sold out. We recommend you use the Hyatt link: first "in case" there is a recent cancellation. If not:

The NOVA Open has contracted with the Marriott Courtyard next door at $99/night with half-price parking. When the Courtyard block is full, NOVA Open will consider contracting with the Marriott Renaissance, located just outside Hyatt's back doors. Marriott booking link:

If anyone runs into trouble booking rooms, let us know and we'll try to help:
Courtyard by Marriott
Arlington Crystal City/Reagan Airport
2899 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Arlington, VA 22202
(just a hundred or so steps from Hyatt's front door)
$99/night ~ 50% discount on parking
Use this Link for Reservations:
Hyatt Regency Important Information

Chesapeake View - Foundation Lounge:
We are pleased to announce that the NOCF Lounge has now been permanently moved to Chesapeake View

NOVA Open Room Block Rates:
  • Single or Double occupancy: $97
  • Three in a Room: $122
  • Four in a Room: $147

Length of Block:
  • The NOVA Open room block begins Saturday, 8/25 and ends Monday, 9/3 - keep in mind, it looks like NOVA Open will be underway late afternoon of Wednesday, 8/29

  • The Washington DC area hotels have adopted policy (this includes Hyatt and surrounding properties) which will put a hold of $50 for incidentals at check-in ... FOR EACH NIGHT YOU BOOKED. This will typically impact only those using debit cards (as opposed to credit cards). Regardless, if you plan to be on site Wed-Mon (5 nights), a hold of $250 will be put on your card. No incidental charges to your room = full release upon check out.

Check In / Check Out:
  • Check in is 3:00pm; Check out is 12:00pm. Early check in and late checkout requests, booking upgrades to rooms and suites, may receive additional charges.

Departure Fee:
  • A one-night rate fee "can be" assessed if an attendee fails to give Hyatt a 24-hour notice of early departure.

Roll Away Bed Fee:
  • One-time fee of $25 for a roll away bed; limited / request early.

When Hyatt is Sold Out:
  • Contact NOVA Open ( if you are unable to book at Hyatt; this will notify us of any issues and allow us to expand the block. NOVA Open is negotiating room rates and perks at surrounding hotels (like 2017) ahead of expected Hyatt sell out - which well could be BEFORE registration launches on March 1. Receiving and reading the NOVA Open bi-weekly newsletters is the best way to stay informed and prepared.
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