July 13
Children's Ministry
Children's Sunday School
Starts Back at 9:45am
Our focus this year will be on the Old Testament

Bring Your Bookbag to 11am service
During the Children's Moment we will be blessing the children and their back packs...getting them "prayed up" before the school year starts

Pray Them All Back Luncheon Event
Families will receive special prayer kits and group prayer will send our loved ones out with an extra shield of protection as they begin the new year.
Please RSVP for meal planning purposes.
Join Us on July 23 at 6pm for Family Movie Night
Upcoming Dates to Remember
August 8: Trinity River Band Picnic 5pm
August 11: WOW dinner returns
Do I Have Your Child's Birthday?
We like to send out birthday cards to the kids and I do not want your child to be left out. Please email me your child's date of birth (include year) and I will make sure that he/she receives some mail!
If you would like for your child to take home the mystery box please email me and let me know!
YOUR CHILD can be a part of the children's moment. Each week we will pick a child to take home the "mystery box" and he/she can put an item in the box for the following week.
The ministers have no idea what is in the box and when they open it, they have to make up a children's moment ON THE SPOT about that item!!
The Nursery is now open on Sundays at 11am
for ages 4 and under...
Busy Bags will continue to be available for older aged children in the narthex each Sunday

We want to stay in touch and connected.
Please email me if your family has any needs.