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This Leadership Team Newsletter is published every two weeks by the Dean's Office in the College of Health at the University of Alaska Anchorage.

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August 10, 2017
New COH All-College Meeting Draft Agenda Available
Don't miss the COH All-College and Statewide Health Campuses Meeting next week! A new draft agenda has been drawn up, and the final agenda will be available next week and will include room designations. Download the new draft agenda (pdf). If you are unable to attend the meeting in person, please contact Harriet Paul for call-in information at
Unit Updates
Alaska Center for Rural Health and
Health Workforce
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Rural Immersion Institute of the North (RIIN)
The AHEC Program wrapped up the 2nd annual cohort of the Rural Immersion Institute of the North (RIIN) earlier this month with 11 undergraduate participants from the Lower 48 and Alaska. Students took part in the 3-week program that provided them with rural healthcare shadowing, cultural exposure, and interprofessional education. The experience was eye-opening for all involved, with participants smitten by Alaska and determined to return to practice after earning their graduate degrees and licensure. The AHEC looks forward to continuing RIIN in the future, with plans to expand the application pool to include graduate students. Applications for the 2018 RIIN Program are currently open at: For more information, and to view student projects from the 2017 and 2016 cohorts, visit our web site at and YouTube Channel at

Center for Community Engagement and
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Students Complete Civic Engagement Internships
Six students are completing Civic Engagement Internships this summer working at STAR (Standing Together Against Rape), The Innocence Project, the Alaska Food Policy Council, Municipality of Anchorage Parks and Recreation, Kodiak Parks & Recreation, Spirit of Youth, and the Alaska Federation of Natives. In addition to place-specific skills, students reported that they learned how to be professional in the workplace, how to network, and how to get letters of recommendation for "next steps" (law school for some!), as well as being able to test skills they learned from other classes. One agency, STAR, hired Arthur David, a Psychology major and Civic Engagement Certificate student set to graduate in December 2017. David was first exposed to the community agency in a CEL A392 Civic Engagement: Learning by Giving course. For one of his course assignments, he interviewed the agency's executive director and was from then on committed to their mission.
Judy Owens-Manley Appointed to Editorial Board of Journal
CCEL Director Judy Owens-Manley was appointed to the Editorial Board of the Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship published by University of Alabama Press.
CCEL Director to Provide Community Engagement Training
Judy Owens-Manley will be providing training for New Faculty Orientation on community engagement and engaged teaching and research on August 15. On August 22, she will also facilitate a session from 9-10:15 am for faculty interested in engaged teaching, research, and scholarship.
CEL Class Soliciting Grant Applications from Community Organizations
The CEL A392 Civic Engagement: Learning by Giving class is soliciting grant applications from community organizations. The class will have $10,000 to award to four different agencies ($2500 each). If you know of a 501 (c) 3 that would like to participate and has not received information, please have them call Rose Ebue our temporary Office Manager at 786-4062 or Director Owens-Manley at 786-7087. There is room in the course for more students, and it is a great learning experience!
Engaged Scholarship Meetings, Fridays, 12-2 pm
Faculty who are interested in Engaged Scholarship should be made aware that we have a group meeting together weekly in LIB 211L on Fridays from 12 - 2 pm to support writing and publishing about engaged teaching and research.
Office Manager Takes New Position
Kara Joseph, the Office Manager for CCEL, has taken a new position with the Office of Sponsored Programs. Kara has been with CCEL for six years and did a wonderful job. Please wish her your best when you see her. We were very sorry to see her go. CCEL will be posting the new position.
School of Nursing - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Nursing Skills Lab and COH Simulation Center Participate in the Colony Days Event
The SON Skills Lab and COH Simulation Center participated in the Colony Days parade in Palmer and ran a "CPR Competition" booth with QCPR manikins and software. Everyone had a great time. The kids loved throwing candy and UAA/SON goodies in the parade, and there was an excellent turnout at the CPR booth. Many participants competed against each other, saving manikin lives and winning UAA t-shirts!

UAA School of Nursing BS Program Fairbanks Outreach Continues to Grow
U AA faculty members recently spent two days with the UAA BS Nursing program students in Fairbanks Alaska. The Nursing program has expanded delivery to students in Fairbanks via teleconference and various distance delivery methods. The recent visit was designed to meet and welcome the students to UAA, introduce them to the services available to students, and assess how the program was received by student, faculty, and support services. More visits to Fairbanks are scheduled to continue the smooth transition and integration of the   BS Nursing Program in Fairbanks. The students in Fairbank s are set to  graduate in May 201 8, and are the first BS Nursing program students to learn outside of the Anchorage campus through   distance delivery. The UAA BS Nursing program is making every effort to expand the program and work towards building more distance sites. 
Open-Air Interpersonal Violence Awareness & Prevention Fair a Success!
During the Solstice Weekend in Anchorage, the School of Nursing conducted its 6th open-air interpersonal violence awareness & prevention fair held at Town Square. The goal for this fair was to promote awareness of interpersonal violence issues within the general population of the Anchorage community. Funding was provided by Alaska Children's Trust, and the event was also facilitated by the Anchorage Downtown Partnership program: "144 Activities in Town Square Park." Community agencies served as key informants for the project during the assessment phase and also provided outreach during the fair. These agencies included: Anchorage Police Department (APD), Standing Together Against Rape (STAR), Abused Women's Aid in Crisis (AWAIC), Office of Children's Services (OCS), Spirit of Youth, Changing Tides, Anchorage OBGYN and RADSystems. This project provided senior level, baccalaureate nursing students an opportunity to complete a service-learning, community-engaged capstone project aimed at promoting awareness of issues of interpersonal violence across the lifespan. Read more... (pdf).

Justice Center  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Dr. Sharon Chamard Attends International ECCA Symposium
In June, Dr. Sharon Chamard , Justice faculty, attended the 26th International Symposium on Environmental Criminology and Crime Analysis (ECCA) in ESEN (Escuela Superior de Economía y Negocios) in San Salvador, El Salvador. Dr. Chamard, who teaches environmental criminology, is one of about 50 people from around the world who met to discuss the latest research in environmental criminology and the spatial and temporal analysis of crime.


Legal Studies Faculty Serve on Alaska Bar Association Committees
Professors Jason Brandeis, Ryan Fortson, and Deb Periman, Legal Studies faculty, have been reappointed to serve on the Alaska Bar Association's Law Related Education (LRE) Committee. The committee is responsible for presenting programs and producing publications to promote public understanding of the law and legal system. Professors Fortson and Periman are actively involved in LRE's Youth Law Guide subcommittee. Prof. Brandeis has been reappointed to the Alaska Bar Rag Committee and is a frequent contributor to the Bar Rag, a quarterly newspaper edited and written by attorneys, for attorneys in Alaska.
Professor Brandeis Presents at Cannibis Law Institute in Denver
Prof. Jason Brandeis , Legal Studies faculty, provided a perspective on Alaska marijuana law and regulations at the Cannabis Law Institute in Denver, Colorado, July 28-29. The two-day event focused on legal issues facing attorneys and businesses in the cannabis industry and was presented by the National Cannabis Bar Association and the University of Denver Sturm College of Law. Prof. Brandeis was invited to participate in a panel discussion of the laws and regulatory systems of the western states. He gave an overview of Alaska's regulatory and licensing framework and the unique challenges and controversies the industry faces in Alaska.
Upcoming Events/Deadlines
  • August 10 - Leadership team meeting
  • August 14-15 - New faculty orientation
  • August 17 - All-College Meeting, 9 am - 3 pm
  • August 24 - Leadership team meeting
    August 25 - Welcome Back, Promotion and Tenure celebration
  • August 28 - First day of classes, Fall Semester
  • September 4 - Labor Day Holiday
  • September 11 - UNAC Promotion, Tenure, Post-Tenure Reviews, 4th Year Comp files, and Activity Reports due to dean
  • September 14 - Leadership team meeting
  • September 25 - Sabbatical requests due to dean/director
  • September 28 - Leadership team meeting
  • October 16 - Faculty development and research/travel grants due to OAA*
  • October 30 - Sabbatical requests due to OAA with Dean's/Director's signature