Volume 84 | August 11th, 2021
HSC Helping People to End Their Homelessness
Examples of Reuniting People with Family and Friends
Garrett was homeless since May 2019. He came to Phoenix to live with his dad but got into an altercation and ended up getting kicked out. He was then staying in his car and had a job, however soon after had his car stolen. Without transportation, he eventually lost his job. In addition, all of his belongings, which included his state ID and social security card, were stolen. Garrett was becoming tired of being on the streets and heard about the Brian Garcia Welcome Center. He spoke with HSC Staff about wanting to get back home to Detroit, Michigan where he would have support. Garrett's mother confirmed that he was welcome to come live with her. HSC provided bus transportation, and Garrett made it safely back home to his mother in Michigan.
Annie relocated from Kentucky to Phoenix enter a sober living facility and to visit a family member. She became very uncomfortable at the sober living facility, as nobody was practicing sober living. People were drinking and using drugs. Annie was also experiencing domestic violence in a relationship and decided it would be best to go back home. Knowing she wouldn't be safe on the streets, Annie was connected to the Halle Women's Center, who informed her about the Diversion program at the Brian Garcia Welcome Center. HSC Staff confirmed she would have a safe, stable place to live in Kentucky, and purchased a bust ticket for her travels. Annie arrived home safely and is living with family.
Donovan came into the Brian Garcia Welcome Center seeking assistance and hoping to return to Albuquerque NM. He had just completed a 45-day treatment program for alcohol abuse. Donovan shared with HSC Staff that he started drinking heavily after his brother passed away and was in fear of relapsing if he ended up on the streets. HSC Staff confirmed that Donovan's friend in Albuquerque could provide a stable environment and was happy to have him as a roommate. Donovan was glad to go live with his friend as he knew it would allow him to regain some stability, as well as keep his sobriety. HSC provided bus transportation and Donovan traveled safely to New Mexico.
Episode 14 of
The McQuaid Mission
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What does it look like on the front lines when it comes to mental health and homelessness? Phoenix Police Assistant Chief Sean Connolly, Circle the City Behavioral Health Consultant Kate Chandler, and ASU Action Nexus Executive Director Shana Ellis join us live in-studio for the insights you rarely hear about. Also, meet the former star athlete whose new mission is bringing healthier food to communities that need it the most.

Amy Schwabenlender and the panel weigh in on whether a cell phone is a luxury or a necessity for people experiencing homelessness in the latest edition of McQuaid Mission Mythbusters.

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